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By raising your hand, we will do our best to get through as many questions as we can in the 15 minute time limit. Okay good afternoon. Everyone i’m delighted to see that we’re joined by the four time major champion, brooks kepker, brooks welcome to ralston, george’s and you’ve performed really well. This season two strong finishes in the last two majors. How confident of you are you of contending this week for the open title yeah? I feel good um. You know coming off a couple good finishes felt like i was playing well so excited for this week and you know it’s a major, so i’ll be up for it and um. You know excited to play this week. Okay, the first question from the middle row: sorry david: can you just wait for the mic? Okay books you’ve said on several occasions that you find it so much easier to get up for the majors. I just wonder when that starts to kick in. Is it when you set foot on property a few days before or when you start making plans um? No, i mean i’ll make plans but it’s kind of more. When i show up, i don’t know: it’s a different feeling, it’s, just more focused, more locked in on what what i need to do. No distractions um and i just simplify everything and it becomes a lot easier. Okay. The next question from the front row brooks russell from talksport nice to speak to you um.

How much do you enjoy coming to the uk, i appreciate it’s a very different year with kovid, but tell me about that and about the challenges of coming and playing links. Golf and taking part in an open yeah, i mean i’ve, always enjoyed coming over here. Um came over here when i was a little kid actually here watched ben win me and my brother and my mom came on must been like 10 years old or something but yeah i’ve always enjoyed playing lynx golf. I think it takes a lot of creativity and imagination, and you know in the states a lot of times just throw it up behind the air and ball’s going to stop where you really got to pay attention where your ball is going to bounce shortly green. You know you might have 50 yards, but you got about six clubs, you could play and i think that’s always fun. Uh brings out. You know the creative side and it’s uh it’s fun. I love it man. I love it over here. Okay, the next question phil middle row, uh yeah, brooks um. I can’t use in the circumstances of the word pete karen used to describe what you said about not getting the job done at the uspga, though that you were rather annoyed, shall we say um? How would you sum up the uh, your feelings about just not quite getting over the line? In the last two majors yeah disappointing, i felt i mean pga started off with a double made, a mental mistake there so that that drives me nuts, i don’t mind making mistakes making a bad swing, but when you make a mental mistake that i mean i kind Of pride myself on on not making you know a mental mistake during the major – and you know that was unfortunate, but at the end of the day i mean i just didn’t play good enough.

I didn’t putt anywhere remotely getting enough to win so didn’t deserve it, but um, you know, still lost so it doesn’t matter. Okay, the next question from the front bob brooks uh. What do you think of the golf course? How does it compare to some of the other open venues and – and what do you think is its biggest challenge? I only played the front nine. I don’t know it’s not it’s, not my favorite venue that we’ve played, i think you know. Port rush and st andrews are definitely my the favorites um. I mean i haven’t seen all 18. i’ll see the back nine today, but a couple quite a few blind t shots um kind of hitting and nothing and fairways are quite undulating it’s. I don’t know it’s, not my favorite of the rotation and put it that way. Okay, the next question, martin at the back, brooks how would you describe your performances so far in the open and do you feel the best is still to come for you in this event, yeah i mean i think i probably haven’t played my best over here um. I don’t know i i think over the last couple years. It’S i don’t want to say it’s been a distraction, but i’ve won. You know pga or us open before and i’ve enjoyed those weeks after a little uh. A little too much – and i mean i didn’t play – i came on sunday was the first time i touched a club since travelers so um.

Maybe i always don’t have the best of prep coming into this, but i mean i feel good. I feel my game feels solid. I, like the way i’m, hitting it right now and definitely more comfortable than i’ve, been in in years past coming over okay next question: in the background brooks i am in this country, we’ve been quite royally, entertained recently by the back and forth between between you and Bryson – and i just wondered: is there um? Is there any kind of pantomime element to that or is? Is the fact you just genuinely don’t care for each other? I mean there’s a story behind it, but i’ve already said the story, so you know like i said we had a conversation at liberty and you know he didn’t hold up in his end of the bargain, and i didn’t like that. So i’ll take my shots. Okay, just a quick reminder before the next question for those joining online. If you could raise your hand and if you want to ask a question to brooks eun hybrix when you say it’s, not your favorite venue and you explained why. How does that affect your confidence or your attitude towards greater than trying to to win the clutter job yeah it doesn’t matter? Um, i mean i’m one on golf courses that i’m, not a big fan of before it’s, not has nothing to do with it. I still got to get up and go hit the shot and do what i’m supposed to do so that doesn’t doesn’t bug me.

