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If it’s your first time on my youtube channel, my name is um and if you have been here already welcome back in today’s video i’m gon na show you how i created this glossy and glowy makeup look i’m playing with a bunch of new products which i’ve Never tried before – and this is the look that i came up with the eye look is actually quite simple. I only used two eyeshadows and i applied a gloss on top of it, which kind of makes the eye look. Look so much more glamorous, even though it’s quite simple, not wearing any lashes, no i’m, not wearing any lashes, no eyeliner, so it’s, pretty simple, but because of the gloss it gives a really cool effect and for my face i’m, also using a lot of new products Which i’ve never used before so yeah i’m gon na show you this makeup look today, so i think we’re just gon na dive right into the video and let’s get started. So the first thing i’m gon na do is prime my face i’m gon na use. This new primer that i received from charlotte tilbury – it has a spf 50 and it was the first time for me trying it. So i wanted to try it for this video because i’m also using some other products from charlotte tilbury. So i thought these will probably go really well together since it’s from the same brand, so i applied it all over my eyelid and i immediately saw it really gave me kind of like a subtle glow.

I have combination oily skin so i’m, not always a fan of glowy skin, but i actually wanted to go for a glowy look so for today’s look. It was perfect, so now i’m, going in with the flawless filter and i’m using it in the shade light. Medium i’m, applying it on my cheekbones and with whatever is left on my hand i’m, also going to apply a little bit on my forehead, so i’m just blending it into the skin. This has been one of my favorite products for a really long time, but i don’t like to apply too much so now, it’s time for the eyes i’m, letting the products on my face just sit for when i’m done with the eyes so i’m going to prime The eyelids first i’m, using my cosmetics paint pot, any color soft ochre and i’m, going to apply this all over the eyelid using a sigma beauty p84 brush. Now the palette i’m going to play with is this new palette that i received from urban decay? I’M. Not sure if it’s a new palette, i think i’ve actually received it a while ago, but i think it’s still one of their newest palettes that they have. But i will link everything down the description bar so i’m gon na go in with this light. Color and i’m gon na blend this all over my crease, going back and forth i’m using a sigma beauty, e40 brush, which is my favorite blending brush.

As you guys probably already know, i have a special discount code for sigma beauty, brushes which i will link down in description bar as well. So i’m, just gon na continue blending, and then my boyfriend came with a smoothie which was so sweet it’s. Actually, a banana smoothie, which is one of my favorites. So then i continued with the eye look. I went in with this beautiful shimmery golden shade and i applied it all over the eyelid, so so far, i’ve only used two shades that color i used in the crease and then this golden shade all over the eyelid, so that’s all i’m gon na do for The eyelid now i’m gon na go in with this foundation, which is by charlotte tilbury it’s, their airborne airbrush flawless uh foundation such a gorgeous foundation. It has a beautiful. How do i say it in english, beautiful coverage. That was the word i was searching for, and i applied this with a brush again from sigma beauty. This is actually my favorite foundation brush. If you love full coverage or just really smooth application, you guys will probably love this brush i’m going to make sure to link it down in description bar, because i don’t really remember the number, but i will look it up for you guys. So then, i went in with this concealer from estee lauder it’s. Their double wear. Concealer i’ve never used this before, as you probably already noticed i’m using a lot of products which i’ve never used before in today’s video i received so many cool products in pr.

So i wanted to try them for today’s video. Now this is a product from becca cosmetics, it’s, the shimmering skin perfector. I believe it’s in the color opal now i’m, not sure if you guys know but becca cosmetics actually quitting the brand will no longer exist. I don’t know when they’re gon na officially stop, but they will probably not come out with any new products anymore. So if there are any products from becca that you really love, you might want to purchase it asap, because these products will not come back, which is such sad news. So, on top of that, i went in with this hilar highlighter from huda beauty, which i wanted to try as well in my next video. I will try it on its own, because now i use two shimmery products, but it is really pretty now i’m going in with this blush: stick from anastasia beverly hills such a beautiful pinky color. What i normally not really like when it comes to blush sticks, is that when i blend it out, it kind of removes the foundation underneath, but this one blended so pretty. I actually used the blender, which is on the applicator itself, and it applied really nicely so so far. I really like it then i’m also gon na use their new cream bronzer, which is so beautiful, i’m gon na swatch it on the back of my arm. So you guys can see how pigmented it is, but it also blends out so beautifully so smooth it’s such a nice texture product i’m, definitely going to use it more often, especially for a makeup.

