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It’S just more. The playing of that i’ve been doing got me back into like a scoring kind of mode, almost rather than just being out of the game for a while, my dad’s a member here, so i thought with crowds. It would be a nightmare because he’d be talking to every single member. So as soon as i saw that crowds weren’t allowed, i thought my dad would be like the perfect person really Music, a little bit nervous. Definitely um! I think nerves are always a good thing. It obviously means something to me, but once i got the first t shirt out the way and like hit that pretty good. I uh just settled down and just got down to business, pitched it in from about 55 yards pretty stiff, and then it was uh easy. Birdie, to be honest, i birdied second, the second hole as well like again hit a good driver, pitched it into three feet and another birdie. So it was um. It was a quick and easy start really. To be honest, it was good because then it kind of takes the pressure off you. You don’t need to to panic, and i know that this course is a course that you’ve got to be patient on there’s a lot of birdie opportunities, but you feel bad when you’re not making some of them, but then you make others that are unexpected and it Just balances itself out nice and relaxed just just another game of golf nothing’s, uh, nothing’s gon na change massively in the next few hours, just uh just got ta, be patient and go and play golf yeah he’s, definitely softened up the last four or five days.

He got five the shots in a little bit more, but the um the greens are running pure, just uh, just a little bit softer than it has been didn’t take advantage much of the um, the two par fives five and six today, it um well made a Good power on the first one and then a poor power on the second one yeah. So on ten i mean it’s an aggressive play hitting driver off there. Um i’ve always always done it. I’Ve always thought of it as like. Just go for the green and if you knock it in the trap at the side of the green it’s, it should be an easy part but it’s a real birdie chance. Temp um pull the tee shot slightly left. Um found a horrendous lie, certainly there’s. The discussions with my dad over that shirt i was like well the next shot after i’ve hit. This could actually be harder than this one because it could just go like underground almost so i um just tried to play like the sensible shot and played away from the flag, just through the gap that i had and played a great shot to be fair. Just kept the wrist nice and firm and played a good shot, but um recovery shots. Well, i mean a bit of rust on in my game still, but i’ve hit a few poor shots today, but then recovered with, like quite a good short game, shot to to save par and the holding out was quite good from short range, so that certainly kept The score going and bogey free round, i think, as soon as you have a bogey, it just spoils the round, almost so just kept it trying well to keep it tidy.

I tried to get a bit greedy on 16 um, trying to go for a back flag and just hit it slightly longer the longer the flag and on that hole you just cannot go along um, but again just kept on, like certainly on 16, a great save From the back of the back of the um well over the back of the green bump and run up the bank and hold the putt just to keep that momentum going, but like just through experience of playing this course. A lot like. I know that. Certainly the win today for us anyway, um it favored the last two, all so you’re playing two par fours almost to finish. Well, certainly like the way i was hitting driver, it felt like that. So um just tried to stay patient and i knew that i was three under in the round and i felt like if i got one more certainly when i saw mark young at 600, i thought i need to try and beat that so i tried to get To four five under in the round, but just not not sharp enough, i suppose but um good finish with birdie birdie last two, just because again just being patient, knowing that a score can be made in those last two holes i felt like i could have been A lot better, even though i know shot five under, but i know this course well, like i’ve had i’ve shot 10 under before around here.

So i know it’s like what you can do on it. If you get it going it’s a great experience to always play in these events, um i’ve played many of open qualifying now and enjoy it every time. First, he was good. No, no nerves really just excited to get out there and play yeah hit a bit of a pull with a tee shot. But luckily i struck it really well, so it carried all the all. The trouble and uh ended up on like one of the other teas pitched it in close and made a nice easy birdie to start. I actually did two under through two in uh, regional as well so um. It was a familiar feeling almost and then made a solid well eventually an up and down solid power on three. Just let a t shirt get away from me on the fourth just hit it in the bad rough on the right tried to hack it out turn the club face over was basically doing zigzag up the hole and it seemed like every every light gradually got slightly Worse, um and then made double bogey on the fourth, which was a bit of a smack in the teeth after a nice start and then bogeyed, the par five next hit a great d shot pulled. My second shot left again drew a bad lie in the rough which is brutal, hacked it up over the green didn’t make up and down.

