Lil Durk, India f Lil Baby was your roommate

No. He, like he don’t, know my i already don’t like talking. I don’t even know how to talk, because i don’t like and because, like i can’t, really explain it but yeah i ain’t ain’t. I hey you was that yo little baby, i just got off the phone with my cousin thoughtquisha and she said that y’all did stuff. Is that true, i feel like i had to do it? I guess, judging by her name i’m, assuming that she came on to you first yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, okay! Well, when she said she wanted to get with you. What did you say, of course, bro come on that’s, my cousin i’m. Sorry, you legitimately didn’t say sorry insane. Sorry right now, doesn’t fix anything. This was real good. I can’t lie, but i had to sacrifice okay i’m out no i’m telling you. We are still the most underrated youtube channel on the platform. Just because we have 7 million subs doesn’t mean that people know it we’re, still the most underrated. Okay, i got ta go i’ll talk to you later yo little baby. Was there a package in the mail for me, i was waiting on one. They said i miss you. Oh yes, that’s exactly what i was waiting for um. Where did you put it up and flipped with the tissue dude? That was my pen pal from arizona that was like my only chance to get some ass. What is your issue? I ain’t got nothing against you, Music, bro you’re, the one with the issues.

Do you not have a heart or something that part of me didn’t die? Bro, you know i’ve been struggling to get girls and technically i’m a virgin or whatever shut up. Who cares you? Can you just have some sympathy for me? First off i’m, not a just because you and my mom call me that doesn’t mean that’s what i am and second i just want to know why you threw my letter in the trash i feel like i had to do it bro. What is wrong with you at least i said, i’m. Sorry, okay, first off you legitimately never said sorry, it’s fine i’m, just i won’t be letting you touch the mail again. You know what it was. I told you that i was hardest: yeah yeah. I know okay, whatever dude no mom, they don’t, listen to me every time i tell my subscribers to go subscribe to the second channel. They don’t do it it’s, literally in the description of every video, no okay, okay, whatever shut up shut up. No, i don’t have a girlfriend okay, bye. Okay, how do i fix this goddamn cable box? I need help with this yo little baby, little baby yo little baby, little baby, you’re literally right around the corner. Can you come over here and help me? Mr 4pf? Yo? Little baby Music bro, the cable box is broken. Do you know how to fix it yeah i know, and you were the last one to use it.

So i was thinking. Maybe you’d know how to fix blame. No. It yeah, i know finally you’re taking accountability for something you ain’t got: ta worry, okay, bro. So how do i fix this Music? Wait! A minute side! Note. Did you sleep in my bed? While i was gone last week, i found money in my sheets on the beach whatever anyway. Well do you know how to fix this, because i don’t know where to start, but we got ta start somewhere. Okay, then start doing something. Okay, you got it wow Music, wow cool! Well, thanks, yeah that’s! All i needed you got ta pay us your better pay off! Bro i’m, not paying you! You literally broke this i’m, not gon na pay. You money to fix what you brought dude i’m literally broke. Like the ad revenue on this entire channel has been crap, we literally have a second channel where we’re posting almost daily and nobody’s even going over there, and nobody even follows their instagrams anymore dude. I don’t have money for you never lie to me. When i ask you something, no matter what you just be real with me: bro i’m, literally not lying fine, okay, damn i’ll! Just give you five bucks, see. If i even have any all right, let’s see we got one dude.

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