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I hope you all are having a great start your day. I know i am because i absolutely love discussing the new york mats and their potential trade targets leading up to the 2021 mlb trade deadline on july 30th and as we discussed in previous videos over the past week, the mats have been showing interest in some players And if there’s one player that they’ve been connected to or the past half year, even it is in fact yes, chris bryant, if you didn’t know by now and over the past couple hours, according to ken rosenthal before the athletic came out when oracle staying at the Chicago cubs are very much sellers at this year’s trade deadline and have in fact been connected to the new york mets, so that’s what i’ll be breaking down in today’s video everything there is to know about this article, its connection with the new york mets, and especially A guy like chris bryant and some others that very well could find themselves potentially landing in queens by the deadline, and so much more so as always make sure you stay all the way until they have video, followed, eats and all my thoughts on this article and Its connection right now with the mets and the potential there is, if you guys, end up enjoying this kind of mets content, and you want to see more great methods. Content like this, please make sure to smash that like and subscribe on, train this video with your friends upon the notification bell.

All those great things. Thank you so much for the continued support, guys now let’s jump right into today’s video. As many of you know, i was a huge advocate for the chicago cubs to be sellers at this year’s trade deadline. Even before the season began, i saw too many flaws in their life that just did not reach the means of them being an actual contender. This year and lo and behold, while they have had some highs, this season exceeding expectations, the first couple months in and we’re, even sitting first in the animal central for a little bit the past two weeks out of time recording this have been telling of where they Stand not just now, but going forward losing 12 of their last 13 games, including an 11 game losing streak and are now not just two games below 500, but nine and a half games out of the lead in the nl central, so jed hoyer has made it Clear, we are in fact sellers now and while it won’t be a traditional rebuild, we are looking to part ways with our rentals and guys that we know are not going to stay with this club after the season. More than likely highlight is a guy, of course, like chris bryant and his current connection to the new york. Mets has been going on for the past half year, but the connection now states in the article that the cubs have been scouting, some low, a prospects in port, st lucie for the mets recently and they’re, trying to get a feel for teams that they know could Be interested in the services of a brian or other rentals on this club to help them in a win now stage, and they are exactly right, so there’s a current connection with them now, and i assure you that the mets have i’m assuming have been in some Contact, if at all with the cubs as of recent and things, will only continue to progress leading up to the trade deadline, if not sooner – and i think you all have a strong grasp of what chris bryant should bring to the new york mets.

If they in fact delay him, as we have discussed him literally more often than not over the past half year, but in case you’re, a little new here, chris brian is kind of a good player. The rental in his final year of his contract on 19 and a half million he bolted, not just through basement but left fielder. You can play center right first base. He can basically play anywhere he’s been utilized in every position. It seems outside shortstop. I would assume for the chicago cubs this year to show that versatility, flexibility and brian has a strong bat. He was off to an amazing start. This season batting right around he’s, currently at 268 on his average, he has a 349 on base percentage at 847. Ops with 16 home runs 43 rbis and four stolen bags. That is good for him gain an all star appearance for the fourth time in his career and he would bring so much for the met. So the question is: what are you going to have to give up to land a guy like chris bryant? Well, it really goes in hand with if, if this is in fact going to be just chris brian or if this is going to be some other players, because, as we know by now, the mets are not just looking to potentially upgrade third base and have a Big bat like bryant, which would help them tremendously, but they’re, also looking for starring, pitching help potentially bullpen help as well everything to really round out this roster, and they definitely need starting pitching help with joey lucasy out of the year.

David pearson still hurt uncertainties with carlos carrasco and what he will bring and noah syndergaard when he is hopefully back with this team before the season ends. The assumption is around september, but if you don’t just get a guy like chris bryant and according to this articles also stated that if a deal is happening, they are more than likely interested in packaging. A guy like bryant would say some other pieces, potentially rentals as well to get better value on their side and also just help the needs of a team that’s. Looking for multiple aspects of their life to be addressed. So now let’s not just talk about chris bryant let’s, also talk about some starting pitching help. And, yes, you can look at a guy like kyle hendricks. We have discussed on the channel in the past, but he still has multiple years on his contract four years at 55 million hendricks now in his 30s, is having a strong season, no less at a three point. Eight three year rate a 10 4 1 loss record and a 1.25 whip. But realistically, if you’re going to get a guy like kyle hendricks, who has plenty of years left on his contract, you’re going to have to give up a significant haul to land chris bryant versus what you would originally have to do for him strictly being a rental Where the asking price isn’t nearly as high as what it was back in the off season, unless a bidding war happens, because if you guys don’t know, according to numerous reports, the chicago cubs were looking for francisco alvarez and a deal for brine, strictly bryant as a Rental and alvarez is the stud uh number one prospect for the new york mets, who has been absolutely killing it in double a binnington this year, so gaining two is kyle hendricks a great fit as much as i would love him.

I think a better value pick for the mets that could help them this year is another rental that being in zach davies, who was acquired by the cubs going into this year originally from the padres. As part of that you darvish deal and davies has had a solid season, while he hasn’t been anything crazy has a 4.28 year rate, a 5 5 win and loss record at 1.42 whip, but he has one year left on his 8.63 million dollar contract. So he’s a rental you don’t have to give up too much to get a guy like him and a deal with brian and he’s, going to bring stability to your rotation, that the mets absolutely need right now and he has a sub three year rate over his Past 12 to 13 games, so he has been getting the job done just fine and he is a guy that i’m sure the mets will be looking at as a potential fit for at least the remainder of the season to help them down the stretch. They need a veteran and zach davies, really checks off all the boxes for what they could be looking for now, with guys, like, hopefully carlos carrasco, back after the all star break, and then he could figure out what you’re going to do with cinder guard. Should he be healthy and ready to go down the stretch in the beginning of september, but again that’s still a tall task at this point in time, so you have zach davies, you have a chris brian and now you’re looking at.

