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90 minutes outside of london on a humpy bumpy stretch of land discovered by a surgeon who was out for a walk at a nearby church in the late 1800s course named for the patron saint of england, and for the 15th time royal st george is hosting the Open it had been canceled a year ago, so everyone happy the open is back not having the open. Last year was. Obviously it was disappointing because you want to play in the biggest tournaments a year and year out, but i think coming back here and having the big grandstands and having the crowds out there. And you know all that type of stuff and everything that comes along with the open championship. I think that’s going to be pretty cool this week. Obviously one of my favorite kind of golf experiences uh during the year um. It was kind of sad that was the only major we didn’t play last year and we’re back where we’re supposed to be last year and i’ve never been here before it’s, a really cool golf course. Just playing nine it’s tricky, you got ta, you got, ta, know your lines off the tee really really well and also coming into the green, so tons of slopes that you can use um, but it’s really special. I was really bummed about last year, but happy that we’re here back it’s a tough one, because 2020 obviously provided a lot of challenges for a lot of different reasons.

Um and the other three majors were played, and this one wasn’t – and you know by you know in my opinion this is the the biggest and best of them all and and the fact that this one wasn’t played was you know, was disappointing. But understandably you know things were different here than they were in the states and the other three were played so um. You know totally get it and totally um understand, but it is great to be back. I think you know it just makes it a little. A little sweeter that we’re here um and yeah it’s, you know i haven’t really, you know. Last week i played scott. I guess this week still playing was playing in scotland and i hadn’t really played link’s golf in in a couple of years, so um it’s nice to get back on this turf and get used to this style of golf again and um yeah it’s, just it’s been So nice this year to play a regular schedule, have people back again and feel like life’s, pretty pretty much back to normal, been two years since shane lowry won by six at royal port rush, northern ireland taking home the claret jug. It was in good hands and in a few pubs in that time, covert pandemic began last spring april 6. Rna announcing the cancellation of that 2020 open and rna chief executive martin slumber confirming the 2021 open would be played as scheduled in just last month.

The announcement that 32 000 spectators will be allowed at the open each day later this week, that’s not quite a capacity, but no doubt it will be loud and joined by man. Who’S played in the open a number of times, brandel chamblee. I was struck brandel by what rory said he thinks this is the biggest and the best of all the major championships you know outside of the united states. You know the rest of the golf world. The majority of the people that play the game outside of the united states. I think that they would agree with rory mcilroy and they would indeed point towards the open championship to state the obvious. It was the first 1860.. So it was the only major championship for 35 years in terms of scope and scale you’ve been there. The footprint of the open championship is monstrous it’s, mind boggling when you get there for the very first time as i did in 1982, went over and tried to qualify went back in 87. I went back to qualify in 95, finally was exempt in 2001, but each time i was mesmerized by the open championship, it’s hard to single anyone out, we’re meant to be impartial in the media. It’S like telling describing one of your favorite chili. You just don’t. Do that right, but you ask professional golfers, it’s it’s an oft asked question: what’s your favorite favorite championship, my favorite one to travel to is the open championship uh? How nice is it to have the open back after what we’ve been we’ve all been through? Yeah 2019 was an another world ago.

Wasn’T it i mean we uh i’m, not saying any of us really took for granted our ability to move around the world uh, but uh. So much tragedy has uh struck the world uh since the 2019, open, which i think roy was alluding to there but it’s good to get back and see uh see the best players. Uh have a go at it see if shane lowry, who, by the way, has played some very good golf this year, not particularly good in 2020, but in 2021 he’s played some really good golf. So you know, it’d be uh it’d, be great to see him in the mix again and uh. Perhaps like another republic of ireland, uh player, podrick harrington defend uh public carrington. Of course, did it 2007 2008. a man won the u.s open uh. Last year, bryson deschambeau doesn’t have the best form coming in, but you know he’s he’s still bryson he’s, trying to shake things up, has a new caddy on the bag by the name of brian ziegler and todd lewis caught up with bryson well he’s, a hard worker He’S somebody that was is very much like tim in regards to work ethic and somebody that has worked with chris como for quite a bit learned under him and honestly. We’Ve just had an open line of communication about you know, golf swing, stuff and speed, training things, and so it creates a nice little circle between chris brian and i and connor even just to all have us be.

You know on the same page, which is great and honestly i’m looking forward to a fresh new start it’s just gon na, be you know, uh, i would say from a you know, mindset perspective a little different and i think it’s gon na be good uh. To start this next chapter of my life, how different and why um you know, i would say that the difference is just he’s. He’S younger he’s obviously got um a lot more. I would say spryness to him and in a sense, tim was struggling with his knees. A little bit uh, you know he’s, obviously a you know: fifth cup, you know 53, something like that. So he’s been talking to me about that, a little bit and uh. You know for for me, it’s, honestly, just a new mindset, new person on the bag that allows me to be um. I would say a little more open mind with things and we just kind of got into a little box, i’d say and for for me it just frees me up a little bit, which is great when i chatted with you with the us open. You said on the eve of the first round, you said my commitment is to hit the ball as far as i possibly can you’re. Seeing this golf course now for the first time is that the same philosophy here yeah, i would say that there’s a few areas where you can do that, but man for the most part you can’t, be in this long stuff, you’re gon na get penalized quite a Bit and so strategy is gon na change over the course of the week, depending on the rain, the weather and everything, as it always does at a british open so that’s.

What i look forward to doing and the test is, is going to be unique as always brenda. Why is counting for bryson deshambo, arguably harder than caddy for any other player? I don’t even think it’s arguable, uh there’s, no doubt about it. Just in terms of the hours you know, it’s a tough job lugging that bag around all day long standing there. You know for the warm up for the rounds. You know for the so the warm down and then when the sun goes down, they’re still there and then it’s, not just that he’s standing there i mean you’re having to make decisions. You know based upon meteorog meteor meteorological elements. You have to survey the land. You have to figure out how far paul bunyan hits a nine iron uh. You know it goes. 200 yards yeah. You know the game’s the game in his world and he is a very linear man, but the game is abstract, so he’s trying to divine out of an abstract game, linear equations and he needs help to do it. So you’re not just toting that bag around picking, yardages you’re you’re, doing math and you’re on a lot and he’s a pretty emotional fella, bryson and and at times – and you know, i’ve – never heard that he treats his caddies poorly. But he from time to time can be somewhat impatient. Three previous open appearances for bryson deschambeau uh best finish was a t. 51.

The other two were missed cuts, but you don’t put a whole lot of stock in those results. Why is that yeah there’s a before, and after with him? Okay, i mean just like that stuff. You see on social media before and after right, although he has leaned out a little bit. He he’s he’s leaned out the clubhead speed’s still there if anything, it’s faster. So you know before this transformation he’d played in beginning in 2020, he’d played in 14 major championships and missed six cuts and had zero top tens. Since then, he’s played in six majors, no missed cuts, a win, and a fourth place finish. So i know his record’s poor at the open championship, but i don’t think we’ve seen the best of bryson in an open. He is the sixth ranked player in the world that gets underway thursday.

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