Mexico national football team, Concacaf Gold Cup, Guatemala national football team ⚽ El Salvador vs Guatemala ⚽ | CONCACAF Gold Cup (11/07/2021) | PES 2021

First time in this competition, this season a genuine sense of occasion, a bit of fanfare. That goes with it. The mood is outbeat placed with a dose of nerves, which must be expected. The team news is in the teams. Themselves will be with us shortly: the atmosphere, predictably, wonderful Applause. So what a stage for the players to take to here ahead of such an important game? A moment of great pride, the anthems day, one and everybody eager to get off to a good start. Yes and that’s very apparent peter competition. Football is a different beast entirely and you have to be prepared to dig deep to prevent everything going south very quickly. So this could be a tentative standoff in weighing each other up. I hope we’ll see more probing than possession Applause and we’re underway. Oh no that’s, not the ball. He wanted Applause. Keeper’S got good distance on that. Well, positioned to make that interception Applause he’s through the middle – oh, that is, it is a good finish. The odds were against him little mata. I think that defense there thought they were in good position and they had him where they wanted. Yet somehow he’s worked the scoring position and it didn’t seem on it’s, really crafty business deadlock broken it’s, one nil, still a fragile lead, though they can’t afford to sit on this rain starting to fall here. It has been looking that way for a little while Applause defense got the better of him this time but i’m sure he’ll go again Applause, so Applause it’s, a very good battle there, terrific to watch Applause, here’s, the through ball; Music Applause going for goal Applause.

There has been just the early goal here and it’s one nil Applause into the channel gets the better of his man turns and goes back and he’s there to clear it battles to win it back. Applause, good challenge. He just stood firm Applause. Now, surely, look it has a hit hoist it forward. He spotted the rod and played him through he’s gone for it. He’S done very well to get to that. Well, what can i say? Truly. Wonderful Applause, goalkeeper massive leap, couldn’t steer it in Applause forward. It goes Applause and with that goal comes comfort, and that is about as cool as they come. He picked his spot expertly. Well, i think two keepers would have had a hard time, keeping that one out never mind one. It was real venom in the striker and clear composure from the placement, so that’s tuna and the first half is done some first half thoughts well, it’s, looking pretty straightforward, peter they’ve got themselves into a very good position. So why dinner from here when they can repeat their first half success with a another show of strength? It has been a remarkable contest, decorated by goals and two between them at halftime, but we’re already into the second period that’s a bit of penetration to go with all this possession Applause just brushed off the ball. There he gets past. His man hits one decent hit and, on target Applause, it’s a good stubborn defending there.

He wasn’t very far from making something happen by himself lovely to see incoming cross. The ball needed to be better. There that’s a wasted chance. Applause gets on the end of it. Plenty of appeals, but the referee is not interested Applause, cuts it out. Applause. Someone looks like he’s in need of protection here. Well, he could end up like a lost sheep peter because they’re trying to shepherd him everywhere. He doesn’t want to go. Oh good. Take it a good area, a real chance to break place it out to the wing he’s got options out wide going through and it’s played forward, dashing forward at pace. Foot in oh that’s, a foul free kicks been given. Applause well, that’s, a real shame, because it could have led to a real momentum shift Applause. Applause, he’s got away, it’s got he’s, had a go Applause and somehow he managed to miss it. Applause ahead by two and just about into the home straight let’s, put paid to a promising move Applause, and there goes the final whistle now that’s the way to launch the campaign. They can look ahead with confidence and comfort. Would you sum up what we’ve witnessed jim? Listen, ideally, any new campaign needs a start. That puts three points on the board and it’s mission accomplished. Nothing too.

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Mexico national football team, Concacaf Gold Cup, Guatemala national football team Prediksi Mexico vs Guatemala, ( Gold Cup 2021 )

Mexico national football team, Concacaf Gold Cup, Guatemala national football team Prediction | Copa Oro Prediccion | 2021