Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks, The NBA Finals, Phoenix Suns Connaughton Reacts to Giannis’ Epic Block in Game 4 – Suns vs Bucks | 2021 NBA Finals

We talked about him, making a couple threes. He made those threes tonight when needed, and last but not least, giannis may have had to block other playoffs that big block when they allow you for aiden to kind of get those guys over the hump. Hey 3d. You like to talk about intangibles where the bucks won. All the intangible stats tonight fast break points. 15, 0 bucks, turnovers 17, 5 in favor of the bucks bucks go to the free, throw line 29 times. Sons only go there 19 times all the hustle stats. That says i’m playing harder than you. The bucks won those and that’s why these fans are going crazy, what they screaming dick 3d boxing center coming back. You mentioned pat con it’s in 3d he’s joining us now from the court and as we all struggle to hear each other talk, pat we’re, hoping that you can hear us. What was it like to be on that court and hear those cheers for you uh? It was incredible, i mean this is what you work for right: the nba finals, the biggest stage uh, but, most importantly, to have each other’s backs. I mean i just heard you guys talking and the intangibles the winning plays the things you know. Pj tucker did i’m, not even sure if he scored a point, but his presence was felt uh and those are the types of things that we kind of pride ourselves on as a team and that’s.

What comes that’s, what it comes down to in playoff, basketball, that’s? How you win, pat, i had a chance to broadcast your games uh against brooklyn in that series and what an incredible series you guys got down, but just showed a tremendous amount of grit and toughness, and that was certainly on display. It seemed here, particularly in that fourth quarter, what was going through your mind, what was discussed in the huddles, as you guys were chipping away at that lead there midway and late through the fourth quarter. Well, first of all, it’s good to have you back and not in an atlanta hawks shirt sitting sports on it. Secondly, secondly, i didn’t think you noticed matt. I’M. Sorry well done so. Secondly, i would just say you know that brooklyn series was uh. You know an eastern conference powerhouse series, and that was the type of things that we needed: uh coming back from phoenix down 0.2. That were the things we talked about like they need to feel us a little bit more that physicality that toughness those hustle stats. You guys just talked about we needed to win those because they’re, a terrific ball club they’re a terrific team. They move the ball, they play unselfishly, they scramble on defense and to win the hustle stats and to make sure that they feel us physically, like the uh brooklyn’s nets. Did is why we came out with a w tonight. Pat, i love your petty level as you were able to get all my my guy g hill right here, but what these bucks fans loved even more was that big time three that you hit in the fourth quarter, talk about this bucks team and your resiliency being Down 0, 2 and then being down in this game, but fighting through and finding a way to get the win resiliency and it fighting through adversity that’s what we’ve showed all season.

I think that’s been the biggest difference between this year and the last few years is. We were able to find a way to get through that adversity and just the trust that the teammates have in each other uh. You know we go to war together, we battle for each other, we have each other’s backs and the confidence they have in me. I have the same confidence in them, and so you got to shoot them when you’re ready. You got to shoot them when you’re open you’ve got to be ready to shoot them at all times. I missed a few i should have made, but at the end of the day i made enough to help my team put come out with a win and pat. We know help the helpers, the big phrase that bud likes to use, take us through giannis, helping and then recovering for that big block to kind of seal the deal at the end of the game. I mean you said block of the playoffs, i might say block of the year block of ever uh. You know i had a great view of that um. I almost forgot to grab the rebound or go for the rebound after i saw it. Look i’m right there on the elbow uh. It was a great pass by book. It was a great play and giannis just did what giannis does that’s. Why he’s the mvp that’s? Why he’s the defensive player of the year that’s? Those are the types of plays that he makes that’s.

Why he’s the freak, the greek freak and uh, you know it’s much better to have him on our team than for anything else, at least the biggest one since 2016, or so right, yeah for sure him and lebron i mean they can duke it out for the Best block of all time, but at least uh, you know he made it to help us get that win, but we do talk a lot about unstoppable giannis performances, but how unstoppable was chris middleton in this one? How big was his contribution? Chris is an all star. I mean he played like it. He showed it uh the thing that i love most about this entire series and this entire playoff run is the world gets to see it. We see it on a daily basis. We see it on a night and night basis. The bucks fans know it but uh the world’s getting to see why chris middleton’s an all star and uh he’s, one of the best teammates i’ve ever had, and for him to be able to show it on this stage. Uh it’s i’m really happy for him and again much better to have him on our team and pat. Can you take us back? That thing was late in the third quarter: coach budd caught a timeout, you come out. You execute you get giannis for an easy left hand. Dunk. Can you take us through that play that we’ve never seen before yeah? That was a play uh, you know bud drug.

We worked on it a little bit in practice, it’s uh, something that you know. There were multiple options and the read that drew holiday made. You know he had chris on one side. He had giannis on the other side, but uh again, pj tucker, i mean the screens that pj sets uh. He doesn’t get credit for it, it’s, not something in the stats, but he gets credit in our locker room and uh. You know we wouldn’t be here without him and to hit for him to get giannis open. The easy buckets are the buckets that uh. We want to make sure we try to get more of, especially for giannis. You know because, as the game continues uh, he fights through a lot and uh he’s, exhausted so it’s nice to get a few easy ones. Pat. I asked these guys, but i want to ask you as well: what is it about this team that, when your backs are against the wall, this isn’t the first o2 deficit that you all have faced this post season alone? How much confidence has been gained as you’ve tied, yet another series uh a lot. I mean it’s fighting through adversity. We prefer not to put ourselves in those type of holes but uh. You know when we do it’s about staying together and i think that’s. What shows a lot uh in this team and that’s? What helps you know make you a championship. Caliber team is when things start going the wrong way.

You’Re. You come closer. You don’t, you know, go apart, you don’t um. You know look to individual things like you. Come closer as a team, you have each other’s backs even more um during the tough times and that’s, something that coach and john horst and the ownership has preached uh time and time again and that’s, something that this team’s really uh responded with. Pat thanks. So much for taking the time to join us. We at least know that we’re going to see you again in milwaukee a few days from now, so we’ll go ahead and let you go but thank you again and congratulations on the win awesome. Thank you guys.

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