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He is kind of your drives um, not necessarily i don’t. I don’t think i got a lot of uh screen at all. I feel like the low man was always there coming but like at the same time it creates a lot of attention like if the guy the low man comes. The corner is wide open. If the corner that is shooting the wing is wide open. You know, i feel, like you know, it’s, not the first action it’s, the second action it’s, the third action right, so we got ta keep moving the ball. We got to keep moving, you know those guys um and at the end of the day, everybody touch the ball right. It feels good, but that’s the only way we can be effective, you know offensively. What does it feel like for you to kind of fight in the lane for one of those it felt like three or four times a night there’s hands everywhere? The ball is flying around you get one and then dunk it one. How good does it feel to actually get it in duncan and then two just? What does it feel like to have the hands around you all the time uh? It feels good. It feels good um to finish the play but uh at the same time. You know there’s so much traffic in there um, but hey i got ta. You know, keep the ball high, make that play. I feel like in the previous game game too.

There was so much traffic. I was you know, able to make the corner pass to uh guys or make the right pass. You know guys you know, but not being at home. You know, you feel, have a little more confidence. Your legs feel a little bit better uh. You can finish some of those plays, but there’s there’s a lot of traffic in there we got to keep you know, making that up play uh and uh. Sometimes it’s gon na be this that’s not gon na, be there if it’s, not that. That means somebody’s somebody’s, open brian in the back here. Do you move that fast? Also me yeah, no i’m old uh, two things that one you you came out of the game. Just a couple minutes in was anything uh wrong there or anything like that. No, no! No, no, no, i was just um want to take a breather and come back. You know, you know a lot of intensity um, so i’ll just you know, take a break. You know i’ve always discussed with coach like saying coach. If i need like 30 seconds one minute, i’m gon na, let you know – and i think that was the time i needed like 30 seconds to a minute just to catch my breath and uh get back to the game. There was nothing wrong and i know you said before you can’t predict the future. Yes, but uh. Michael jordan had four straight 40 point games against the suns in the nba finals.

I’M. Not in my college is that in jeopardy i’m not i’m, not michael jordan. Four! Forty points in a straight two, four in a row: yeah i’ve, never no i’m, not michael jordan um. But you know all i care about right now, it’s getting one more that’s! All you know just uh, take care of business, doing our job lori here in the front. Are you still getting two questions? Are you still getting treatment on your knee around the clock or do you feel better and then, when you miss those two games, you really didn’t sound too upset, but the way you’re playing right now kind of indicates otherwise that you wanted to be determined. You wanted to play aggressive and and test the knee in game one and play like this. So were you kind of left feeling left out? No, i i i wasn’t upset. I i feel like uh, you know at the moment when the uh the play happened. The incident happened um. You know always a little bit worried that you know what was it. My my knee was double its size. You know um, so so a little bit worried. But afterwards, when i got the mri, they told me that uh whatever it is, i don’t know if i can talk about it, um that i have a chance to come back, even though i’m not 100 yet, but i have a chance to come back and play And i was extremely happy and i knew that watching my teammates play.

You know good basketball and uh, the you know they it gave me a chance to. You know, come back uh and uh at the end of the day that’s. All i can ask for you know i’m i’m happy that i’m able to be out there. You know win or lose it doesn’t matter. The outcome you know like i feel, like everybody – have worked so hard to be in this moment and uh me personally. Uh i’m not trying to make it about me. So i was happy. I was happy that you know i have a chance. I had a chance to come back and enjoy and play with my teammate and no matter what the outcome is just be out there with them. Oh yeah for sure yeah, yeah howard on the right giannis, the 3d gap between games can seem like forever. I would imagine more so in the finals, and maybe even more so when you’re facing a 2 0 deficit, everybody handles that kind of interval differently. Did you spend that time trying to get away from basketball more immersed in ball? Just take us through just your your kind of um thought process and how you you know handled the last few days waiting for this um. You know, um, you kind of there’s, no there’s, no excuses, you know um. We know we know what kind of game. This was, you know, gon na be uh. We know that if we lose the game you’re in you’re in the hole you know three, oh whatever the case might be.

We knew that we had to come here and play great basketball, so i knew that so, no matter how i felt no matter what i went through or if i spent time with my family or if i didn’t spend time with my family or whatever, whatever i Was feeling i know what type of game is, what a you know: i’m going to come to the arena and trying to face tonight so uh. I knew in my you know, mentality i’m spending time with my you know my family, that uh when we come on sunday, seven o’clock ready to play 48 minutes and ready to do whatever it takes to uh win that game. In order for us to have the opportunity – and you know that’s, all you can ask for jim in the middle microphone. So your left body right – oh sorry, hey, honest um! You know you guys. You talk about not getting high, not getting too high too low. All that stuff, but it’s it’s part of that because of the um. I guess this is the way that you you, you do, take things from game to game and build off that. I guess you guys say, get better every day. Um did you feel that way? After game two that, even though it was a loss yeah, you had done some things right and knew coming into today there, if you built on that yeah, we got better. We got better from getting to do uh from game one to game.