I don’t care whether i like the place don’t like it. You still got to play good and go hit. The shots, but yeah, like i said i mean playing st andrews – is probably my favorite place in the entire world to play poor rush two years ago. Was i love that place. I thought that was just such a good, open, fun golf course to play really enjoyed that and this one it’s just not as it’s just not as exciting. I don’t know why, whether it be a couple shots to nothing. You know a couple blind. I don’t want to say blind a couple of line: tee shots or shots in where um you can’t really see much and i’m, not i’m, not too big of a fan of that. Okay. The next question from the top left uh brooks. Is there a point concerning that? You know the ryder cups come out later this year that you have to start at least trying to get along with bryson. Somehow, if you’re going to be in the same team in september, you realize it’s only a week right yeah, but i mean you are on the same team. I mean it’s. Okay, look. I can put it aside for a business if, if we’re gon na be on the same team, i can i can deal with anybody in the world for a week and i’m, not playing with them i’m. Pretty sure we’re not going to be paired together, put it that way.

I don’t think i think that’s kind of obvious but um it doesn’t matter. I don’t, i don’t, think they’re, i mean we’re not going to be high fiving and you know having late night conversations, but you know i do my thing. He does his thing: yeah we’re on the same team, but it’s not not an issue at all. I don’t. I don’t view it as an issue. I don’t think he does like. I said i can put anything aside for um. You know a team business, whatever um just to get the job done. I can. I can no problem with that. Okay, we’ve got two further questions in the room and then we’ll go over to the zoom we’ll start in the bottom right here, yeah hi brooks i mean last month. You think you quite rightly say that your rival, with bryson is good for the game. I think that’s, the general feeling do you think it’d be good for the game. If you two are playing in the final group on sunday and is that something you’d relish yeah i mean i would enjoy it, i would enjoy it. Um i’ll be close to the final group come sunday. You know i always feel like i play well in the big events the majors, so i think it’d be um a lot more people tuning in all the with everything that’s gone on over the last two years. Maybe something like that three years um so yeah, i think there’ll be a lot of people tuning in sorry.

Yeah. Your experience is a four time major win. I think you’ve one you’re, the only one who’s won multiple wages in the last five years, that’d be crucial. Going into that final day, do you feel uh, maybe a little bit not much? I mean at the end of the day it just comes down to how well you’re playing you know. You’Re gon na make the putts you’re gon na hit the right shots at the right time. Um, you know avoid bunkers out here. Um keep it out of the rough, the rest pretty thick out here. Probably the thickest i’ve seen of the venues in the last five years – maybe six years um, so you got ta, be able to drive the ball straight. You know that’s that’s, a big key out here. Okay, we’ll take one more question and then we’ll go to the gym called david brooks in addition to your wins, you’ve, obviously contended in the open and the masters is the career, grand slam, something you’ve given uh thought to going ahead. Yeah i mean that’s that’s, a goal of mine um. We were actually just laughing about it’d, be pretty cool to go back to back in all of them. I think that’d be pretty cool, so that’s. The goal like i said, and i just need to get the job done here. I love saint andrews, so you know hopefully that’ll happen. Okay, we’ll join the journalists on zoom level over to you thanks stuart, and our first question is from doug ferguson.

Please brooks. Did i hear you say you came over here in 03 when ben won yeah yeah? I did. That seems like an odd vacation for a florida kid. What brought you here um? What were the circumstances and what are your strongest memories? Um? We got the opportunity. I must have been in, i don’t know what i was in the sixth grade, something like that. Um just come over here play st andrews carnoustie come watch. I think the final round of the open. So me my mom and my little brother we came over. I think a couple days earlier from when the whole thing was was going to start and just got to play, links golf. I thought it was so much fun. You know, that’s kind of when i i fell in love with it and um. You know it was cool getting to. I remember my brother at the time i thought it was so cool. I think tiger was playing on 13 and my brother had said something tiger said something back to him and we thought it was the coolest thing at the time and it’s kind of funny. I think, with about three holes left, i remember thomas um took a few out of the bunker and uh. I think ben was maybe a group or two behind him or something like that, but i ended up falling asleep right in the little pavilion to the right of 18 and didn’t even see the finish.

