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How are you doing great all right? Okay, is Applause, Applause, Laughter, major champions in the last year? Applause, you know good stuff, it’s, tough out there, man, i very difficult, oh Applause. I don’t think i can hold it, though i think if i cut it it’s gon na be not enough Applause great, he won’t really stop. So i do like that field a little bit lower. You know you Music, like hey guys. How are you i mean it’s morning only major within play last year and to me the change of pace of coming to the uk and playing school is something i always look forward to. How far short is that tim uh about five that’s? All you need it’s making me the last. I don’t know i hit two and say five feet come back, see if i can do it, kevin is going for it. Can he just thank you beautiful? Oh, i can oh. I definitely do well if you drink, if you drink is coffee, it suppresses the appetite until 5 30.. No, i need 17 we’ll, never replace solid food ever so we’re, getting better numbers on the course because of the ball. Spinning less it’s, just under 60 shots. Two flags: where are we it wasn’t, helping that much, especially if you can’t cover the bunker, you just hit that one slope and everything’s up now. Your problem over here smiling back there. Oh there.

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