So it was uh one over through five and then birdie six, so kind of steadied the ship. When i stood on the tee, i saw all the green keepers at the back of the ninth and i thought i need to a good shot here, trying to impress somebody um. So i hit nice seven night in there to probably about 12 feet and not that in for birdie playing aggressive off the tee got me going again and a birdie ten i’d healed, some shots on the way around and then that’s why it was like gear effect. Was making the ball go left to right and um? My dad said why don’t you try standing a bit further away, so you hit it out the middle, so i stood further away on 11 and hit it right out of the toe went nicely down the middle funny moment of the round. Oh yeah, i was only four feet away and unfortunately, reddit left edge got over the put felt comfortable over it, but just leaked it right and then 17 from where i hit my tee shot should have been an easy birdie um. I had 300 into the flag, but it’s downwind and bouncy just hit my second shot slightly right, well, slightly right, 30 yards right into trouble, um and then just ground out a path from there. It becomes the point where you’ve got to start playing, really good golf, making a lot of birdies because to qualify over these two rounds.

It’S it’s a bit of a sprint, and you have to you – have to bring your a game with a bit of luck as well, and unfortunately, i just too many loose shots out there. That just put me in some bad lies and then you can’t access. The green and it just compound in one area with another, really because you’re trying to go for risky shots out of out the rough, because you know you should be on the green in two but you’re, trying to seven iron out of deep rough and turn it Over and before you know it, you’ve got another shot, the deep roof, and i mean it was. It was fairly difficult, um in places, but if you hit it straight, the course was was easily scoreable and unfortunately, the the holes where i dropped shots, just didn’t get it in play enough. Well, we could drive the eight, maybe really really at one hour, it’s only it’s, only 407. yeah struggling the motions set in and right. Okay, well we’ve got to really push on here or it’s, not going to happen, and certainly realistically, after the first round, i had to shoot something ridiculous, like 10 under for the second round in what was harder conditions, a bit more wind and, as you saw, i Bought it 10 voguined 11 and then it became near impossible, finished, strong, finished under par for the round. So um proud of myself that i stuck in and dug in, but you’ve just got to shoot the lights out and have a bit of luck in these conditions.

I mean the last competition he played was two years ago. I mean it’d, be fantastic if he could do it again, but he’s got different things now. He’S coaching he’s got his pga and he’s got a little boy now, he’ll be disappointed in perhaps the way he’s played. But not you know over disappointed that he’s not qualified and got in it’s, just getting rid of the rusty shots and the bad breaks where you’re. Just compounding one at one error with another, like the guys that win will hit loose shots, but they’ll go up there and they’ll find the ball in a decent lie, rather than a nasty lie and that’s the bit of luck that you need on these days to, Because it’s only one day, two rounds, you’ve got to um you’ve got to have the luck, but you’ve got to obviously have the game as well. On the Music day, he’s gon na be super nervous if he does qualify it’s the next four or five hours he’s going to spend on his phone, because he’s going to be sorting accommodation out sorting the caddy out, probably sponsors will be coming forward. We want to sponsor you for this and it’s going to be a mad it’s going to be a mad few days for him. To be honest, i remember when i did it, i was teaching the day after i did like 10 hours teaching, so i actually just handed my phone over to one of my friends and he dealt with everything because i just didn’t have the time to do it.

Golf lessons are busier than ever now, especially with with this and doing the rick rick stuff like it’s gone, it’s gone bananas, but uh just re keep riding across the wave with that. Obviously winter will be here before we know it and golf lessons. Will quieten down um but for competitive golf? I think that’s it till this time next year, 1 50 at st andrews sounds even better.

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