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Ever chris middleton, with a huge first half drew holliday doing his thing. The suns now lead two games to one. It certainly didn’t help losing down dre in in the third with bowel trouble, but it was all about giannis 40 points, 10 boards and back to back finals games. Only two players in finals history have ever done that lebron 2016 shaq in 2000. Both of them won the title that year in finals, mvp good company to be in max kellerman is giannis the most important player in the series. He is look 41 13 and six right. The only thing that’s up off his normal averages for the last three years is the points you honestly give you 28 to 30 and almost exactly an average over the last three years, 13 boards and six assists by the way with a block. You know that’s what he does: he’s a 30 13 and six guy and and he dropped. The next gave you an extra 11 points last night because, as you mentioned, deandre ayton’s foul trouble helped him out, but he was absolutely fantastic. Two nights in a row by the way two games in a row um. He had super human efforts and superhuman production, and this is coming off a hyper extended knee where he he missed the end of the eastern conference finals. It’S, always the same with giannis. In the bucks, when he gets help, he can win and even be the best player on the floor.

The best player in the world on that night right, but he needs help great bigs and giannis, is a big need guys on their level. Sometimes middleton can put, the cape on sometimes drew holiday can when he gets that he is the he wins. Otherwise they waste a performance. Stephen, a kendrick, perkins can’t, wait till kendrick perkins is back on this show talking about. Middleton is batman on some nights, but the batman of this team is obviously giannis who had finals mvp performances in two of these three games. You know what max it’s it’s, not that i’m. Looking at your points and – and i disagree with them per se – but i don’t feel giannis – is that guy pretty much because i take him for granted. He walks around averaging 28 or better and with double digits in in rebounds. When i think about giannis, i don’t think about the overall number max, i think about what you’re going to do from the free throw line when it really really counts. If the game gets tight, can i trust you to deliver free throws? Can i trust you to score when the defense sags and they force you to take a perimeter shot instead of allowing you to get to the basket at will that’s? What i think about, i don’t think about youngest as overall numbers, because i know they’re going to be there. The question is: what are you going to do when it counts and that’s? Why, when i think about the most important player, i really really think about devin booker, because when i look at giannis in milwaukee i say: okay, those numbers are going to be there all right, but middleton and jew holiday.

When you talk about importance, they say they got to step up and they got to help them out. I look at devin, booker and i’m saying right now: he’s shooting 33 from three point range. What is he shooting from the field about 38 he’s averaging better than 22 a game, but the bottom line is last night. He was absolutely positively anemic shot three or 14 from the field, like one of seven from three point range, just didn’t have it got. He didn’t even play the fourth quarter, because his legs were shot and they were gone. They don’t have any chance of beating the milwaukee bucks as presently constructed. If you don’t get more quality production from devin booker, they have no chance because they simply don’t have the bodies that’s. Why i’ve been a proponent of seeing cameron, jordan, more uh, because cameron, johnson i’m? Sorry, because this brother can shoot i’m saying get him in the game more. I don’t know what the hell has happened to cameron payne. He plays 37 minutes in game. Two of the western conference finals: he drops 29 and nine in 37 minutes without a turnover and there’s been an apb out for him ever since he twisted his ankle. The next game hasn’t been the same since i don’t know what the hell is going on with him, because he’s in the lineup and he’s playing i’m, just saying when you look at phoenix and how depleted they appear and what they need.

In order to win this series, giannis is going to get his numbers no matter. What just by accident, devin booker to me is the key and that’s. Why i have him max, is the most important in a way like the kind of guy giannis really needs to be a perennial championship. Contender real contender is devin booker, because giannis there’s a reason. Shaq looked at giannis and said he could have the superman title. First, guy shaq said that about dwight howard he’s like this guy, because he is like shaq, this unstoppable physical force, but he’s, not a closer just like shaq, was in a closer devin booker. I called him on this show a mini mamba, because he’s that kind of guy and kobe was the closer on those lakers teams, but you know what they played on the same team. In that case, shaq and kobe shaq got all three finals mvps. He was the most important player in those finals and that and they’re on different teams. Right now you know the new shaq and the mini mamba right superman and the mini mamba are on different teams right now and it’s easy to look at the guy who you trust, with the ball in his hands at the end of the game and go that’s. The most important guy, but because of giannis and shaq you’re, even in that position, no you’re saying that shaq was the most important player because of his his dominance.

And what have you? I would make the argument that in at least a couple of the final series, kobe was the most important now shaq was the most important against philly, because you had dekembe mutombo was a defensive player of the year, patrolling the paint blocking shots and doing things against Everybody else that he couldn’t possibly do against shaq and because of dekembe mutumbo’s ability to change the game on the defensive end of the floor. Shaq’S dominant was not just big time in terms of his numbers, but it was important because of what dekembe would have been able to do to the lakers, if not for shaq being in the lineup. But in other series you looked at the greatness of kobe. On the perimeter and what he was capable of doing and it’s important in this series we look at uh, gianna santa enter tagumpo. We see the greek freak, we know he’s going to get to the basket. We know what he’s going to do, but we also saw him struggle from the free throw line in game one. Obviously he was not back from the injury trying to feel himself just not last night, really more so than anything else, but devin booker. All of a sudden, devin booker has nothing for you and it’s, not even a game they down by them, they’re 30. and that’s. What i’m saying i’m just looking at it differently? I’M, not knocking the point about giannis i get where you’re coming from, but i’m saying, based on how depleted phoenix is and what they need to win because of who they are their makeup that’s.

What makes booker so important in this series right now because of their circumstances, booker is not going to struggle shooting the ball for the rest, it’s not going to be every every game for the rest of this year. He’S not built that way. He like what we’ve seen from booker is the brighter the lights shine, the better he’s generally performed. I don’t think those bucks can count.

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