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In 2011, obviously, they’ve had a lot of rain, so it’s playing a little bit softer, but you know it’s starting to firm up a little bit and i you know, i feel like the course is in really good shape. The rough is, definitely, you know a little bit thicker than it had than it was back then, but um yeah. I mean, i think, it’s shaping up to be a great open championship. Okay, excellent and we will head to questions from the floor just here: hi dustin um. What lessons do you take from 2011 and how much confidence does it give you playing somewhere where you came so close? Well, that was that was a long time ago, but obviously i have good memories here and i did play well um. I do like this golf course. I feel like it’s it’s, a tough golf course it’s going to play difficult. You know, especially with the wind direction that it’s supposed to blow for for the week and yeah i mean it’s, you know it’s typical lynx course. You just got ta, you got ta hit golf shots and um. You got ta hit them where, where you, where you’re, looking or or you’re gon na have a tough time so um you know, for me, i feel like most of it’s gon na, be you know, driving. If i can drive it well, then i feel, like i’m gon na, have a really good week question from the middle.

Please it does this this past year has been all about, hitting it harder, adding it longer, but this is a sort of course, where that’s, maybe not always going to be the the right option, isn’t it um well, for me, i’m always trying to hit it in The fairway um as far as hitting it further or harder that’s that’s, never really been the case. Yes i’ve. You know i’ve always been a long hitter, but i don’t i’m not trying to hit it any further i’m trying to hit it straighter. Okay question to the society: please dustin: what do you after the great run in the fall, the masters even into the beginning of this year, winning a saudi event? What do you think’s been the difference uh? Is it a fine line or or did just was there some aspect of your game? That’S been missing or yeah um yeah i mean. Obviously i played really solid there for you know really well, for you know about six seven months um. You know i feel, like the game is starting to to to get back to where it was just seeing. You know a lot more consistency with the shots and the shapes and um. You know, i think, that’s, probably just a little bit of difference and then you know putting you know i felt like i. I was a putted consistently. Well, you know for for that time period. So you know just been working on the putter a lot and i feel, like you know.

You know that ultimately can be the difference. Martin, please doesn’t going back to 2011. What sticks in the memory from the the event the the final afternoon, and do you look back on that it’s a missed opportunity on that occasion i mean. Obviously i had a good opportunity. You know on the back nine there until what uh 14 you know, obviously take that shot back yeah i mean i’ve got a really good chance to win, but you know it was uh sunday played really difficult. I played, i played really well, you know, just kind of you know hit one bad shot and it you know pretty much ultimately cost me having a chance to to win but yeah i mean it was a long time ago. So i don’t remember a whole lot to be honest. Do you feel you’re a better player now than you were back, then i do a different player. Obviously i shape it. You know back then i was hitting a draw now. I now predominantly fade it especially off the t, but um you know still still turn the irons over um but yeah. It was a long time ago. Definitely a different player, you in place, dustin, the the rules and restrictions and protocols here are very different to what you’ve you’ve had back home and become used to how much of an adjustment, if at all, has that been to to get in the right mode. For this tournament yeah, i mean, i think the rna have done a great job this week i mean, obviously we we knew what you know what we were coming into.

They did a good job of you know, providing us all the the rules and regulations prior to coming over um. You know i’ve played a couple are played at you know european tour event where you know we were in a bubble. So you know it’s, not it’s, not really that much different, obviously it’s different than back home. But you know, rules are rules and you just got ta go with what you got excellent and we will cross to zoom. Now. I believe you have some questions thanks. Yes, we’ve got two questions here. Um i’ll ask doug ferguson to go. First, please go ahead. Doug justin have you set a wedding date? Yet? Yes, next year, okay, i just thought i’d. Throw that out there uh question for you how much how much fortune or luck do you need to win a major and is more required at a british open than other majors um i mean yeah. You definitely need a you know. A bounce here or there can can definitely be the difference between winning a major or not so um, definitely around link’s golf courses or at the open championship. You know that can definitely come into play a little bit more, but you know everybody’s playing the same golf course and you know there’s all the same humps and bumps for everybody. So it’s uh, you know yeah, but definitely a bouncer, a bounce or two can can be the difference absolutely and then to follow up on that i’m sure you can think of plenty of times when the golfing gods weren’t happy with you.