So i remember getting yelled at by my mom. I didn’t bring you over here to fall asleep kind of deal so um, but it was fun. We enjoyed the whole trip and uh it was. It was quite cool, cool family trip, hey try and stay awake this week, thanks doug, and our next question is from dennis. Please thanks very much liv dennis caron here, meridian media um brooks how big a help has has ricky been to you in relation to plotting your way around lynx courses, i mean rick’s a help anywhere i go um. I love that guy to death. I don’t think i would have the success i’ve had without him. He’S he’s, a crucial part of you, know the way game plan. He really understands how i play golf. How i, how i go about things and you know he’s, he keeps it light out. There i mean we have a good relationship off the course good relationship on it, keep things light, and you know he knows i’m not going to take it too seriously, and you know we’ve been together for eight years now. Almost maybe i think you know he can pretty much tell exactly what i’m thinking what i’m doing, and i think you know when you build that relationship so well on the course off the course um. You know good things are going to happen and you know he’s been a big big part of those major wins.

Every win, i’ve had and um. You know even coming over to lynx just um, i mean he’s grown up on it, so he i don’t want to say i lean on him all the time, but he’s definitely got a better understanding of how to play lynx golf than i do so. It’S it’s. Definitely been been helpful to have him on the bag, and you know i wouldn’t uh in that relationship i’m. Super grateful for thanks. Folks, thanks dennis and we that’s all the questions from zoom at the moment. So back to you, please stuart. Okay. We’Ve got time for two further questions, bob first and then phil brooks. Obviously the protocols here are a lot different than what we’re seeing at home, especially in the last couple months. What kind of adjustments did you have to make? Have you found it to be difficult? At all, to kind of go back to what we were doing maybe a year ago, and i mean how are you sort of getting along with the whole thing yeah i mean it’s different um. I don’t have my full team here this week i don’t have my trainer. Um don’t have my chef, so the cooking’s definitely is not as as good with me rick my physio and my my manager blake it’s we’re, trying our best but it’s, not as good as as she would make it, but um it’s, not too big of a deal Like most of the times i’m, pretty i don’t do anything anyways i come to the course.

I go to the gym and i don’t leave the house so it’s, not too big of an adjustment. For me um, i would say just missing those two. It would be the be the big thing. No i’ve just got me my physio, my my caddy and my agent and that’s it just the four of us and it’s it’s quite fun. I mean we’re all we’re, all so close, and you know we enjoy we’ve always enjoyed this week and i don’t know it’s fun. The four of us can stay together because usually it doesn’t happen. Okay, we’ll take one last question: phil very quickly: yeah brooks apologies. If i missed this, but when you were explained recently the start of this thing with bryson and the you said that he went back on his word, which is why you, but did you explain what he did? How did he go back on his word? I apologize if you have said that and i missed it, but what did he do that made? You think he’d gone back on his word yeah. It was that um i mean. I said it a couple weeks ago it was um at liberty uh. He didn’t, like that i’d mention his name in slow play um. So we had a conversation in the locker room and then i guess you know he said something else in in the press conference, but didn’t mention his name in it and he walked up to ricky said something um.

It was. You know you tell your man if he’s got something to say say it to myself. I thought that was ironic because he went straight to ricky um. So i had a few ricky told me when i came out. He had a few putts and then just walked right over to him. We had a conversation, both agreed we’d leave each other out of it and then uh wouldn’t mention each other um just kind of let it let it die off. Wouldn’T mention each other’s names just go about it, and so then he decided he. I guess he was going on that little whatever playing video games online or whatever and brought my name up and said a few things. So that was fair game. Okay, everyone will bring things to close there. Thank you, everybody for joining and brooke’s very best of luck.

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