Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks, The NBA Finals, Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks Game 3 – 3rd Qtr | Giannis Highlights NBA Finals 2021

The volatility of the three point shot 23s in game. Two tonight, two offensive cop foul called on devin booker time for the taco bell comeback. If the suns come back to win, america wins free tacos and got themselves in a middleton holiday back out, lopez lopez in a crowd. Nearly taken away misses the shot, deandre eight in the rebound, but even though that was a miss, i really think milwaukee is doing a much better job playing with each other. Eight of the foul milwaukee, plus seven and after struggling early in game, two holliday kicks it out and throws it out of bounds. Brooker had 21 points in the second force right now here in game, three, eight and eight and a little floater is good. A pass, and that is a difficult shot by eight he’s, eight of ten from the field he’s shooting again he doesn’t shoot from far out it’s, so efficient, and that basket will not count in games two and so far. Here in three and ten, oh a hard foul, he goes down hard as ayton just picked up his fourth, the hard foul someone has big and physical as giannis Applause johnson sets the screen paul the crowder right back to paul crowder, a three pointer, that’s good. They crowder with his second three pointer of the game and they’re, going to go back into zone for the first time again. That’S stretching lopez out, i think, connington’s going to come in now for lopez holiday inside pass, broken up by booker still loose.

Attenua takes it away and throws it down. Booker draws the foul middleton pumped him he’s up. That was a good one. 12 point lead and again back in that zone tucker for three in and out booker the rebound trying to draw the foul throws it ahead to bridges. Bridge is stripped and stolen by middleton lieutenant cooper and a reaching foul call on june can’t get out of my head. Is this guy yelling at the umpire you’re pitching he blew you’re pinching him? He was too he’s one of those fans, 25 points for athena, kupo off the crowder crowder tries another three jay crowder with a couple of threes here in the third keeping the phoenix suns within striking distance, but they’ve got him spread out now, with this smaller young Lineup can they hold up defensively and on the board? Middleton all beautiful feed got one goal in the follow right now for the milwaukee bucks got the right mindset, he is punishing this smaller lineup and doing it at the rim. 27 points already two teams right now. Just exchanging buckets near the opening minutes of the third tucker crowds, booker hooker pulls up in and out, Applause and an offensive foul is going to be in the paint and johnson. Oh, he throws it down and a blocking foul called on tucker. I mean a defensive bouncer and an unsuccessful jail. Thank you steve. So they lose the challenge, lose a timeout and it’s.

A ten point lead middleton. As fires crowder, the rebound the zone has had a nice impact. Cam johnston again this time off the class. This kid. If he does one or two things you just you can’t believe how talented he is. Now the 15 point lead’s been cut to eight middleton inside the tucker block by crowder, knocked out of bounds. Still milwaukee ball harrison chasing and throws it down some of the players just stopped and bridger said i’m not stopped, so he can’t touch the ball. Oh beautiful! Pass from the federal ball to connaughton that’s, five assists for giannis great job byyana, stopping the bleeding coming up with a quality play on the offensive end.

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