New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, MLB, American League, Aroldis Chapman, American League East INTERESTED in Adam Frazier? (New York Mets News/All Star 2B On The Move)

I hope you all are having a great start to your day. I know i am because, if there’s one thing that is certain with the mlb trade deadline is that the mets are surely going to be active and from john hayman for the mlb over the past couple hours has reported that the mets are showing interest in all Star second baseman from the pittsburgh pirates and adam frazier, so that’s what we’ll be taking a look at in today’s video everything there’s to know about adam frazier and his game. What he’d potentially bring to the new york mets, where the mets would potentially have to give up to land a guy like him and so much more so as always make sure you stay all the way until they have video follow that eats, and all my thoughts And adam frazier and his connection currently with the new york mets, if you guys end up enjoying this kind of mess content and want to see more great mets content like this, do not hesitate from smashing that, like and subscribe on, sharing this video with your friends Put on the notification bell, all those great things. Thank you so much for the continued support, guys now let’s hop right into today’s video, just as we previously discussed him in our second trade targets. Video of the season over a month ago, adam frazier, is a hot commodity, leading up to the mlb tree deadline and for good reason.

The former sixth round, pick back in 2013 by the pittsburgh pirates is finally finding his groove as not just a strong player but taking his game to another level. In his age 29 season, frazier’s has always been known for being a consistent hitter in the game of the mlb, but this season has reached another level batting way over 300 throughout the entirety of the season and currently having just under a 400 on base percentage. At the time, recording this both go for fourth best in all the mlb also repping, a 2.6 war currently on the season, which is wins above replacement at his 25th best across the league and has a clutch gene in him all season long with a 309 average. With ryan’s coin position and a 317 average in two hour situations, rest assured it makes sense. Why? So many clubs would love a guy like adam frazier and his services beyond the trade deadline down the stretch and between his affordable contract, which of course is arbitration eligible at the season’s end at pittsburgh. Pirates team, more than likely selling, as we know, by the trade deadline and a guy that is both a second baseman and can play the corner outfields, showing that versatility it’s very likely that adam frazier will be calling a new place home in the coming weeks. Now before i go any further i’m sure, a lot of you, mets fans are wondering tyler. How does adam frazier fit in the current structure of the mets lineup and defensive alignment with jeff mcdonald’s second base? Well great question you might be asking because adam frazier, as we know, is mainly playing second base.

Yes, he can play in the outfield, but it’s, not something that he’s a gold glove at. Nor is he a gold glover at the defensive side of things in the infield either, but his bat has been so good, which is why he is not just an all star this year, but is going to be a starting second baseman. This year’s all star game and the mets are short atlanta. A guy like him, you’re going to have jeff mcneill, be pushed more than likely to the third base position and yes, jeff mcneal is not necessarily a defensive guru at third base, he’s, not better than a guy like luis gourmet, and yes, i will say, probably is Better than jonathan villaroy had a handful of games up until this season at the third base position, but it’s nothing stellar. You can sacrifice that knowing what he brings with his bad and also knowing that adam frazier is exactly what the mets were, hoping that jeff mcneal would be this season. They were awfully similar between them, both being second baseman alike. Having that versatility to play the outfield at least decent, also being lefty hitters and just being consistent, jeff mcneill up until the season has been a 300 hitter multiple years in his career. And yes, i know he had a slow start to his season in the 2020 shoring year, but he got off and ended the season with around a 300 average, and this season, even with his injuries, has just not been the case he’s.

Finally, starting to click things and look even better in tune, but rest assured, jeff mcneal is not the guy that the mets were hoping. He would be at this point of the year and adam frazier is exactly that and more reasons than one it’s actually kind of alarming with how similar they are in a lot of aspects of their game and another one of the biggest standouts about adam frazier and His game, which makes him so much more appealing than maybe the i would originally tell you, is when it comes to his advanced members from baseball savant. As you guys see here, specifically his k ray he’s in one of the best percentiles in all the mlb when it comes to striking out and times by average, this guy does not strike out. All he does is get on base. He really does his best brandon nemo impression and while his walk rates, aren’t obscene you’re not going to see him get a walk, every single game or anything like that. He just has such an amazing eye at the plate. That is truly unprecedented. One of the best currently in baseball and the mets have struggled mightily at times when it comes to striking out this year. Yes, they have worked the county, yes, they’ve gone plenty of walks, but when it comes to clutch situations, they have struck out plenty and a guy like adam frazier, who does not strike out literally at all.

