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Jalen rose 42 in game, two 41 in game, three he’s been absolutely dominant. What can the suns do to stop or slow down? He was gone knee deep once you did the freak with me. I don’t know if they’re gon na be able to stop giannis, see the one thing about being a a primary three point: shooting team you’re gon na have your hot and cold days. If he continues to drive the basketball and play with force, i think he’s gon na get stronger as the series progresses here’s. Why he’s actually making his free throws. That’S gon na give him more confidence to drive to the basket and also they don’t. Have anybody in particular other than ayton that can oppose the greek freak if he’s being aggressive, i ain’t mad at the one leg all the way i like that he added that i’m, not mad at him, attempting one or two heat check threes, but when he decides That he’s going to continue to drive the basketball and dunk with the left dunk with the right drunk with two hands and then all of a sudden. You get cutters and he was doing back doors to bobby portis. Getting him a live, getting other guys involved, and so this is the giannis. I think we’re gon na see for the rest of the series, but if you’re deandre ayton and the phoenix suns you must find a way to keep the young fella on the floor.

Your team looks dramatically different with him off the floor in the previous game. He had like 18 points in like the first 15 to 16 minutes once he got in foul trouble that’s when milwaukee went on their initial run and at that point the suns are playing on their heels exactly. They need to keep deandre ayton on the floor, especially without saurich craig isn’t, a hundred percent. So that means they’re gon na put in frank kaminsky, and no one can stop giannis but frank kaminsky. Definitely can’t stop giannis. They also need contributions from cp3 and devin booker, who were so good in game, one and game two at home, but struggled a little bit in game three. Do you expect them to bounce back in game? Four, i like what you did there family, because you’re right, they alternated 30 point games in games, one and two, but the problem in game: three, neither one of them: cracked. 20.. If they’re going to win this series, both of them have to be scoring, in particular on the road where you’re not going to get mikael bridges to also all of a sudden pop up and score 27 points. I appreciate, however, what cam johnson was able to do off the bench that’s something positive that they’re going to be able to build on on the road, but you’re going to need cameron payne to push the tempo you’re going to need uh j crowder to make shots From three, but ultimately, your back court is what’s, going to drive this and book can’t finish the last five minutes on the sideline, unless they’re up 25 and he’s putting ice on his knees, it can’t be because he was already struggling, only had 10 points and monty Was trying to save him for the next game you see.

I was very, very confounded by that decision to keep book on the bench in the fourth quarter, especially because of the final schedule, there’s multiple days off between game three and game four. So the idea that he was resting for fatigue reasons doesn’t really work. For me, however, one of the reasons that cb3 and book did struggle in game three was drew holiday. You know what drew holiday is going to give you on the defensive end, but in game. Three, he showed up on the offensive end as well. Can they expect that in game four, no hesitation, i think they can and the threes that he made in particular in the second half jacoby were major. But let me go back to your comment about booker finishing on the bench here’s. Why you do that? You go to your star player and you say: i’m going to go small with cp and cameron to see if we can force some tempo and get the game back under control, get us around 10 and then i’ll go to you. The problem is they never made a run if they would have made a run, he would have got back in the game. They just never made a run yeah, they didn’t make a run and you talk about them pushing the tempo.

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