Could they be looking for anything else sure they could? The mets are, of course, going to be looking to add, possibly at least one reliever at the tree deadline. So you have to look at what has been noted in this article for some rentals or guys, but at least only one more year on this contract and no one stands out more to me than andrew chafin, who has been an absolute stud, the southpaw 30 plus Year old, veteran for the chicago cubs this year is only on a two year: contract right now, apparently a one year contract at 2.25 mil, but there is a 2022 mutual option at 5.25 million, so essentially just a one year contract right now for a guy like Chaffin, who has been dominant with a 1.43 e array, a zero uh one win loss record and has a 0.74 whip. That is absolutely fantastic. The mets only have one southpaw in their bullpen by the name of aaron loop, who has a sub two year rate on the year. He’S been fantastic but never hurts that more than one, especially in lefty, lefty, matchups and mets could find themselves down the stretch and keep games even potentially playoff games, where they’re facing more lefty heavy lineup. So, keep that in mind, andrew chafin would be a great get and is a guy that you’re not going to have to give up a haul for so realistically. If the mets go for chris bryant himself, they should not have to give up too much when i’m.

Looking at prospects i’m looking at, i don’t, even know, if i’m really looking at ronnie mauricio like i was a couple months ago, a apartment feels like the mets could get a deal done for a guy like bryant, without giving up a top three prospect in their Organization you’re, looking at guys like mark vientos and some others that are currently in port, st lucie, that maybe they’re scouting, but in a bigger deal per se, where you’re going to have not just a chris bryant but potentially a zack davies and even andrew schaefen. Where you basically check off all the boxes of what you’re trying to address at the trade deadline, yes, it’s, going to take a bigger deal, but it’s still nothing too drastic, i’m. Looking at potentially a guy like david pearson, who could help their rotation i’ve been saying this a lot. I think if the mets at a starting pitcher, david peterson, could be on his way out at the right price, given he’s. Only 25 years of age has plenty of control on his contract and would be on the outside. Looking in currently at the rotation and with the cubs into retool, slash rebuild, they could use a guy like peterson down the stretch going forward. Then, if you look at some other pieces on this team, jd davis stands out to me. Yes, he has little to no value given his injuries, but there just won’t be room for him really on this roster, and i doubt the mets would be getting rid of other bench pieces and i doubt that they would be really sold on the notion of having Jd strictly off the bench going forward for the mats.

I think that he would be part of this deal would ultimately go to the cubs right away to either be a utility guy or play some third base, depending on how a guy, like patrick wisdom, is doing. Who has had a stellar rookie year, then you’re looking at other pieces as well, that could be middle to middle pack prospects but nothing too drastic where it’s going to hurt them long term. Again, as i’ve said with my other trade videos regarding the mets and the guys are showing interest in they’re not going to give up the entire farm, while it might be ideal to really go in for a guy, especially if there’s a bedding war. The mets are very strategic, they’re going to be smart about the moves that they make and i assure you, they’re not going to really overspend on a guy unless they’re absolutely certain that they can keep them long term and chris bryant is a guy. That i’m sure the mets would very much like to lock up long term after the season. There is no guarantee they don’t need to per se. They can go in manny machado route with the dodgers couple years ago, where he they got him as a rental, help them out in the playoffs, and then he ended up going elsewhere to the padres on a massive contract and free agency, but brian. If you’re gon na go after him, you shouldn’t have to give up too much as long as you’re, not in a huge bidding war with other teams, whether it possibly be the braves and nationals.

I doubt the nationals will really go hard after him, but you never know what this nle is still being fairly up in the air for other teams below us. Mets have just consistently been the better team this year, even with all their adversity. Some other teams around the league as well, but no less. The mets have all the potential to make a deal done, and i love the idea of it not even just being chris bryant, but also addressing other needs in the lab. Like zach davies like andrew chafin and some others, so mets fans, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. How do you like the idea, the potential of chris bryant and potentially some other pieces landing with the new york mets by the trade deadline? Do you think that the likelihood has now increased the way that i feel it has given the report stained that the mets have been a team that has been scouted by the cubs and their prospects and knowing that the cubs are down sell mode, which was the Biggest uncertainty i had over the past month with if the cubs would be willing to give up a guy like ryan, because we know the mets are not going to give up at francisco. Alvarez no they’re not going to give up a brett beatty. The way that the cubs were being stubborn in the offseason now this might come back to bite them, knowing that the value will be fairly lower now, even with him being an all star and, depending on how big of a bain war this is, this could be For them that’s taking should they get him and some other pieces potentially at the right price.

So let me know your thoughts down below guys if you ended up enjoying this kind of meds content, you want to see more great maths. Content like this. Please make sure to smash that like and subscribe on, sharing this video with your friends pump a notification about all these great things. Thank you so much for the continued support, guys all my mets fans watching this right now at the time of recording this, i will be in attendance for the mets game tomorrow against the pirates, which will be a double header i might be in attendance for the Following day as well, the sunday game, if it doesn’t get rained out – and i also will be in attendance for a game between the pirates and the mets in pittsburgh next saturday, which should be the same day that i know the seven line are going to so. If you guys are going to the game, let me know we’ll try to meet up and i’ll get to meet a lot of you guys. But thank you again guys.

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