But what do you consider? The best balance the best break you’ve ever gotten in a major think positive here i mean i don’t, know the the the one that sticks out, probably getting a drop on uh number 10 at oakmont. I think i was i was on sunday too. You know, because of the the sign or the tv tower being in my way, obviously gave me a chance to hit it on the green, where probably wouldn’t have been able to hit it on the green from where i was okay. The next question comes from andrew wright. Andrew go ahead. Hi dustin um obviously won a lot of big events in your career i’m. Just wondering where would an open championship win ranked among them? It would definitely be right up at the top um. You know it’s a it’s it’s, obviously it’s a major it’s it’s, a tournament where i’ve been close quite a few times i really like coming over here and playing so yeah. It would be it’d, be right up at the top with the rest of them. Okay, the next question is from andy redfern and they go ahead. I just think a slightly less serious question, but it’s one on all of our mains. Are you team, bryson or team? Brooks i’m in the middle? I don’t really care okay, that’s. All our questions from zoom do we have any more questions from the floor just over here. Please dustin. I know you played with um john rahm earlier today.

He obviously overtook him in the world rankings again uh, even though he came seventh. If he made one more uh place higher, he would have stayed world number. One just wondered: how much does that motivate you? I know you don’t make the rules and did you talk about it with him at all today we we didn’t talk about it, but i mean yeah. The the rankings are they’re, tough to to figure out but yeah. Obviously, if you play well, you you get to number one and you know i need to continue to play well. If i want to stay there, obviously john’s been playing really well lately, so um. I need to step up my game a little bit question here. Please dustin: what were the teams, if you had any, were they was there anything at stake? No, we were just out playing practicing trying to get a good feel of the golf course and what what do you make of phil right now um? How does he look and uh? Obviously you know the big win a couple months ago, but uh. You know he was in contention here. Last time too yeah i mean you know. Obviously phil has been a really good player, for you know pretty much throughout his whole career, so um he plays well in link’s golf he’s. You know, he’s done done well a lot of times at they open and you know obviously he’s playing good golf right now.

Hi justin i’m, just wondering that when we get 32 000 spectators in they’ll create some definition out on the course if they weren’t there, and so there were no crowds and no grandstands. Would it be a completely different test with that element of definition, taken away, it’s hard to say, don’t? Think i’ve ever never played an open without without a lot of fans, but i’ve definitely played links courses with no, but i don’t really think it makes a difference because they’re they’re so far off um. You know the fairway that it really doesn’t doesn’t make a difference. Okay and we will cross back to doug ferguson on zoom. Please thanks levitt don’t go ahead with your question. Please: okay, we’ll, try and sort that out, and we have another question from adam shupack though austin. What did you call this tournament growing up, and, and what do you call it now? Oh it was the british open when growing up for sure, but now i’ll call it the open championship. How come that changed because that’s, the name of it? Okay, did we manage to get drugs we’re just trying to get we’re just trying to get hold of doug doug? If you can just raise your hand, then i can add you to the chat there. We go go ahead, doug all right. This was pretty pedantic too dj, but i’m. Just curious of the of the opens that you played. What do you consider the um what’s your favorite, and where do you put royal st george’s? I really like this golf course.

You know this is definitely up in the top, but i mean for me, san andreas is my favorite just because you know the i just always enjoy playing there. Can we put this down for number two, for you sure, put it down as number two okay, we have a question in the back. Please there’s another one there on the sort of british open open championship dustin. Does it annoy you when you hear a lot of other americans calling the british open now? Is it so they changed? No, it doesn’t bother me. I didn’t know what i know what they’re talking about, but we don’t call it the us masters anymore. You could, if you wanted, okay and just back to zoom. We have another question. Thank you, liv um, andrew wright. If you want to ask your question hello, um, this is kind of another silly one and also it’s kind of tradition. For oh, i think we’ve lost you, andrew hello, andrew sorry, you admitted yourself there can you go ahead again, all right, yeah, yeah, sorry, just like a kind of silly one, um i’ll, say it’s tradition for folks to kind of or folk who won majors to drink, Something out of the trophy i’m just wondering if you were to win what would be the first thing you would drink here at the cleric. Jug, probably beer, i would say, be the first thing good, okay. Well on that celebratory note, i think we will end that dustin.

Thank you very much for your time today.

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