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These are my predictions me predictions that starts tomorrow and we have good news for a central american team, a Music well group, a guatemala is going to replace with so, which is a good thing. They missed out on world cup, qualifying without losing any games. That is crazy, so guatemala replaced mexico um. So not every team is coming their best. Mostly every team is going to be missing players, except for qatar. We have youth for usa experience in canada and mexico, a mix of both for honduras and way way more experience with costa rica. First group premier, grupo mexico, el salvador, mexico, one el salvador ii. This is going to be an easy group from mexico. Teams are going to close down space for them, but mexico is going to come in there. El salvador is going to beat guatemala and trade it. In tobago group b, canada, estados canada, one usa, two canada has been playing together. The last sevenish games to qualify to the world cup this usa team has been doing it at different spreads of the year este canada, viene juando con los bismus fuegos este que perez group c. Costa rica, jamaica, costa rica, with the experience is gon na. Take one jamaica to a team that is barely going to get together and start building chemistry. Yes, qatar has 13 players from al sad that barely lost to monterrey. In the club world cup, a team that’s been playing together for years and years and honduras, a team that is coming in hot from nation’s league juntos.

Okay, the first game is gon na be between qatar and el salvador. I think el salvador is gon na lose. Probably, by a difference of two goals: congratulations for them to show up, but qatar is taking this very serious tomorrow night. The next match is gon na be between honduras and mexico, and this might go to penalties and i think mexico will win it. I don’t know end penalties, but it’s going to be a very close game. Mexico viene bien didn’t know and the other game is going to be usa against costa rica. Next one is jamaica against canada. Well, sorry, jamaica, but canada’s gon na take it and they are ready to continue playing. Canada is coming strong with the phones of davies, a lot of young talent and, like i said, they’ve been playing together for for the last few months over and over and then in the semis. You have qatar versus canada and i’m. Sorry, qatar, but canada is going to take this it’s going to be a very close game. Canada cos another semi final is usa, i guess mexico and i wan na say sorry to my usa fans. But mexico is gon na win by at least at least three goals. Mexico is gon na, have ball control and they’re gon na try and score two goals in the first 30 minutes. I don’t think they’ll. Do it but they’re going to try and get away with two goals right away in the finale of mexico versus canada, and i think that mexico has the most talent here in this cup, and mexico is going to take it.

Canada is going to take second place and we are going to have champions kings of kakakova mexico showing kankakov that they take every competition very serious, regardless of who brings in their a teams or b teams or rest players.

What do you think?

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