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Some major league baseball, the all star break, is officially over. We are ready to begin the second half sad news is there’s only one game but at least it’s a rivalry game, the boston red sox against the new york game he’s in new york tonight, that’s the lone game in major league baseball we’ll talk about the betting Lines most notably the money line, the spread the over under preview, the starting pitching matchup and take a glance at how both teams have done overall on the season and how they’ve done head to head. But first make sure you hit that like subscribe and notification button. If you want leave a comment in the comments section, boston has beat new york six times in six. Try 6 0 against him, but they are still road dogs tonight for the most part it’s around plus 100, a plus 105., the yankees home favorites minus 120 to minus 125. Despite looking for their first win of the season against boston. As for the spread, the yankees are giving up a run and a half at a plus 150, all the way up to plus 150 four right and the red sox. Getting a run and a half at around minus 175., the over under, is set at 10. For the most part, if you like, the over it’s around minus 101 to minus 105 and the under minus 115, 2 minus 119., as for the starting pitching matchup eduardo rodriguez, gets the ball for boston.

He’S faced new york twice and his team has won both of those and he picked up a win against the yankees in one of those two starts this season. Overall it’s been a kind of a shaky year: six wins five defeats a 5.52 era, but he’s been okay against new york 11 in a third innings pitch he’s only allowed five runs. One walk to 15 strikeouts is most impressive. It took the yankees a while to announce who they’re starting but they’re, going with the right hander domingo, hermann, hermann, four wins: five defeats a 4.44 era. The yankees bullpen has been terrific in the top 10 across major league baseball, but herman has not really gone. All that deep don’t expect him to go deep tonight. In fact, the last couple times he’s gone, he hasn’t gone more than three or four innings. When you look at herman he’s faced boston twice too and he’s been relatively okay in era a little bit under four. As for boston offensively, they have been terrific. This season, in the top five in most offensive categories, run score batting average on base percentage, slugging ops, as for new york, seventh fewest amount of runs, scored in baseball, but their pitching has been there, especially their bullpen and good news. They’Re getting zack britton back he’s. Coming off the injured list and he’ll be active and ready to go as for boston, they made a couple of moves too tanner hulk the hard throwing right.

Hander is going to be on the active, roster and that’ll, be a big boost for them. We’Ve seen him in parts at the big league level, but he is back for them tonight. As for the red sox tied for first in the american league, with the best record tied with the houston, astros and they’ve, really had the new york, yankees number six wins and six defeats. As for new york, they are over 500 and closed out. The second half on a high note, they won back to back series and boston lost back to back series, however, i’m taking boston, because they’ve done so well against new york and new york has really struggled in al east action. I know they are road dogs, but take advantage of the plus odds. I like boston, in fact, this season boston, 22 and 13 as modern money line underdogs and as dogs on the spread getting runs. They are 27 and eight so i’m, not only taking boston, to win, but take them to get that plus one and a half two as for the over under this one, is the one i contemplated the most they have struggled for the most part. Both teams covering on the over but both pitchers aren’t, all that good, especially rodriguez for boston. He has struggled at times it’s a little bit higher than i would like with the line at 10, but take the over 10 runs just because these offenses are capable of putting up big numbers.

I, like the over 10, runs, despite both teams having a better record against the under i’m.

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