Two. We got better and now we got better from game two, the game: three, we just got to keep building we got to keep building, we got to keep trust one another, keep trusting winning habits, keep making winning plays kim competing hard, keep doing together, uh, but we Got better um, so i got ta. I got ta go watch the clip with the team tomorrow, the day after i know what the schedule is uh, but for right now i feel like we got better from games to the game three. Hopefully, we can do that and keep doing that. I feel like in every series that’s what we did uh as a team and uh. Hopefully we have the opportunity to do the same this time. I don’t know if we’re gon na do it, but um that’s that’s. Our goal as a team and it’s in the middle – you honest it looks like you might have figured out something from a matchup standpoint with crowder or cam johnson. You know, did you was there something you saw in the first two games where you figured out hey? This is something i can you know exploit and they don’t have the the rim protection at the rim, so you can basically force a lot of files. Get to the line is that something that was intentional: no no i’m. Just you know, i’m. Just out there to you know trying to enjoy the game. Try to play, try to put myself in a position to be successful that’s.

What i’m trying to do? You know um, you know when i when i i take each position at a time when i have a possession in front of me. I try to get myself in a position of my team in a position to be successful. Sometimes he’s driving the ball. Sometimes he’s. You know ceiling down in the lane, sometimes he’s sitting the screen and i’m just trying to read each possession at a time which each position is different, like i might say, okay, i’m. An attack i’ll attack this guy uh this time, but for some reason, that’s, not working so so uh i’m, not trying to like you know, have like a game plan or a strategy in my head. I just want to enjoy the game. I just want to be out: there have fun, compete in a high level and read each possession at a time which every position is different. Tim on the right, hey, honest, uh, two things uh, you guys were down 36 30 and bud called timeout early in the second quarter and things kind of flipped in there. I was curious what kind of happened over that latter part of the second quarter? You took control of the game and you talked after game two about how you still believe in drew believe in this group. Oh yeah, in that third quarter, run when you guys blew the game back up and drew had those two threes right away and the q and him come by for 22 or 24 of the points to end the quarter.

Just how how impressed with the way he was able to bounce back and play today, he’s a great player uh. We need him to keep playing like this uh. We trust him he’s, our leader, he’s, a point guard he’s, one of our scorers one of our defenders. He’S, a great basketball player and uh he’s, going to keep figuring out ways to be successful uh in that, in that time out, we just we just had to play better defense that was all play better defense, robot the ball better and open and run you know, Create driving lanes create space for craze, create space for jew uh to operate to you know, get downhill to get to their spots. You know to uh play one on one game so to make the right play, but as for drew, as i said, he’s a great player and he’s going to keep making great plays for us and we’re going to need him throughout the whole series. In that second quarter run, you, i think, had seven straight points. To put you guys ahead midway through, you think you had a layup, a dunk and an and one right in a row. Were you at all trying to be extra aggressive in that stretch, to kind of get you guys back in rhythm? No, no! No! No! I just read: uh each position at a time, sometimes i’m going to be aggressive for two minutes straight, sometimes i’m, not you know because the ball is not in my hands is chris is being aggressive at that time or jews, so that’s.

Why i’m trying to explain that each possession each time of the game it’s it’s different, you know and and uh i’m, not planning? You know what i do i’m just trying to be out there trying to uh. Take it position in time. Try to enjoy the game! Try to make that i play try to screen rebound run whatever i can do. You know and um. You know, that’s. The mindset i’ve had my whole career doesn’t mind. I said i’m happy right now and uh we’re able to get the win today. Hopefully we can get the game photos rachel. Last question: on the left side: hey janice, uh, you’ve used the word enjoy, enjoy the game five or six times just here. In the last few minutes, pj tucker told me the other day that he thinks you have really good perspective, no matter whether you guys are behind in a series ahead in a series that you just feel very fortunate to be playing nba level basketball, especially in the Finals, can you explain a little bit more where that mindset comes from and how much you feel that uh? You know i feel like i’ve come a long way. Um, just to be able to you know, sit here being interviewed by you guys, um playing in these games being with my teammates. You know thinking i’m gon na be out for a year coming back, like you know, it’s been it’s been a long journey and i’m trying to enjoy every single moment of it, and i know i’ve said in the past that i’m going to be doing this.

For for a while, you know for the next 10 12, whatever years, whatever my goal is so i’m just trying to enjoy each day, try to take as much as possible from each day and try to be in the moment and just being able to be out There you know being down or up or whatever the case might be in the seas being other than twenty thousand fans. You know twenty thousand fans outside the arena. You know uh changing your name chain for the team. Just happy to you know have nba basketball. This time of uh the year with the two last team standing after you know, i don’t know 50 years, whatever the case might be. When the last time you had the nba finals game so that that’s that’s that’s amazing, you know to me and um uh. So i’m, not trying to i don’t – worry about the outcome as much as i just want to enjoy the game. I want my teammates to enjoy the game and i know that uh, by enjoying the game i’m going to compete as hard as possible and i’m going to do the right thing to uh help. My team be in you, know in the right position um and have the opportunity to win any game we play. Thank you. Thank you guys, all right. Oh lord! Oh i like that one i like that. I took that personal i like it.

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