Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, The NBA Finals, Giannis Antetokounmpo vs Phoenix Suns Full GAME 3 Highlights | 2021 NBA Finals

He’S. Just playing now continues to run rebound and roll Music inside to lopez. Another nice pass game two and that huge third quarter chris paul from the elbow from the box. The other way holiday steps up another three betta cooper. The offensive rebound putback is good, getting hit by isil, allowing him to be aggressive. Donating trying to play aggressively on chris paul falling away from the baseline middleton, knocks that one down that’s so important for this team holiday. Now, picking up chris paul of the feed inside and ayton, with the flush, beautiful setup holiday against booker poked away bridges, almost had it shot clock at four middleton wide open. Look for three there’s, a there’s, a biography coming out on. Instead of component story here and fader got it coming out in august on the extraordinary yeah. So what do you want them to do? That’S, a non shooting, foul holiday inside antenna gets to the eight squares and faces shoots over the defensive player of the year gets a nice bounce, he’s. Sixth, two man game with the two all stars: middleton pull up jumper got it but that’s. What coach has been two man game and put so much pressure on the phoenix sun’s defense booker tries another long distance and that one goes down two. Another entry pass to ayton good ball movement once again from phoenix crowder off the bounce tries a three pointer, that’s good in the third quarter in game two, but no structural damage it’s just sore nice speed inside portis, with the flex for the pain he’s, always making The right play defensively he covers the rim he can switch out.

He does a number of things for us and your in huddle. Coaching and encouragement has garnered so much praise from your peers. Applause, oh jump, shot over at tatakupo chris paul and paul playing together. Right now, while booker’s on the bench payne the floaters up and good and a timeout 88, what a great fabulous coaching career hall of fame, great coach, a guy had the privilege to play for us through holiday, drops it off. He tells us his dad still tells him. He wants us to press every minute of every every game. Uh three pointer counts, adjustments this and that it’s nonsense. All he’s ever done is win. He is an outstanding, outstanding coach lopez way short on the three tucker grabs. It back to antenna and the bucks regain ski getting minutes because of the injury dario charge. Hasn’T played a heck of a lot and tenecupo draws the foul banks it on rises, tries again this time. It goes down phoenix Applause, oh nice, speed inside and kaminsky lays it up and in what he sees as the line of the scrimmage makes. The right call and makes the right play holiday push shot is good. Of course, you know because you used to make those type of passes. No, i used to turn it over inside beautiful feed holiday to tucker strong off the glass lieutenant cooper, sidestep layup got it Applause that’s some good rebounds in traffic here tonight, cameron payne inside banks.

At home and the foul nice ball movement here from milwaukee holiday to tucker corner three it’s, good Applause, booker against holliday inside block from behind holiday, behind the back middleton back to holiday inside portis for the slam; Applause, Music, middleton portis for three hooker. Looking for an opening and gets that one to go again, he had a rhythm for that little push shot and ted koopa looking to go one on one draw drives past bridges. Johnson sets the screen paul the crowder right back to paul crowder, a three pointer, that’s good, the crowder holiday inside pass broken up by booker still loose antenna. Kubo takes it away and throws it down criticism where you’re at your very best in the paint and johnson. Oh, he throws it down and a blocking foul called on tucker cameron. Johnson. The zone has had a nice impact cam johnston again this time off the class. This kid cut to eighth middleton inside the tucker block by crowder, knocked out of bounds, still milwaukee ball. Eight to shoot ball loose, picked up by bridges, nobody near him patterson chasing and throws it down. Some of the players have five smalls driving it and finding wide open shots holiday rattles into three and turns it over pass. Deflected bridges gets inside back out. Johnson three pointer puts it in cam johnson, the past corner reconnaissance, three too strong, portis holiday, it’s, her drill holiday now getting hot, but one of the weaknesses of the zone is the rebounding great job by bobby portis to get generate the role for the bucks this Year, paul the crowder nice fake one dribble fires away, jake crowder, his third three pointer john to chris paul.

So he tries to show and get back camera pain dancing inside shot. Wolf has got a piece on. Are you taking the ring? If you lose no holiday heads afraid drew holiday from remaining here in this third period. Antenna kumbal throws it up, shot, won’t go, gets the rebound back up banks and a foul seven turnovers from milwaukee madison season. Opening finds a tennis for another flush again. Music crowner has some room: crowder’s been knocking him down. He’S five of six from three pointer now, 15 points, seven to shoot all the crossover falling away. Shots happened, good that’s, just a sensation. Oh, come on what a move and instead of bringing booker back, he went to the two point: guard lineup lopez from downtown and now five out of 24. cameron payne. He does that little hesitation, crowder crowds, the gopro gets past him inside for the slam. Applause, Music. Ball for three that’s good important time for these milwaukee bucks and abdul nader is in as middleton gets the roll. There was a 15 point lead at halftime increased to 22 after three they’ve been up by as many as 25 as kaminsky floats it up. The extraordinary young player called the greek freak holiday blocked by craig gets it back up, lays it in with the left hand, it’s the very same season in the nba and, of course, has that now famous coin flip for the number one pick he is so loved Playing with him here in milwaukee, they played together in greece, they played on the national team, and now here with the box and it’s, been a be in there asking for the same thing: oh, they are.

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