Open Championship, 2021, The Royal St George’s Golf Club DeChambeau responds to Brooks and talks tactics | The 149th Open

s open champion bryson deshamble to the interview room, bryson you’ve, just come off your first practice round i’m, just wondering how things are looking out there and what your first impressions are of. Ralston george’s royal, st george’s is a amazing golf course. The weather is beautiful. Today. Yesterday i played a little bit with phil um and a couple others we had a great time out there it’s pretty interesting, there’s a certain amount of holes. You can kind of go after it on and there’s a there’s, a couple that you can’t, you know if you hit it in the rough and that the hay it’s not easy to get out of uh. I hope i can hit it far enough to where i can wedge it out still onto the green. If i get good enough lies, but there’s certain lies out there, it’s it’s gon na be a pitch back to the fairway and that’s included for for everybody. If you’re, you know hitting it 300 off the tee and it goes into the the hay it’s not easy to get to the green from there either. So i hope that the length will be a little bit of an advantage. I just have to drive it well. That’S, what i have to do this week and the speed control on the greens is going to be huge. If i don’t three putt this week, i’ll have a pretty good chance uh going into sunday. Okay, stop pricing! Okay, we’ll! Take the first question: hi bryson! I don’t mean to start on a negative, but but your open record on its own suggests that figuring out links, golfer or the open championship has been tricky for you for sure.

Is there any reason why that should be the case, because your overall game seems to work in other environments yeah i mean i don’t know why um i played well in the walker cup when it was here. I had the best. I played really great golf. Maybe the conditions you know have been favorable when i played over the walker cup, where i do pretty well with not as windy conditions and firmer firmer grounded environments. Um the times i’ve played in the british opens in the past. I think they’ve been a little wet and windy and i usually struggle on that in general. So i i think that you know. Hopefully, if we get a little bit of a dry week – and i can you know – get the wind under control in my brain. Hopefully i can have a good week. I love lynx golf i’ve, shot low numbers over here before, but it’s about putting it together for four rounds and making sure that my game is pretty repeatable. Just like i mean the thing is, is like you, can’t miss it out here very often, if you do you’re in the hay and it’s not easy to get out of um. So you know this is really the first time i’ve taken my length to links golf and we’ll see how that plays. Maybe it plays out. Well, maybe it doesn’t and i’ll continue to keep trying to figure it out um. You know i look at tiger and what he did back in the early 2000s, how he had irons off every t.

I mean that was that’s. Definitely an interesting thought process as well. That may come into play here soon, but there’s too many places out here where covering some of those bunkers is a huge advantage, no matter what so that’s kind of the game plan i’m going to take as of right now, yeah, okay, next question: john bryson: i’m. Just kind of curious that over the last few months, we’ve watched you launch a few drives into a few crowds, and you don’t seem to shout four i’m, just wondering why you don’t, i do shop four. I don’t know what you’re talking about there’s plenty of people on the tee box to do shop. For so you know, you’re bringing up a very controversial thing, which is unfortunate but 99 of the time i do and unfortunately people think i don’t but that’s okay. They can say whatever they want. Okay, do we have any more questions in the room down here in the middle hi bryson, sorry for bringing up this topic, it’s, just a new one for uh. Well, obviously, it’s the first time you’ve been in the country for for a while and brooks was in here earlier saying that he he continued to feel you were fair game and that he was going to take his shots um. I just wonder: wait how you feel about this round now, because it seems to become a bit of a pantomime um i mean he can say whatever he wants.

I think he said something about lack of liberty, national, not upholding something. I don’t know what he’s talking about in that regard: um, maybe that’s on me. Maybe i didn’t, i really don’t, remember anything about that. We just had a conversation that um, you know. I i really don’t know what happened, because we haven’t really bantered back and forth until now, so it’s like. Why is that happening now anyway, besides that i’m, here to just play golf and and focus on that, if we want to keep boundary back and forth, obviously being respectful and and having you know, keeping lines where they aren’t getting crossed yeah, i think it’s fun good For good environment for uh people out in golf, can i just quickly ask: is there a sort of more contrived element to this, the fact he’s offering his fans free beer? If they taught you on the course um i don’t know, i mean you know that’s again, probably more of a pga tour or, i would say, rna usga issue than even me. I mean i can’t do anything about that. He can do whatever he wants. Okay, the next question phil middle row: yeah bryson. Could you just give us any examples from today of sort of hitting it out of the hay as you called it anything in particular where you 15, you hit, it left uh i hit it left and it was in some pretty thick stuff and i tried to Get a seven iron out of it and just didn’t i could barely get it out so it’s pretty diabolical.

