Flood, Germany, Angela Merkel Chancellor Angela Merkel – What are the positive & negative points about her administration?

Today we are going to have a very, very interesting discussion regarding angela merkel. Angela merkel is the chancellor of germany, akin to prime minister of germany. She has been at the helm of german politics from 2005. That means she has been chancellor from 2005 till present, although angela merkel has said that she is not looking for another term this year. That means she would be retiring from politics. Today we are going to look at angela merker’s political legacy, her political decisions, many of our viewers, especially from india. We know about angela merkel and especially i’m, quite sure that many of the viewers – they know one side of angela merkel, where we talk about merkel. As a politician who’s very strong, who has been at the helm of politics, german politics from last 15 years, she has stood up to some of the strong men leaders in germany and men leaders around the world. Also. She has also shepherded germany through some tumultuous times and right now through the covet 19 pandemic, but in this particular discussion we are going to look at angela merkel’s other side. Also other side means why she has been criticized continuously in her own country, germany. In fact, many dissidents have compared angela merkel to hitler, so we’ll try to understand the exact reason behind angela merkel’s criticism and the other side of her policies, so stay tuned with me to get all this interesting information. I am your friend rahul said you can follow me on this particular id and if you’re preparing for any state plc examination here are the details of the state public service commission courses that we are running, you can get all the details at studyiq.

com or just download The app to know more about us right, let’s, first begin our discussion with an observation. Now this is angela merkel and if you look at angela dorothy merkel, she is a german politician who has been at the helm of german politics since 2005. That means since 2005. She has been the chancellor. This is her fourth term now. If, if i have to remember on the back of my mind, i can compare angela merkel with that to putin. Vladimir putin was in power since 1999.. He came to power in 1999 and he has been in power till today, although barring a four year period from 2008 to 2012, when he was a prime minister, so more or less quite comparable error isn’t it. So a very strong woman she’s been a leader of christian democratic union from 2000 to 2018, after which she was succeeded by another leader which we’ll talk about. She has been a member of christian democratic union she’s, also the first female chancellor of germany. In fact, i would say: she’s not just the leader of germany she’s, the leader of entire european union. She is described as the de facto leader of eu and the most powerful woman in the world right and we all know her one side, i’m, quite sure that she made history in 2005 when she became the first elected chancellor of germany and at that time, in 2005, the unemployment rate in germany, it started 11 percent and germany was widely disparaged as sick man of europe, but after 15 to 16 years of policies of angela merkel.

Today the unemployment rate stands at six percent, although it has increased in the last couple of years because of the kovit 19 pandemic. But there is no doubt today that german political economy in the financial clout is questioned by anyone. We all said that angela merkel is like the de facto leader of european union, and i told you that she has shepherded germany through some tumultuous times. For example, see 2008. There was a global recession. She shepherded germany through that in 2013 there was the eurozone crisis. She scraped germany through that. Also in 2015 there was the crisis of refugees. Again, she pushed germany through this problematic experience in the eurozone debt crisis. In fact, it was angela merkel who overcame the domestic resistance to give bailouts to the countries and infamously known as big portugal, italy, greece and spain. They were given huge bailout packages apart from these bailout packages. It was because of the efforts of angela merkel that the european institutions have been reformed. Now there is a financial surveillance going on a financial watchdog. Is there there is an oversight and the institution have become more and more democratic right again. In 2014, when vladimir putin and russia they annexed crimea, they militarily captured crimea and they intervened in the eastern donbass region of ukraine. It was angela merkel who took the lead in negotiating a ceasefire and ultimately led to the minsk agreements the very next year in 2015. At the peak of the refugee crisis, where thousands of refugees, especially from northern africa and from syria, were running into europe, merkel showed the humanity where she let about one million syrian refugees industry, mostly syrian refugees into germany.

So we all know this one side, a very good side of angela merkel. In fact, one of the best achievements of angela merkel is is in the domain of international politics. It is said that a picture speaks a thousand words now just look at this picture and see the strong woman who is taking on donald trump on one side. There are these liberal leaders on other side. There is donald trump, so she has shepherded, not just germany, but the entire international community through some erratic times, especially considering the strongman leaders like radha malput in there is donald trump there’s, boris johnson, there is modi bolsonaro. There are so many leaders who have been. I would say strongmen and in this world of strong men, angela merkel has provided a model rational and a steadfast instead fast leadership isn’t it. But this is just the one side. On one side, we hail angela merkel. That means uh. We appreciate her efforts, not just for germany but at the world level, but there is a darker side to angela merkel also, and this other side or the darker side is highlighted by the german populace now here you can see some pictures where she is being compared To hitler they say get out of the country. Many say that angela merkel’s policies are rather anti humanity, inhumane let’s, try to analyze why these people are criticizing angela merkel. In fact, if you look at germany, her policies, angela merkel and her policies, have led to a string of popular terms which criticize her.

