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I think that believe it or not, even though they’re game behind, i would tell you that milwaukee has the edge, assuming that they uh play. The way that they played last night, what i mean by that is that when you had people like myself, uh feeling like they were clueless or you had kendrick perkins being far more incendiary with his language about the idiocy that he was witnessing in front of milwaukee Bucks, what we were talking about was the fact that this is a team that’s, busy, that’s, bigger and significantly more physical. That was not using it to the advantage that wasn’t the case last night, yon is back to back 40 plus games. 40 42 points in game. Two obviously 41, last night you look at chris middleton, he was making some shots. Drew holliday was making some shots, even though neither have been shooting, particularly well from the field, but more importantly than anything else was the dominance in the paint. 18 point advantage. 16 to 18 point advantage in the paint in the first half. I forgot what it was overall, but they were taking the ball to the rack and they recognized the fact that the phoenix suns are compromised. Health, wise with dario sorry going down it’s really about deandre ayton, because frank kaminsky ain’t going to give you, but so much so as a result, once deandre ayton went into foul trouble, you had the phoenix suns having to incorporate a zone with jay crowder in the Middle for crying out loud – and we all know he would be undecided so giannis being the big boy that he is playing, bully ball that’s what ultimately, the milwaukee bucks did and if they continue to do that, the phoenix suns are going to have that.

Much more of a problem and everything is going to be on the shoulders of the devin bookers and chris paul’s of the world, because there’s very little to nothing that they can do in the interior, particularly when deandre ayton has to guard himself from getting into foul Trouble i got to start with well, let me answer the question first and i got to get. I got ta talk about giannis for a second sons still have the advantage, you’re not wrong about what you’re saying stephen a you know. If sarge isn’t there they don’t have hayden can wind up in foul trouble. If, if, if, if giannis is aggressive and that changes things for sure it changed it last night, sons still have the advantage because they’re up to one, they have a better starting five and they have home court still. They still have the advantage, but i got ta say something about giannis, because a lot like chris paul and you you set it up, you’re talking about devin, booker and giannis, but i’m. Looking at this in terms of the storyline chris paul, could you imagine if chris paul didn’t win that game six if they would have collapsed, lost to game seven, every team he’s on they’re up 3 1 and they collapse and chris paul can’t get it done and Instead, he totally flipped that script. Could you imagine if giannis didn’t have that performance last night they get to the finals but game four, he hyper extended his knee.

They did it without him right. They look better without him. Kendrick perkins on this show talking about middleton is batman and giannis is robin. Could you imagine if they go down 0 3 because you’d obviously lose at that point? So the stakes were so high for giannis and he just did something. No one since shaq has done. No one except shaq has ever done since we’ve been counting 40 and 10 in consecutive finals games. To do it as a beast. Giannis is a beast. The reason stephen a the sons will win. However, in spite of the fact that sarge is injured, is look. What monty williams is doing, remember the criticism of doc – and i criticized doc like why are you look at these rotations 10 guys deep you’re in the playoffs monty williams, and i played him like all the starters 40 minutes each and you got the better starters. So could foul trouble be a problem for ayton sure, but ayton’s play can get better and and usually it’s been very good against other bigs we’ve seen throughout the finals, sun’s had the better starting five. They have a coach who’s willing to play them. They have home court they’re up 2 1. Well, first of all, first of all i don’t know if we can definitively say they have a better starting five. Certainly when we look at the way that cp3 and devin booker played in games one and two fine.

But when you look at what this is not lebron with a.d that we’re talking about this is not k.d kyrie and james harden we’re. Talking about this isn’t, something like that. Chris paul. We understand what he’s been delivering in the postseason and he deserves major major credit and he’ll go down as one of the top point guards in the history of basketball and devin. Booker has arrived in terms of the stud and the star that he is. But when you look at giannis and then you look at middleton and then you look at jew holiday i’m, not certain i’m willing to definitively say that this is a better that the phoenix suns have the better start in five last night. It didn’t look that way, but games one and two. It did look that way. So we see how this series could potentially go, and we understand that in the end, what phoenix has is a better perimeter, a better better perimeter play the milwaukee. Bucks are bigger and more physical and can attack the basket and if they do that, time and time again and they’re committed to beating phoenix down, then phoenix’s only hope is to hit those perimeter shots and that’s, not a higher percentage shot than playing bully ball and Going to the paint, particularly when giannis anthony dicompo was hitting 13 of 17 free throws, and so, when i look at it from that perspective, that’s my concern right now should phoenix can phoenix, still win the series you’re damn right, they could, but they got to make Shots and they can’t have devin booker, shooting three or 14 from the field and sitting out the fourth quarter, because his legs feel so heavy that monty williams wants to prioritize game four and rest him that’s right.

I find it very unlikely, very unlikely, knowing what what? What i know about devon booker, what i’ve seen through his career, i find it very unlikely. He’S gon na have poor shooting night after poor shooting night. Chris paul is the master of the mid range they have outside should have three point: shooters deandre hayton’s a load inside i mean like they just think about how it looks different when these two teams score when the suns are going and they usually are. The buckets are coming easy everyone’s, touching the ball they’re hitting the shots. When the bucks are scoring, it looks like they have to work twice as hard for those points. I’M, not ruling the bucks out, not last because they got last night’s game. I can’t rule them out and they were energized by the home town. There’S no question about it. Home court really helped them i’m, not ruining them out until they win a game on the road they can’t win. This series – and i wouldn’t, put it past, phoenix to come back and win game four on the road and really submitted in court. Well, neither would i but let’s let’s let’s, engage in some hypotheticals here for a second max, if milwaukee, which is incredibly conceivable if milwaukee, wins game four and ties this series up, 2. 2, then game five is incredibly pivotal for phoenix because you’re talking about needing to force a game, seven which would be on your home court and clearly if there was a game seven, i would pick phoenix to win a game: seven on their home court.

What i’m saying is if milwaukee ties this series up, then that puts an incredible amount of pressure on phoenix for game.

What do you think?

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