I think you just got ta weigh the risk reward in those situations. If you get a good lie, um i’ll be able to get it out of there up next to the green and hopefully save par, but the key is driving in the fairway this week, no matter what you got to be in the fairway, so you know, if I get in there more times than not into the hay. Probably not gon na have a good chance this week, so i got ta make sure the driver is well, but 15 was brutal. I had i mean even on 14. I just tried to chip it out of the left over the the water. It was in the thick stuff, the hay and just chipped it out with a 58 degree back in the fairway, because there’s, nothing more, you can do such a bad lie so good test. Okay, i’m, going to take two further questions in here and then we’ll pass to zoom first on the right here and then bob at the front bryson. Apart from being the only one that’s, only a venue that’s in the south of england, is there anything else that uh that makes this one. Apart from the other other venues that you’ve been that you’ve played in and in the open, anything that is distinctly different is what you’re, trying to yeah um well it’s a lot softer in the fairways this year. Uh i feel like than in other british opens that i’ve played in even at port rush when it was still raining.

It was still running out quite a bit um from what i can remember – maybe i’m wrong in that, but it seems like the fairways are holding golf balls, a lot better, maybe that’s, just because it’s early in the week but that’s what i can recognize right now. That’S a little bit different: okay, bob bryson it’s not really been your nature of late, but is there any place out there where you feel like you need to lay up or you might lay up off the tee, not hit driver yeah 14? If the wind is into to me, i’ll definitely be laying up there. Um five, the dog leg left hitting a foreign off the tee. If i can’t cover the 338 number, i think it is then i’ll be laying up there as well um. Eight good example too. I’Ll, try and lay up short of those right bunkers uh give myself a wedge into the green, so yeah there’s definitely still a lot of places number. What was it three, the two three three uh it’s kind of over the big himalayan. I think they called the himalayan uh bunker or something like that – i’m – not sure, but again hitting it over that that part i’m not gon na, be in drivers too, tight up in that little corridor. Okay, we’re going to go to questions from the media join online live if you want to go ahead, thanks, stuart and our first question is from brian cure: ryan.

No, okay, we’ll move on to um mckenna, mckenzaru, hey! Thank you! It’S mark cannizzaro from the new york post. Sorry about that it seems to be calling me on that bryson. I just had a question for you: uh some players thrive on controversy and conflict and and distractions and stuff like that and can perform on from that um. How would you describe yourself as handling those kind of things? Obviously detroit, you know with you know, with with the thing with him and stuff. I don’t know how much that affected that week for you. But how do you describe yourself as a guy that handles those kind of outside things? Yeah i mean everybody’s human i’m. Definitely, human um. We all make mistakes and things happen uh, and we have emotion – and i think that sometimes people objectify us big players at the top of the game too much and they don’t realize that we are human. We make mistakes and things happen um. You know somebody that thrives in controversy. I don’t even think it’s about that i’m out here. Look, i never grew up to become famous. I grew up to play golf and that’s something that people i don’t think realize and it’s difficult to truly understand unless you’re in this environment and sometimes he’s trying to make the best of situations and they don’t necessarily look good or come out the right way. And you know that’s that’s life, unfortunately, and you know us as professionals we have to be on top of it all the time and unfortunately it just doesn’t come out the right way, sometimes or or happens the way you want it to and we make mistakes, but At the end of the day, we have to move on and do the best we possibly can and for me i’m somebody that doesn’t necessarily like controversy.

I just like doing my own thing. Do i like showcasing something unique and different yeah, but i guess what comes with that? Is controversy and that’s, something that um? You know i don’t necessarily deal the best with sometimes, but at the end of the day, i try to do the best i’m trying to become better at it. The next question is from ronan mcnamara, please hi bryson and just going back to campus comments about uh being sure that you won’t be paired together in the ryder cup. Would you have any problem being paired with him in the writer’s book? Oh no decided! So! No! No, no, not at all, i think, it’d be kind of funny. Actually. I’D love it. I think we do well to be honest. It’D create a little uh, interesting vibe for the the team or for the guys we’re playing against thanks, and our next question is from ian slattery. Hi uh brooks um. Last week you played the match in big sky in montana and um. That was a bit of an idiosyncratic course, and did you feel that maybe, on top of the fact that it was obviously charity and a bit of fun, that there was a little bit of preparation for lynx type course with the hills and the the hilly greens And the sloppy greens uh yeah it was, i wouldn’t say it was great preparation for for lynx golf. But we raised a lot of money for charity.

