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After opening in 1887, it quickly earned a strong reputation and in just seven years became the first course outside scotland to host the open championship. The 2021 championship will be the 15th time it has done so the course retains purvis basic routing, though many of his blind spots and gaping crossbunkers have been removed, most notably by golf course architect, frank, penning in preparation for the open’s return to sandwich in 1981. The main hazards today are fiery, pitched fairways and vast billowing greens, but on fine days, sun george’s shield is lowered. Jack nicklaus, who won his three opens in scotland, had his worst round as a professional at st george’s when he shot an 83. So perhaps he was breathing a bit of fire when he famously declared that the open’s venues get worse. The further south you travel according to legend, sun george killed a dragon. Many golfers have found themselves similarly slain. This is every hole at royal, st george’s Music. Like a lot of famous british links, royal saint george’s can often seem a little underwhelming at a first glance, but the opening hole, largely unchanged from purvis day, is deceptively demanding a drive up. The right side of this crowned fairway opens up the green, which is protected on the left side by a trio of bunkers and by a ridge that swoops across the hull. As with any links, the game is played along the ground and not just in the air.

So the wind and the topography, both matter, the aggressive line here is hard down the left over the corner of the dogleg, which is protected by two bunkers. If they are successfully carried, the reward is a shorter, relatively straightforward approach up to a domed hogsback green on the last day of the 1938 open with a howling gale at his back henry cotton drove the green. The hole was admittedly 50 yards shorter, then and sank. The putt for eagle the first par 3 is a wild natural, frank, penningt design that requires no bunkers for protection. Hence the whole is called sahara. It can play very differently depending on the wind it’s, usually head on, and the whole location as the narrow two tier green is almost 40 yards long as you leave the hull. You may pay homage to a stunted black thorn to the right of the green, the sole remaining tree on the course tough enough to survive these harsh conditions, Music. The first thing that strikes you about this hole because it’s staring you in the face is the enormous himalayan bunker that must be negotiated with the t shirt it more resembles a small quarry than a bunker and is possibly the uk’s tallest. If you take the bunker on as opposed to playing safe down, the left on the other side is a welcoming relatively flat and broad fairway known as the elysium fields, with a good line into the perched angled green.

An aggressive approach runs the risk of tripping over the putting service and out of bounds from a high tee in the dunes, the fifth hole cascades down toward the shoreline. An inspiring drive, followed by what ian fleming tells us was fictional special agent, james bond’s favorite second shot on the course over bunkers and threw a valley between high sand dunes to a distant taunting flag in the 1949 open harry bradshaw’s drive in the second rolled onto Part of a broken bottle. He played the ball as it lay advancing it about 20 yards and made a double bogey that arguably cost him the title the best spectator spot on the course is a top of vast sand dune that sits beside the sixth green, christened jungfrau by dr purvis. After the famous swiss album in purvis’s original design, the dune was even taller and the tea stood on the far side of it presenting a demanding blind shot. It was one of the most notorious holes in the country and a favorite of purvis. The whole nowadays is called the maiden it plays perpendicular to the original, with jungfrau, providing a marvellous backdrop rather than a fearsome hazard. The first of the two par 5s is the longest hole on the course, but for players in the open. It is also traditionally the easiest: it used to be a blind tee shot over a ridge of sand dunes, but elevated tees have been added and the dunes partially excavated, allowing a partial view of the fairway from the tee.

The hole then draws you, alongside the shoreline to a relatively flat green, whose fortifications include a pair of bunkers guarding the right front edge. The eighth hole of dr purvis’s original design was a path 3.. It contributed to the course’s reputation for having a front nine. That was light on yardage heavy on quirks walter hagen, america’s first open champion, said the first nine holes tremendous fun, not very good golf second, nine holes, tremendous golf, no fun at all so frank, penning, scrapped the hole and replaced it with today’s challenging par 4. That plays away from the sea to a plateau, fairway then down a gully to a devilish two tier green Music. The last hole of the front. Nine is a relatively short path: four by today’s standards, but still with plenty of hazards to lead the golfer astray, especially the high faced pop bunkers that edge into the green, which is actually the old 16th green from the original layout. The tenth is a perilous path. Four that runs in the opposite direction than the ninth. There is no good side to mr domed green, which sits high above you as you play your approach shot. Anything long here will bound down the hill, leaving an extremely challenging shot in goldfinger. Ian fleming calls this the most dangerous hole on the course one that has broken many hearts. Music. This stout par 3 plays downhill back outwards towards the sea. The hole was originally a par 4.

in preparation for the 1981 championship. The teas were moved back, creating a demanding, long shot to a well protected. Two tier green pennink completely revamped the pathways today they each present a strong challenge and because all four of them play in a different direction. The win presents a different challenge on each Music, largely unchanged since royal saint george’s, first open in 1894. The 12th retains a slightly antiquated museum peace, charm, it’s, the shortest par 4. On the course open competitors will be hoping for a long iron off the tee. A wedge to the pin and one putt, but the slightly dog legged hole: isn’t defenseless. It has a huge ridge running the length of the fairway three strategically placed fairway bunkers and a small green protected by another six deep bunkers Music. The next three holes are perhaps the toughest trio on the course an impregnable triangle where many opens have been won and lost. The 13th plays out towards the old clubhouse for the course next door, princes and erswell open venue. The fairway is pinched by a pair of bunkers on each side. The hole turns slightly left and demands a long approach to a narrow, razor, backed green guarded by another two bunkers which, like all the bunkers at royson george’s, seem to have a magnetic attraction for golf balls. Open competitors will be wise to approach the 14th with great respect and caution. The suez canal ditch cuts right across the hall and an out of bounds fence runs all down the right side.

Many have had their hopes blown away here during the 2011 open dustin johnson was two shots off the lead and in pole position on the fairway on the final day. He went for the green with a two iron, but carved it into oblivion, giving his playing partner darren clark a four stroke cushion with four to play. This long, brute of a hole usually plays into the teeth of a prevailing wind. Five bunkers await the drive another three straddle the width of the fairway short of the green. Any approach with a hint of fade will be repelled, leaving players with an extremely delicate chip and run from short and right of the green. It was here in the fictional match against goldfinger that james bond hit a driver off the fairway. The ball hit the bank below the green bounced high with the impact and finished two inches from the hole. This gorgeous par 3 is the shortest hole on the course. The green is a fairly generous target, but it slopes away on all sides and errant tee. Shots are usually directed into one of the punishing pop bunkers that enclose it. In 2003, thomas bjorn was three strokes ahead, but took three shots to get out of the right hand, green side, bunker, handing the claret jug to ben curtis, royals and george’s rewards good driving and the tee shot on 17 requires a powerful one to another domed fairway. The hole then dog legs slightly to the left and ask for a crisp iron, usually from a sloping, lie to a wide mouth shelf of a green with a high pinehurst like false front that will repel any faint hearted approach shot with a glorious exception of saint Andrews open championship.

Folklore: decrees, that the final hole must be long littered with hazards and extremely punishing the home hole at royals and george’s requires a solid drive down the middle and a solid long ironed approach. A pair of bunkers stand like sentries on either side of the green, which slopes dramatically away on the left hand side into what is known as duncan’s, hollow royal, st george’s length, design, fickle, bounces and sometimes foul weather.

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