Milwaukee Bucks, Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee Portis on 'BOBBY!' chants at Fiserv Forum: 'It's crazy, man'

The other night two days feels like a long time to be thinking about hey man. I only played a couple of minutes, the other night like how did you kind of get through that and no just the nba nobody gon na feel sorry for the nba. Like you play two minutes, you play 30 minutes. 40 minutes have a good game, bad game. Um it’s next day mentality when 12 o’clock hits of the game day like tonight, it’s old man. We just trying to focus on game four, so i don’t sit and sob or you know, get mad or anything but not playing. I want to win. I came to milwaukee to try to impact winning and you know be the best bobby port, as i can be, and having good coaches and good teammates to just keep me sane. You know all credit goes to them but, like i said, nobody’s gon na feel sorry for it in in the nba man, um and that’s. One thing that my vets taught me as a rookie. I know you mentioned it in your players, tribune piece, but just the idea that bud has kind of pushed you to be great defensively all year and now in one of the bigger games. I’M saying i’m great defensively. I understand he’s pushing you down like this yeah, but i tried my best to do everything i can to stay on the floor. That isn’t, but i said i’m, a defensive staff or anything, but coach budd has done a great job with me.

Uh all season long um in the film room um, i feel like i’m, the first person on the film every time like he just stays on me, and i think we all need coaches like that to push us, we don’t want you to be to get comfortable. He wants to best out his guys and uh that’s just made me be um. You know more committed to that and on the floor just doing everything i can having active hands active feet, um, knowing that you know i can, you know, be active out there on on that on that side of the basketball and um it’s just made the game That much fun, and you know that much competitive for myself and for my teammates, you know we all you know, sacrifice a lot, especially this year with a lot of protocols and having to stay in hotels on the road and all these things just factor into it. And you know, when you sacrifice you get a lot out of life in general rachel over here on the left side, just to follow up bobby on the um defensive angle of it uh for you to put in that work, knowing that that wasn’t, your reputation in The league, why was that important to you to do that? Um, when you want to win – and we want to impact winning you kind of – have to sacrifice and do things out of ordinary that you’re not used to and with me, i played on a lot of teams that would never be in this position.

A lot of you know losing basketball teams, a lot of tanking teams that want a hard drive pick, so the coaches kind of let uh you know let things slip and slide away when you’re on losing teams, and they don’t really. You know mention that, but here every possession matters and coach buzz stays on us about it, taking care of basketball, rotating on defense, low man being there top man x and out and just all being connected on the floor talking and communicating and all those things just Helped me just be about like a better basketball player and i credit him and his style for that. They really locked in with me the first couple months of the season, just on me on me just every day by defense. Some days i was like damn like. I can’t do nothing right this and that, but just staying with it – and you know just being myself and um just standing down and trusting in these guys has helped me get to. This has helped me get to this um to this point. We’Ll go to casey johnson on zoom, casey, what’s, up baby what’s up bobby hope. You hope you’re good, hey uh! You mentioned growing up in arkansas kind of dreaming of being on this stage, knowing that what was that moment like when the when the, when the crowd’s chanting your name tonight in an nba finals, game, that’s, crazy man, um they’ve, been doing it throughout the entire playoffs And stuff so um, you know it kind of fires me up a lot, and probably my teammates up to is just having that home corn advantage in in the league is big man.

You want to protect home court i’m on the road. You always want to just try to get one and steal one, but at home you always want to just win all your home games and i think we’ve done a good job of that um. Just having these guys here that really believe in us and trusting us and having 20 30 40 000 fans outside just going crazy and having 17 000 inside it’s just a great time to be a buck right now and it’s a great time for the city of Milwaukee um, you know it’s real, diverse out. There see a lot of people just mingling and you know being together. So i think just us winning and impacting the city has just brought the city together and a quick follow up. You mentioned the vets that helped you uh, learn that next day mentality as a rook who do you want to shout out to specifically? Oh you know, all those guys, man todd gibson uh. You know he was a big. You know opponent of that joe kim was too jimmy, um d rose, aaron brooks you know all those guys. They all stayed on me a lot and just told me to always just stay ready, current homage as well. Just always just stay ready. Knowing that you know you want to have your moment, but you know just just keep working on your game just stand in shape, i think that’s, probably the toughest thing as a young polarity coming in the league.

You don’t really understand the marathon that you’re going to run in this league everybody’s journey is going to be different. You guys got to run your own race and i just had to you know figure that out at an early age, and once i figured that out, i was just you know contending you know at peace with myself, thanks bobby no problem, you good question from davide. Hey bobby congrats for the game um when janice has a game like this in which he dominates, but he also involves his teammates. How much is important for you guys, it’s, very important, obviously youngest can go out there and score 40 points all the time um. But when everyone else is involved, it kind of unlocks him a lot more and it kind of creates him. You know mismatches and one on one, a lot more guys. Can’T really dig in – and you know, odb over the top and try to exile backside and do things like that. So when god is making shots, it just makes it tough on the opposing team, because now he’s really just playing one on one. And you know: good luck with that for real for real great freak, we’ll go lori and then vince last two questions bobby uh, janice’s performance puts him in the leagues of jordan and lebron and shaq and stuff like that. When i think of those three guys, i don’t necessarily think of humble, i think of like born leaders supremely confident, but when giannis gets up here and talks, he talks about how what you did allowed him to make a return with his knee.

He talks about being in the moment like 30 years from now, when you think about this. I know you have more 30 years well, but you’re going to remember some really key things right. Think about 56. I ain’t gon na lie. I know yeah i’m gon na say: hey what’s up with 30 homie rudy. What stories will you tell about giannis, the teammate janice, the leader yanis, the comeback guy? Oh man, yanez is a great great guy um. You know one of the big reasons why i wanted to come here just to play with him and play with all these guys, because i watched the bubble last year and i just seen the hole where i can just try to feel the need at, and it Was just perfect timing for me to come here, but just giannis in particular man he’s a relentless hard worker. He gives his all to the team, he’s selfless man and when you play like that and when you know when you want to win, i think the basketball guy just always rewards you. He never cheats the game. He stays in the gym. He lifts weights hard every day, don’t know how you do that and go out there and play, but he lifts weights hard every day he gets his reps in and you know he stays down and he’s just like when you, when you’re humble and hungry, like that, It just always just comes back to you and um for a guy you to hyperextend his knee less than two weeks ago and to come back and do the things that he’s doing man.

I just think he just speaks for himself. Man, um and um he’s. Just a great guy overall love being his teammate love being out there with him and competing vince last one in the middle, hey bobby um in atlanta after game four, you guys were pretty somber. You know nobody knew exactly how what the extent of giannis injury was, but the move was pretty down yeah. When you compare that night to tonight, you know just describe the difference in just the team’s morale sean. You know how he’s doing it, man it’s just you, know most of the time when guys do that they kind of come back and ease into it or they come back and kind of timid or whatnot he’s still going out there just playing the same way like He never even did it so um. I just think whoever gave him the nickname and greek freak did a great job of that it’s real it’s different out there like how he’s playing on it and doing all these different things and just being himself man i’m. Just saying like that’s, just rare, um, that’s that’s, really special of him to you, know, put his put his body on the line for the team and um just go out there and do the things he’s doing man it’s fun playing with him, but he’s, even better Person off the court always smiling laughing and playing, and i just it just it’s a joy being around him every day.

Thank you bobby. Thank you guys.

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