I think we delivered six and a half million meals uh, which was amazing. So we did a lot for charity and i think that was more of the the reason why i did it and wanted to showcase myself in a unique light that people don’t usually get to see me in um, because again, people think i’m. This really hard pressed person that demands everything out of everybody and that’s, not true, i mean people think that’s the case but um. For me, i wanted to show a different side of me. I wanted people to see that there’s there’s more to bryson than what just meets the eye with what they think meets the eye, and it also, i would say from a slope perspective, it was nice getting to see the greens and how sloppy they were. That was kind of fun. I will say that the green speeds were 11, so it didn’t really relate to here and the super huge slopes didn’t and the altitude adjustment didn’t help very much so not really much. I can relate to that, but um. It was certainly fun to get a give a lot back to charity and also just play. It play a fun round of golf with some amazing athletes. Our next question is from steve. Please bryson um how’s it going with your caddy uh and what are the unique challenges of being teamed up with him for the first time at a major championship on a lynx course, yeah it’s, certainly throwing him into the deep end.

Like i showed on my instagram post, he’s, okay with it, he loves it. We’Ve been doing really good together, it’s it’s, provided me an opportunity to be in a different state of mind, with uh brian he’s, a different individual and a very hard worker. Somebody that i have high regard for and respect for as well as tim, i would say that he’s still learning the ropes a little bit which is expected on any end when you have somebody new that’s really never caddy before. But you know i wanted somebody on the back that i could trust just as much as i did with tim and i think that’s why he fit the place so well, it’s going to take probably a few weeks, but so far he’s done super well and i’m. Super proud of him for for taking this role thanks, stuart we’ll pass back to the room into that you’re hitting up. Excuse me 15 to 20 slopes, and that can be quite treacherous and difficult trying to control, speed, um and then you know having 60 70 80 footers uh on certain holes for for us guys over in america, we play on speeds that are around 11’s, and these Are a little bit under that and it makes for a little bit of a challenge that we all have to adjust to and if i can adjust well and and do the right things and control speed this week, three, you know not three putting is going to Be a huge key to to winning this week and another quick uh strategy question you you referenced tiger going to the irons off the tee, and you also said that the fairways are currently quite soft.

If they, if they get fiery at the weekend, is, is tiger woods approach, something that’s in the back of your mind, to revert to a thousand percent yeah, no doubt i think that what he showcased is an awesome ability to play it on the ground and play Links on the ground, which is the way it should be played, i personally think as well, albeit i do something completely different. I have the uttermost respect for that style of play. I think there’s certain advantages of hitting it long in certain places, but not everywhere. There’S gon na be certain holes where there’s a lot of wind and you can’t really control the golf ball with that type of wind and where it bounces how it bounces so keeping it low and on the ground if it gets firm, is definitely something i would Utilize yeah, okay: this will be the last question from the far right. You always come across as being a super, confident person, but some of the criticism you get for being different, especially i’m thinking from brooks. Does it hurt, does it hurt? What does it hurt? You does it hurt you personally um. Well, i think it makes it emotionally a little more difficult to. I would say um resolve that, because you know in my heart of hearts i i really think i’m a great person and a really good person to be around a kind person uh to be around, and you know it’s it’s, it’s, sometimes difficult, but at the end Of the day, you can just keep doing what you’re doing.

I think that’s, why you know for me: i’ve done a lot on social media done a lot of youtube series that just showcase myself in a different light, because i want people to see that side. I think there’s a lot of greatness to that, and you know also humbleness to that as well. Like showcasing that i am human and i did start pretty much from nothing. My parents were nice enough to give their whole lives to help me play golf, and you know i played at a public golf course and country club every once in a while when i got the chance, but it was humble beginnings and i just i hope people Can realize if you work hard enough, you can, you can be successful in life, so that’s that’s really my goal and uh. Yes. At times it can be difficult, but at the same point time i just got to keep pressing forward. Okay, we’ll bring bring things to a close there bryson. Thank you very much for your time very good best of luck this week and thanks everybody else for joining.

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