In fact, a very infamous term is mercantilism. Please note the spelling of this it’s m e r k, a mercantilism akin to merkel right mercantilism. It basically stands for a systematic prioritization of german, commercial and geo economic interest over democratic or human rights values. So mercantilism basically stands for profit orientation. Realist perspective talking about only the national interest of germany by letting go or forgoing the other humanity or human rights related issues. For example, if we talk about eurozone crisis just a couple of minutes back, i told you during the eurozone crisis, angela merkel, shepherded germany, as well as european union, and during this period she gave importance to bailouts. But if you look at these bailouts closely many financial experts, they criticize that the bailouts were given in such a way that the german banks would benefit out of that at the cost of greek and portuguese workers. Apart from that, in the 2015 16 migration crisis, merkel did allow about a huge number of refugees from syria and other countries into germany, but the number when the number was swelling what she did was she went for a money for refugees deal with turkey and it Was not just with turkey, she went for deals with many northern african countries also that please keep the refugees and we will continue to pay you. That was the approach, so it is because of these reasons she has been criticized also not just this. This mercantilistic approach can be seen in her other political decisions, also, for instance, merkel working with autocrats now, angela merkel, although at the domestic level within germany, she does not rely too much on the far right alternative at home.

She belongs to the christian democratic union, and the opposition is far right, so she seldom cooperates with the far right parties, but at the eu level, her party, the christian democratic union, it has an alliance, i would say, with victor orban, that is hungary’s autocrat leader victor Orbans, his right wing automatic party fides party is an ally to cdu in the at the european parliament right. They both are allied as european people’s party members, in fact many people. They say that urban’s rule in hungary. It is dubbed as audiocracy. You know why audiocrazy it is said that the german cars, especially audi mercedes, etc they get almost a free pass in hungary in terms of exports. Apart from this, angela merkel is also criticized for her working with russia and china. Angela merkel has been continuously working with russia, despite the 2014 incident of cremia, where heavy sanctions have been imposed on russian officials on russia with by the west by united states and many western countries. But despite all this, angela merkel has been pushing for the nord stream 2 pipeline, in collaboration with russia itself, and her interaction with china has been quite fruitful. Her her interaction with china is basically based on the principle of profit over principles, meaning money over morality or ethics, money over human rights money over the other moral principles. We can see that approach anywhere, take example of allowing chinese 5g in germany take example of not commenting on the hong kong violence or the xinjiang violence, and recently we also spoke about collaboration of germany, possible collaboration of germany with china in africa also.

So all these suggest that there is an other side of merkel. Yes, on one side, we say that she has been a good liberal leader, but her policies have been quite mercantilistic that too, with the m e r k. Now, apart from this, when we talk about human rights, angela merkel has continuously flip flop. On many issues you can see here the article on the wall street journal the secret of angela merkel’s, longevity that is strategic, flip flops, meaning she has shifted her support or her allegiance based on the political wind, a classic example. Being the 2017 vote over the same sex marriage, that is the rights of lgbtq angela merkel herself, she voted against the same sex marriage, although please remember that in 2007 this was legalized in germany, but she voted against the same sex marriage. So these all show the other side of angular mark now. This discussion is with an intention of understanding both the sides of the coin right. We all know merkel as a as a good liberal leader on one side, but there has been another side which is more and more profit oriented which is more and more national interest oriented. Now this realist approach of angela merkel has led to another term in german vocab, and what is that? Another infamous term, which is based on angela merkel, is the merculin. Now merklin has been very famous among german teens. They use it as a slang for chronic indecision.

That means procrastinating. The decisions doing nothing on one particular issue till the end is something called as mercury. Now this term has become very famous in germany. Now, if we look at her political disease, you can talk about any decision. Merkel has sea sword or flip flop on any particular decision, say, for instance, the rule of unlock crisis in hungary, because viktor orban’s party is allied with her party rule of law issue in poland or take any other issue on refugees. Migrants also, she has flip flop, but eventually has taken a decision till the last possible moment and it has led to an infamous term called as mercury. That is, delaying your decision making. So all in all this discussion from this discussion, what we understood is the other picture or the other side of angela merkel, but nonetheless, one needs to understand and appreciate the achievement of angular mooc. See. Angela merkel has also announced that she is not looking for another term in 2021, but many election experts analysts do suggest that if merkel would run for office, she would be re elected again for a record fifth term in office. Although she has said she’s not running that means even till today, she remains the most popular politician by quite some distance in germany and from this discussion. I’M. Quite sure it was an eye opening discussion from many of us where we knew one side of merkel. Today we understood the other side of market, so after this particular thing, one may say that i may agree with her policies.

I may not agree with your policies, but one thing is very very clear what angela merkel has achieved her greatest legacy, not just for germany, but for eu will be opening the door for women’s political leadership in entire european continent and perhaps it’s an inspiration for all The world, but the biggest question that beckons in front of us is what, after 2021, who is going to be the possible successor of angela merkel, see she has already opened the door for ursula wonderland. She has become the head of european commission again, uh moving to an alliance between her party and victor orban’s party. Obviously one woman in the european commission also, but here who is going to succeed her? There is another woman who was the head of cdu, but she has resigned recently and great cram karen bauer, but experts do suggest that the person who’s most likely to succeed is amin lashed. But there is another very strong contender that is marcus soder. Who is the prime minister of bavaria, although there is also a hope of german green’s party? Now this is another personality, a very important female politician from germany, german green’s party and elena berbock. Now analyna berbock stands as anti mercallian, meaning her policies have been rather anti. Mercury, what is her agenda if she comes to power? She says that she is going to scrap the nord stream too. She is going to kick chinese out of the german telecom sector.

She is going to cut ties with russia, so again green party annalina barbock. Is she stands on the other side of angela merkel, quite opposite to angela merkel, but as of now one possible successor and whose importance is gaining more and more day by day is ahman lashit, who would probably succeed as a leader of cdu let’s, wait and watch For the german elections, which are upcoming at the year end, if any development comes over, that we will bring it to you as soon as possible on study iq. That is it right now from my side.

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