Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks, The NBA Finals, Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks Game 3 – 1st Qtr | Giannis Highlights NBA Finals 2021

To take that commanding three. Nothing lead here. Applause tonight, here’s middleton hits in the paint, throws it up, shot ball goal tips, middleton keeps it alive, tucker trying to hold on and could not not easy to overcome, sometimes in terms of who’s. The more desperate team, though you’re well aware of the fact that you’re up too old and the opposing team is hungry and looking for a victory crowder with eight to shoot now, chris paul all has been masterful so far. The first two games crowder has to launch a long three travel back here in milwaukee, where he played part of his college career with marquette drew holiday for three that’s, a good play by cupo, just simply throwing it ahead in transition holiday with the corner three holiday. Struggling shooting in this series had a good start actually in game two and was very aggressive, took nine shots in the first quarter now holiday, defending booker one of the real fun matchups stripped hooker gets it back. Just gets the shot off the time and an excellent holiday first, two games, just 31 percent from the field, gets it to antenna coupon back out to lopez crowder on him. Lopez puts it on the floor, drives reverse won’t go eating. The rebound deandre gets inside lamp is good, he’s, just playing outstanding basketball at both ends. His defensive presence has been good and he continues to run rebound and roll lopez. Another nice pass with two assists it’s, exactly what you talked about jeff at the start.

You just got to make the game easier, he’s going to get his points. He’S got to help the other guys get in rhythm and get comfortable top of the key jumper and travel to rebound with that 42 point: brilliant performance in game two at that huge third quarter, chris paul from the elbow Applause he’s, shooting 56. So long in these finals come use, the screen holiday getting inside throws it up knocked away by deandre ayton under gross situations. Middleton came off, not they can score and that’s how holiday comes off, nothing can score, they’ve got to be more aggressive and then the plays will be made off of them, but also, i think giannis has to get out of the screen. Quicker he’s got to roll deeper to give him more time and room paul gets to the rim. Can’T get it to fall, ayden tips it there come the box. The other way holladay steps up another three ball. The offensive rebound put that count and federer knocks it down. He said there’s, nothing better. He feels so good, even on the road when they count and he knocks one down. Applause that’s, a three and tucker hit him. The butterflies are incredible: you need to take a break it’s. Okay, Applause, middleton spin move turn shoots: won’t go deandre ayton with another rebound and i like the play for middleton, getting him an iso to allow him to be aggressive, trying to play aggressively on chris paul falling away from the face line and paul now on the Road in a huge game, knowing that you have a maestro at the point, guard position that can control the pace and make sure you get great looks Applause.

He just makes winning plays loves. His competitiveness and he’s had a lot of big minutes in this postseason deandre. Ayton Applause middleton knocks that one down that’s so important for this gotten to the free, throw line yet in the series holiday now picking up chris ball.

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