Okay, there’s not gon na, be a drastic change in the second half of the year. I assure you this guy is gon na stay in the higher percentiles all year long. I love that aspect about him and that is just another key factor and not just his on base percentage being so high at sub 400 right now, but his overall average just having a beautiful eye for the play being down owen two in the count or working In either game watch or gain a nice space hit, so the power isn’t there with a guy like adam frazier. As we know, the slugging is very much not there with only four home runs, but the consistency. The actual contact is very much and something that us mets fans have come to love with jeff, mcneil and years past. Up to this point and why exactly adam frazier makes sense for the new york mets is not because of how you’re going to handle him on the defensive side of the ball. It is strictly his bat again because you don’t have a guy like jeff mcneill, nor this entire mets live that up to this point has been abysmal when it comes to bringing in runs. The mets have been second to last, currently only the pittsburgh pirates. Coincidentally enough, the timer requiring this with actual rbis this season and even with all their injuries factoring in rest for sure they have not been clutching up when it comes to getting guys in significantly to the likelihood that we would all assume that they would have been At this point in the season, so with that being said, adam frazier, he brings that contact one of the best contact hitters currently in the game.

So what are you going to have to do to land a guy like him that’s the biggest? What? If question, because, if you guys don’t know already, a lot of teams want adam frazier, leading up to the trade deadline and the two most notable teams, according to numerous reports, have been, of course, the chicago white sox, and we have also seen another team in the San francisco giants in the nl, and there have been reports even from john heyman, who originally came out with this one, for the mats that when it came to a guy like adam frazier, uh white sox prospect would have to be coughed up and andrew vaughan. Who is our top prospect who’s in his rookie year as the 14th ranked prospect in all the mlb this year, so yeah that’s a big price, a steeper price than i originally expected a month to a month and a half ago, when i first saw that adam Frazier, potentially landing with the mets, do i think the mets are going to cough up a francisco alvarez, a brett baby for him? Absolutely not. I don’t see it happening but again, as i said in my previous videos regarding guys like jose brios and josh donaldson. As a package check it out, if you haven’t guys, ronnie mauricio is the one prospect out of the big three that i could see the mets partying ways with, but i would say that if the mets do get a deal done for adam fraser, i have a Feeling that they won’t have to cough up ronnie mauricio, but you’re, looking at other guys, whether it’s mark vientos, who has had a phenomenal year in double a beamington for the mets and maybe some other prospects.

And even potentially, the mets are going to add, starting pitching, which i really hope and believe they will. A guy like david pearson, could make a lot of sense too. As i said in other videos, because david at the only age of around 25 or so and has so many years on his contract when it comes to actually having control that bold, really well for a pirate’s team, that can never hurt to have a guy. That can be there for a while to hopefully build in their rotation as they are in a full rebuild, as we know, and is always selling at the trade deadline. So a lot of factors can go into how you land a guy like ad fraser, and it will be a tall task, knowing that the price will be higher at the trade deadline versus it saying it be a free agent situation where you just have to be The highest bidder, but i do think the mets have a strong chance i really do, but between the mites, uh white sox, the san francisco giants and some other clubs out there. The mets are gon na have to do their best to give the best capable offer and what are the pirates exactly asking for they want young talent. They don’t want guys currently on the roster. Yes, maybe you could consider a guy like a jd davis. If you will to bring there just to fill in things in that infield, even though yes, i know he is in a second baseman, but they can move around something.

Should they wish uh another bench, bat, whether it’s a vr or gurme, but i don’t see them being a part of that deal to be quite honest, because the mets are trying to build that depth on the bench i’m not trying to get rid of it. They’Re trying to add on then some with a guy like adam frazier, who can benefit at second base jeff mcneil at third in situations you can get different based on situational hitting and what the pitchers match up are. You could also maybe toy with them in the alfie at a time say a guy like and nemo wasn’t ready for a game. Then you put polaron center and then you put frasier and left or a scenario where conforto is really continuing to struggle down the stretch which i don’t see as an actual possibility. But should it happen, you can’t consider the idea of pointing putting him in the outfield. More often than not until conforto kind of get out gets out of his groove, but again gafford is an everyday player. I love the man. You guys know my stance on comfortable, my favorite player. I don’t see him going anywhere, so i would say strictly infielders where we would see frasier more often than not, but he would be a huge get for the mets. Should they actually be able to land him. That would be very much in favor for it. So mets fans, let me know your thoughts in the comments below on adam frazier and if you think the mets can actually land him.

What kind of trade package would you like to see, and would you like to see not just adam frazier, but also possibly a richard rodriguez, the 31 year old right hand reliever, who has been an absolute stud for the pirates all year? Long is more than likely going to be dealt by. The traded line is repping just over a two year rate on the season and has multiple years of control on his contract left after the season. So a lot of things i like about rodriguez and that’s – it never hurts to add bullpen help i’m sure they will be doing that as well, along with the rotation they’re going to add into all the spots that they feel could help this lab now and going Forward and the beauty about a guy like adam frazier, some more is that you get him not just for this year, but he is of course eligible to for arbitration after this year’s end. So you can try to maybe extend him longer term should he wish for at least a couple more years and you reach an agreement so guys. Let me know your thoughts down below and as always, if you ended up enjoying this kind of mets content, and you want to see more great meta content like this, please make sure to smash that like and subscribe on, sharing this video with your friends on the Notification bell all those great things i had so much fun making this video.

I love talking about things leading up to the trade deadline. I’M, so excited to see what the mets are going to do, but thank you so much for your continued support guys.

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