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He stayed in the game at first base to run, but now fly ball down the right field line fowler on the run. He runs right into the wall and does not catch the ball. Let’S see if he’s, okay, wow, oh no, oh, no, oh ground ball up the middle and it’s grabbed by taurus, so he keeps it in the infield then falls down, looks like he’s hurt, as bigio will score and let’s see. If torres is okay, as the blue jays gon na flip up the knee the runner down goes, hopefully it hit him higher up off the elbow, but oh, no and got him lower. Huh man this this kid’s been hot in this series about that. You come up from the miners like yeah ground ball in the hole backhanded by gregorius. Fires got him Applause and let’s, see if he’s, okay, the o2 pitch is popped up chris carter, ranging down the line and into foul territory who’s going to make the play judge and castro collide, it looks like castro might have had a chance to catch it, but The round from first base is odor. He is going to score as he collides with martin maldonado three run score on the play on a ground ball that was thrown past eule guriel. What are these three doing out there? Oh we’d get a crowd, there’s a ground ball of short and looks like somebody just pulled the hamster. Wow lamar grabs his hamstring immediately, and that is trouble.

Oh one and two on a rose arena and that got sanchez first times about gary sanchez does not get that right hand behind him protected a lot of times now two and two and i don’t know if gary is cramping up there. John, you think that might be it grabbing. His calf high drive left field deep, going back, mckinney still back track wall and he can’t make the play playing the carom. His judge fires into the second it’s, a double for donaldson let’s, see if mckinney is okay, but wheeler’s pitch is fouled at the plate off his foot that one stings a little bit as talkman tries to walk it off. Mike, obviously, is in a bit of discomfort. Grounded, oh a diving play by urchela fires to first, but it goes past forward and that allows tucker to move to. Third, he makes a big wide turn, but he’ll stay right there, all from bandy. Also three and two on herrera they’re, going to come out to the mound to see if justin wilson is okay, stevie donald aaron boone probably see nick goody and luka slicky pitches high and something happened to wojciechowski. Something happened to wojohowski on that pitch. Brantley comes running out from behind the plate. Here comes stevie donohue, along with aaron boone to the plate, and something happened. John. The hitting pitch is grounded off hat. He recovers flips to first in time. Now the play goes one three and they’re a two way now.

He’S wincing did that get off his ankle. Nothing go nothing going on here. If it was the pitch before or this it looked like, it was something in this bottom half, either his ankle or turning in towards the catcher immediately, and then he has to open up. So that’s knocked down by adamus. He gets torres at first scoring his talkman taurus goes to that two strike approach where he doesn’t take. So he goes into second slides on that left knee you can see he’s starting to he was too anxious too excited calm down. Had a great game that sunday, but then the yankee is that another hit batter or did he swing it’s another hit, batter forearm and yeah? Those are the tough ones to hit the pitch has grounded. A third o’shella crosses body throws right out to first base one away again: ashela who’s, limping uh, oh, is limping. He went across the line and made the throw and made it great. So here comes aaron. Look out geez, like i said he doesn’t, always know where it’s going target. Didn’T really matter, fly ball shallow right coming on as judge dives, and he can’t make the play it’s a base hit for pool holes watch his head. When we look back and tried to come up with what might have happened with labor, what do you see there david? Well, i see his spike kind of got caught and that might have made him fall on his wrist with all his all of his weight as after he gets back rodriguez, hey there’s, an opposite field.

Now, oh, he got hurt, but what happened there mike talkman’s hobbling i’m out here i’m out – and you hope – is just the crap it’s strange to see with the play in front of him right there wasn’t a lateral move here. You felt it maybe a left hand. Music and now steve donahue and aaron boone quickly out to the mound to check on zach britton. Did you see anything? I did not see anything he’s been a little erratic. The last couple of pit gibnes to right center field judge lays out can’t make the play off this glove kipnis in the second, with a two out double let’s see yeah. That risk goes under. I love it. Oh no, no, more bad injury news for the yankees! He caught that foul tip right on his right. Kneecap aaron boone has to be thinking. Oh no, not again, there’s a sink above bearing ct scan revealed the fracture he’ll remain in new york city when the yankees hit the road he’ll be reevaluated within the next seven. To ten days and the yankees feel as though the video of the injury, so he delivers a pitch and it looks like i mean i can’t play doctor, but like he, he grabbed at his groin area, right yeah that look like a right, groin area grounded into The shift gregorius gloves it, but then falls and is holding on to his arm afterwards, as everybody is safe and dede is in pain a lot of times yes and aaron boone quickly out.

That is dangerous. Rolls that, to the left side, diving stop by guerrero jr. The cannon across in time going to third is stanton. Will he make it? No, he is tagged out by richard, covering stanton, saw the vacated third base and tried to take it right. Center gardener moves to the left because maven’s out of the game now on that dive back, he landed on his left. Knee again, we have no official there’s diaz up the middle, kick save by tanaka right to voight to end the inning that was taking it up. The middle for an rbi single and somehow it strikes tanaka’s foot and kicks out to point the same thing to everybody. You know he’s kind of like a personal hitting coach to every player, which i really appreciate. I can tell by just watching his conversations with hitters there’s different things, apply to different people and that’s, not good right. There foul ball up, they throw behind frazier and simmons and frazier get tangled up. Simmons still has the ball and he’s waiting for frazier to come up the bag, but he doesn’t now frazier looks like he might have gotten hurt going back, he’s been hit on the elbow this time on the hand. Well, as we see the replay, hopefully it hit the padding of his hand. Great try, Applause. If you’re going to put a pick off, play two outs with the bases low, it’s, a good time to try it, you could easily get swirling around in yankee land.

That day, jansen to center field floriel, underneath it at the track just over his head and that’s, going to be a double possible triple for jansen a couple of runs, scored and want to make sure that floor strike. Three got him with the slider one down. First, one that he threw that whole head back kind of dropped out of his own, but he got uh grichick to chase and there’s one down and now here’s that pitch. That goes way up and away Applause, silverino tries to stretch out the arm and turned around and saw joe girardi into left center field. Starlin castro strikes for extra bases. A two out double here in the fifth castro’s hurt. He is limping into second base about halfway between first and second, he pulled up lame and that will draw the attention all right of 6.75. Now they got, the runner hung up and he is out trying to get back to. Third castro thought he might have a chance to five more guys. Didn’T like paul that’s right fly ball into left center and a dive by hicks. He cannot make the play it falls in forsyth. Will score. Guyer gets an rbi Music single. You see they turn two there’s one and there’s two, a six four three double play sanchez over four with a walk today that one is ripped to center field and that’s going to be over the head of bradley he’ll play it off the wall going for two.

As castro – and he is there, jackie bradley knows this ballpark and certainly center field very well, and he got that ball in quick Applause. How in the world does that happen right really got off? A second, it looks like roman is hurt, did a great job? Do both pitches are? This game looks like it’s going to come down to the bullpen, both starters aren’t, going to be laid into the game. One of mason williams got hurt there diving back something in his shoulder.

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Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, MLB, Yankees–Red Sox rivalry Today’s MLB Bets To Take: Red Sox vs Yankees

Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, MLB, Yankees–Red Sox rivalry \ Boston Red Sox Worst Injuries