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In my opinion, your home court advantage you’re at home. You know the fans are going to be sick, crazy, drunk having fun and causing problems, plus it energizes your team and energizes guys like drew holiday in middleton on top of that role, players for the phoenix suns they struggle on the road and that’s throughout the nba. Whenever guys are role players, they tend to struggle on the road. So when you look at that, phoenix is on the road. All they got to do as far as i’m concerned in milwaukee is state, of course, do exactly what they did in game. Three starting off with giannis, allow him to use that big frame and that big body in the pain, if he does anything outside of dominating the pain, i’m gon na take issue with that. Do not shoot three pointers. No! No! No! Maybe if you up by 30 – and you feel good about it and you just want to pull one pull it at that point in time, but outside of that no dominate the paint and then allow drew holiday to do what he did in terms of getting all Up in the devin booker and when devin booker decides that he wants to pass the ball to chris paul slide him over to chris paul and try to get up in that when he’s off the court allow p.j tucker to do his thing, so i believe it’s. The bucks with the edge because home court advantage in these playoffs are important.

Well look for game four! I agree, it’s the bucks with the edge and what you mentioned about role. Players is interesting to me because you know who’s great at home, usually chris middleton chris middleton. Could he show up on the road big as though he’s not a role player as though he’s a star, remember, i’ve, been saying chris middleton is usually good, sometimes excellent, that’s. Why he’s, usually not an all star once in a while? He is he’s, made two teams in his life. I was talking to andre snellings, dr andre snellings, our very own espn and on my radio, show max kellerman. You know it um and he was saying it’s not that middleton he’s right about this, not that middleton’s, usually good, sometimes great it’s, that a lot of times he’s, not good and then sometimes he’s, amazing right and it averages out to what he is so there at Home middleton might have an amazing game, and, and he what you said about the crowd juicing these guys at home. No doubt we saw it with the bucks, and now with that, you know no dario saurage and if ayden winds up in foul trouble, the same thing can happen. I, like the bucks in game four, i still like the suns in the series, though you know they still have home court. They still have two, the mo the two most dynamic players in the series are both in their back court and as much as giannis might want this.

I don’t think anyone in this series wants it more than chris paul. So i agree with you for game four. For the series, i think the sun’s still happening, it’s gon na go back and back ping pong. The home team wins right. You go 2. 2, you even the score. Now you go back to phoenix, they win. Now you go back to milwaukee, they win and then in the end it falls in phoenix’s lap and at that point game seven anything can go right. Do you expect a big game? Oh go ahead. No, you know until the until the road team wins a game. It’S it’s it’s, you know, whoever has home court is going to win. Do you expect a bounce back game from devin booker cause we’ve seen what he’s done with the back against the wall? Devin booker is the type of dude. You could smell it on him, but you saw it in the bubble. Last year you seen it in these playoffs. If he he could have a bad game again. He could struggle for a couple games: you’re not going to keep him down for a whole series. He’S not built like that devin booker is if, if the milwaukee bucks are thinking that devin booker, we have this under control, i’m sure they’re not, but they don’t devin booker’s, going to explode and they’re going to have to be prepared for that they’re going to have To have an answer for it.

Well, i think, when you look at it drew holiday has to be the answer for it, though, if you want him to have the same type of shooting night, 3 14, or something very similar, 10 points, or very something very similar to that you got to do Exactly what you did in game, three don’t change, don’t change at all. If you think about the defense of the regular season for the milwaukee bucks, they were probably one of the top two, if not the best defense in all of the nba guys. Why not carry that in real, quick one? Second, i just want to bring in because we got another champion with kendra kendrick perkins on the line big perky there. Why am i looking for him yeah i’m here what’s going on man there? It is there. He is all clean up like a hitman on the air. Look at this perk. Have you been hearing us on on who’s got the edge in the series yeah i’ve been hearing, it i’ve been listening hearing him. Are you max i’m? Not fortunate we’ll work on getting perk max. You pick up your thought, um and i have to remember what it was. You were drew holiday through holidays defensively, jew holidays them, but the problem is, if you drew holiday i’m underneath you, where you want to put the ball at i’m right underneath you i’m right, there i’m, not giving you any space i’m harassing you i’m being aggressive.

Just like i was down 2 0. I got to take that same mentality in full. I just don’t know if i don’t, if i don’t then you’re gon na. If i give you that space – yes you’re gon na torch me, but if i’m, if i’m, smaller than you i’m up on you, you want to put the ball on the ground i’m right up. Underneath you i’m not allowed to have any space, but but he has been, there have been games even in this regular season, where he’s gone against, longer players and got lit up. You know and devin booker’s the type of dude who can score but i’m, paying you a hundred and something million dollars to be exactly what you were in game. Three. I think he can duplicate that in game. Four um that’s the issue with paying someone. I mean i’m happy drew holiday, got his money, but the issue in the nba is when you can’t get a chris paul right. He’S on the trademark. We can’t get him. We can’t match up salary. What are we going to do? Yeah, but max let’s? Not actually act like drew holiday is chopped liverpool, no he’s, good, he’s, very good player, good and a clutch player player and a clutch player playing both ends of the floor when he’s on. My point is: if the bucks wouldn’t, if the bucks ownership, those hedge fund, dudes wouldn’t, have played milwaukee cheap, which they did and they would have signed brogdon they didn’t want to because they didn’t want to pay that luxury tax.

They let him walk and got no compensation, then, when chris paul’s on the trade market, you have stuff, you can match up and bring him in, and if chris paul were on the bucks bucks win the chip this year. Yeah start thinking about the ifs, though no you can’t worry about when they didn’t play somebody lucky exactly because you didn’t know that you were going to see phoenix in the finals. You had no idea, you would even be in the finals. You hope to be in the finals which they landed you to be in the finals.

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