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Why is chicharito not here bladder yada yada, the history of the gold cup? What i haven’t done is given you a proper 2021 gold cup preview, so here it is the official soccer og hit that subscribe button hit it. So you can be part of the family. The official soccer og 2021 gold cup preview it’s going to be a big event: 16 teams. It all starts july. The 10th wraps up august, the 1st at allegiant stadium in las vegas. We are out there in the scorching heat, giving you a good look at what it’s going to be all about. We hear that all the seats are already sold out for that game. Why it’s going to be a big event is because of these stadiums. We’Re hearing that 70 80 000 mexicans are going to be there saturday for the opener at jerry’s world aka, a t, stadium, aka, cowboy stadium and uh we’ll talk a little bit more about mexico, but there is going to be a lot of fans even more so Because of what we just came out of, there is going to be an appetite for all of this before i get in the groups, and we really can’t argue about the roster. Is it a perfect roster for the us, no there’s a couple alterations? I would have made based on the fact that we weren’t going to bring in our top 10 players who were saving for world cup, slash world cup qualifying or world cup qualifying.

This is about finding the rest of their roster, and i am on board with that. Until it blows up in our face, but until it doesn’t, i am on board with world cup qualifying gold cup and olympics the heck with the olympics. If it goes bad in world cup qualifying, maybe i’ll look back and say yeah we probably should have made the olympics. Maybe we we should have prioritized that a little bit more, but right now, i’m, all world cup. That is the priority and i will say, with mexico and canada and honduras and costa rica and everyone bringing their a team. Maybe the us are the smart ones by not saturating the schedule. For these guys, keep in mind nations league for mexico, costa rica, honduras, canada’s gone through a exhausting world cup qualifying process, and now they come here so they another. You know you don’t just show up for the games. This is a month or several weeks together and then you’re gon na bring them all back in september. The u.s players are getting refreshed, they’re gon na be with their clubs, maybe we’re doing it the right way: i’m, not i’m, not being silly here. Maybe this is the right way and when the world cup qualifying rolls around you’ll see fatigue from the mexican stars and the canadian stars, maybe it blows up again it doesn’t work out that way, but i tend to think that’s, not a bad strategy, but you want To do well in the gold cup, if the united states so let’s get to their group they’ll be in group b, they will start july the 11th against haiti who had to qualify then they’ll, take on martinique on july.

The 15th then they’ll take on canada on july, the 18th and right off the jump, and this is no accident. Everything is placed very well for the u.s us they’re. This tournament is set up for them to succeed. They host it every time for crying out loud. The three group games are going to be at the same venue. They don’t have to leave their hotel, so they get every advantage under the sun here. So they’re expected to do well and i think they will should beat. They will beat haiti, they will beat martinique, but these are going to be tough games. We know haiti are a sleeping possible giant in concacaf because of all the the haitian talent there and we know there’s issues in haiti, but all these players that come out and play in the us, josie altador has got haitian lineage. So many other players look at the nfl. All these haitian athletes that have come here and are succeeding. Martinique are it’s no accident. They are here a lot of talented french players. They are not uh recognized as a fifa nation, so there’s no world cup qualifying for them. This is their world cup they’re going to be tough, but the u.s should win those games and set up for canada, and you want canada last because canada is going to be a close to a well oiled machine. That group has been together for world cup qualifying now. They didn’t play top notch competition in qualifying, but they were awesome, 31 goals in six games.

One goal against they played haiti twice, who were in this competition and comfortably beat them so uh canada’s you wan na you wan na see what you have if you’re in the u.s and get comfortable, maybe get a nice they’re gon na have a good crowd there For that third game, an intimate setting at children’s mercy park in kansas city should bode well for the u.s u.s will win. This group should win this group if they don’t win this group they’re going to finish second, and what that does is it puts them on the same side of the bracket as mexico, concacaf gold cup u.s soccer, everyone wants a usa, mexico final. Sometimes you get it sometimes you don’t, you want them on the other sides of the bracket. If i put it this way, if you don’t get a final at least get a semi final, which you could get if usa finishes second to canada, just get a usa. Mexico game: it matters better than not getting one at all, but i think the usa wins their group. Mexico is over in group a and they will play trinidad tobago, who had to qualify on july, the 10th that’s at cowboy stadium, and then the next two games will be at the cotton bowl. So, like the us, mexico will have a home base, they’ll be in dallas, usa and kansas city. Mexico plays curacao on the 14th competitive team there july the 18th, a resurgent el salvador under the watch of jugo perez who’s bringing naturalized american players who have uh salvadorian parents, eric zamaleta, josh perez who’s, hugo perez’s nephews, also on that team should be improved.

Curacao gave mexico a real good game in 2019 lost three to two, so i think curacao is going to finish. Second, some good dutch, caribbean players. Mexico won curacao second in that group group c, has costa rica, jamaica, suriname and guadalupe hats off to the caribbean nations. Man, they are really well represented at the expense of some of the central americans. You see a little shift going on there in the gold cup group d, honduras, panama, grenada and qatar, and we talked about the invitees from the middle east who are going to host the world cup in 2022. How dangerous they can be lots of naturalized players. I think they’re going to build into the tournament. So let me give you my group c. I think it’s going to be jamaica, first, costa rica, second, to go through the quarterfinals group d, honduras first and cutter will slip into second and they’ll. Be there the team that no one really wants to play, but you don’t want to play any one of these quarterfinals it’s going to be competitive and cutter adds a lot to it. So, just further emphasizes why it’s going to be a good gold cup, now i’m, not going to give you predictions beyond that, because i have a pet peeve when we talk about tournaments and you ask somebody so who’s your pick at the quarterfinals and they’ll say well, Mexico was my pick from the beginning, so i’m sticking to it.

That is poppycock because you’ve got to look at how the tournament plays out and if the tournament has adjusted you’ve got to change your picks. Am i wrong change your picks so we’re not going to give you quarterfinal, picks or overall winners? We all have to see how this plays out. We don’t know we don’t know because of the us. Will canada step up. Canada’S uh future looks very bright. In my estimation, uh for a lot of reasons partially because of you’re getting better young players developed through mls academies, it’s going to get there canada’s gone through a rough spell much rougher spell than we have had with regards to uh kovit. Remember, mls clubs, can’t play at home qualifiers weren’t at home canada’s got a lot on their shoulders again. It all plays to the u.s having a real good draw in that competition, but there you go, as we said, we’ll be out in the competition in the tournament. Bringing you some incredible stories, we will give you recaps following each usa game right here on the soccer og, so you are up to speed, enjoy the gold cup. This is a lot of great stories, get to know curacao and martinique watch these games and enjoy what we have for our region, because you saw my last video. Maybe this is on borrowed time, there’s not going to be a rush for a tournament of the americas, but we, if you got to do it, if you want to keep up with what the europeans are doing so enjoy this now and uh.

I i i guarantee you the gap between 1 and 16. It gets smaller and smaller every time, so the gold cup get out and see a game if you can. Certainly, if you’re in kansas city support the united states july 10 august, the 1st the soccer og all over, it no fatigue here from the euros in copa.

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