Look where i want to go more for cream products. Kind of give that natural glowy effect to my skin, i think it’s so pretty they also have colors for deeper skin tone. I’Ve only used it once in this video, but so far i’m really impressed it just blends so beautifully with foundation. It might depend on what foundation you use um, but the foundation that i use worked really well together and i think it’s so pretty i’m really impressed with the formula it’s really good. So now, i’m, going in with the by terry helaronic hydra powder um. I already. I always see makeup artists on instagram use this powder, so i wanted to use it as well and what i think is really beautiful about this powder is that it mattifies the skin, but without making it look, powdery it’s a really light, airy, texture, it’s, really pretty So i’m, only using it in my t zone to kind of get rid of that shine. I wanted my skin to look really like glowy, but not in the center of my face so now i’m, going in with this blush, which is a new blush from huda beauty, super beautiful, it kind of has a shimmer. It almost kind of looks like a highlighter but it’s more like a highlighter and blush in one, so i’m gon na apply it on top of the stick blush that i used and apply it on the apples of my cheeks, such a beautiful color, really rosy, really Pretty i do have some like texture on my skin um um, so normally i would prevent like any highlighters, because it emphasizes all the texture, but i was like whatever i’m just gon na try it because it looks so beautiful.

I feel like huda. Beauty always has these really gorgeous packagings. It always really catches my attention, and it just makes me want to have it so i’m going to use this lip liner, which is also by huda, beauty, i’m gon na slightly over line my lips to make them appear a little bit bigger. I always struggle with this. Actually, sometimes i make my lips look too big and it looks kind of weird and i feel like i always do it different. It never looks the same it’s it’s, a struggle so i’m, going in with this lipstick from the brand ct zn, not sure if i’m pronouncing that right. This is such a beautiful color, um and i’m gon na apply this all over the lips and then after applying it, i went in with a tiny, smudge brush and kind of blended into the lip liner to make it look more smooth such a beautiful nude color. I wanted to give a moment for that highlighter because it looks so beautiful so now, i’m gon na finish off the rest of my eye. Look go in with that same color that i used earlier for my crease and blend a little bit of that underneath the lower lash line i do have to mention. I feel like my lower under eye where i use concealer doesn’t, really look good today. I think the estee lauder double wear concealer is not really working for my eyes. It was also drying really quickly, so it was really hard to kind of like make it look smooth underneath the eyes.

Normally, i really love the tarte cosmetic shape tape, which still is my favorite after using it for many years, but you know sometimes you want to use something different, but i just noticed, while editing this video, that my under eye was not really looking nicely so now. After applying that sigma beauty mascara, i went in with this kevin o’quan gloss that i’m going to use all over. My eyelid it’s actually meant for the eyelid, as far as i know, but it’s, so pretty so i’m going to softly apply this all over the eyelid. Applying quite a thick coat, because i really wanted this eyelid to look as glossy as possible. You want to make sure you don’t press too hard with your brush because you don’t want to move the eyeshadow underneath, but i love the effect that gloss gives to the eyelid. I think it looks so pretty and glossy, and then this is the final result. I really hope you all enjoy watching this video. I really like how it turned out. I love that the eyes are. Super simple, only use two shades with a little bit of gloss on top of the eyelids. My skin looks super glowy, which i think looks so pretty. I think the combination of that cream highlighter from huda with the blush um, i think everything looks so pretty absolutely love it um so i’m. Definitely going to use these products more often i’m going to make sure to link everything down in the description bar in case.

You want to know like what exact products i used and yeah. I hope you all enjoyed don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up.

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