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In orlando florida, in the first match of group c, the jamaica lineup is expected to read andre blaken gold, damian lowe blake by the way captain liam moore, alvas powell amari bell michael hector, daniel johnson blair, turgot leon, bailey bobby reed and shamar nicholson, um, a pretty Solid team there for the uh, jamaica, um walker, fisher, burke, flemings among those on the bench, but george and mariah a team that theodore whitmore has put out here expecting to start the campaign on on a winning note and certainly up front. They look as if they have the tools to get some goals. Definitely i think jamaica has a really good chance. They’Ve played suriname a total of five times and they’ve won four times, and i even feel more confident when we look at the line of the um. The quality of the players, of course, the mixture, so i feel as if jamaica is going into this one with a definite advantage. I think there may be plague hector at the base of midfield as the the anchorman not sure how much i agree with that. But then again, uh whitmore is constrained by the players he does have at his disposal. One name conspicuous by its absence, is, of course ravel morrison, who we understand, had some travel document issues and some authentication issues that has prevented him from joining up with the squad. He would have made a huge difference, i think, to this midfielder.

The fact is that so far the reggae boys and the person and perhaps system that they’ve played we haven’t gotten the best out of leon bailey just yet, and if tapper whitmore can crack that code can get this team playing to leon bailey’s strengths. I think the bayer leverkusen man has a lot to add. I have a lot of time, though, for shamara nicholson at the spearhead of the attack and bobby reed is a high quality operator. He played with fulham full of relegated from the english premier league, but if you watch those games, readers are handful from most of the teams fulham playing against. They expect him to do well for us it’s, a good lineup, i think, except i’m, not so sure about the quality of our defensive midfield of selection, yeah mariappa, actually starting on the bench. So that would have been a con, a decision that coach whitmore would have contemplated long over, because mario has so much experience. Now. Action in the gold cup continues uh tonight with costa rica playing guadeloupe also at that stadium in orlando florida. On the weekend el salvador. They got the better of guatemala by two ghosts to nil the usa, edged haiti, one nil. Canada were impressive. Four one winners over martinique while it ended nilo between mexico and trinidad and tobago following the scoreless game with the mexicans, the trinidad tobago interim head coach angus eve, credited proper planning for the result we saw them play um and the guys executed.

Um the game plan 30 um we’re very proud of what we did tonight and um. You know it only august well going forward for us in the future we’ve refocused the team um. We had basically a lot of local players. There was a lot of players who were unattached in our squad tonight, but the staff really came together and we analyzed the game we and we saw the mexicans play against nigeria and we came with a game plan to counter what they were doing and um. I thought they would have changed something in the second half, but it kept doing exactly what we thought that they would have done. So we were pretty comfortable throughout the game uh and at the end we actually get. One of these sucker punches that we thought we could have gotten when he paced up the kid up front and um. Unfortunately, didn’t keep his composure, yeah mark marvin, phillips out standing in goal for trinidad martin, phillip outstanding for tnt in goldman and and george, and our result that we have to say was unexpected mexico, the biggest name in concacaf football. Defending champions. No team has won the title more times than they have and uh tnt struggling to get back to the force of of yesteryear the match prior to this, they needed penalties to get by french guyana. So another result here against the powerful mexicans must be regarded as a triumph of sorts for tnt and angus eve.

Definitely – and i know a lot of the trinis – are you know very proud, especially because of we had hit rock bottom where football was concerned. I spoke to neville hack, show one of the tnt players on friday afternoon and the veal was actually telling me that you know this would have definitely been the team. You know the most difficult game that they had to face in the entire group. So, at the end of the match, george and lance, you know they would have felt as winners. They they came out as winners, because you know the whole mexico to anillo draw is definitely an accomplishment. What i have to say, though, is i was able to get a reel from on twitter from alvin jones phone he’s, one of the players as well, and the same racism issue that we spoke about. The trinidad and tobago players got a lot of racist remarks made against them from the mexican um fans. Yeah, look it’s a societal problem in in many societies and even within the caribbean, they’re they’re racist among us, walking up and down so it’s. Just a big problem and it needs to be solved at the societal level. Look in previewing, the gold cup. I think where we were we were we were, you know we were having a discussion, uh lance wasn’t here, and you asked what tnt had to do to acquit themselves. Well, we spoke about the low defensive block, about conservatism, uh, retreating, giving away some space compacting.

The defense uh may come back in the midfield and come back to the defense collapsing everything just outside your 18 yard box, inviting the mexicans denying them spaces through the middleware, inviting them to cross the ball and then build from there that’s exactly what they did and It was very good to see that strategy employed and deployed successfully now uh jesus corona, tekka tito, who plays for mexico. The man on the left of the wing lift up their attacker was cutting in on the right. Foot did cause them some problems and there may have been a few moments where they got lucky, but you make your own look and based on how the the the so callers approached the game. I thought the approach was absolutely spot on. Every man bought in there were several outstanding individual individuals, and it was only, i think, some composure on the ball, because there were a couple times when they won that ball inside their 18 year box or just on the outside, and it just needed some composure in The past out to the forward to have a run at the loan defender or the two defenders work staying back from mexico and maybe tnt, could have pinched a goal, but i won’t criticize them for that, but because it was really about survival. But tactically, it was very well designed by angus eve and the players executed. The game plan very very well shout out to the man in the heart of the central heart of the defense, abu bakr, for an outstanding game and, of course, the goalkeeper had a very very good afternoon.

I also want to say um alvin jones. He was very, very impressive as well. He had to definitely be my standout player, really yeah. He did extremely well and george. It was. It was such an intense game, like of so much high intensity, that you could tell that the mexican players were getting really angry. That at a point, it became very physical on the field. Well, that’s, what happens? A superior team meets a team that they believe that they should be beating and they’re, not beating it, so they want to be them physically. Well, that’s what happens yeah and it gets frustrating for the for the mexicans, which is part of the tnt plan, you’re right. Absolutely a team like that. We still have a lot more football to talk about, or some football to talk about and uh there’s west indies cricket as well coming up on the sportsman zone.

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