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Chief’S quarterback was recently asked if he and brady are becoming the nfl’s equivalent to lebron james and michael jordan whoa. He responded quote it’s still early for the lebron michael jordan stuff. But for me, if you’re in this league, then you’re trying to win so ancho, is it too early for patrick mahone tom brady comparison, not at all it’s just on time right right on time? If, if we can’t compare you all now, when do you want us to compare you when tom brady has retired see what mahomes has to realize, and i think what we have realized is we never got to see jordan and lebron play at the same time? So, instead we got to make up these fictitious conversations. Imagine if lebron would have been on the heat would they have won eight straight and lebron? Imagine if jordan would have been on the heat. Imagine if lebron would run the bulls rather and jordan would on the heat. We have to do all these fake narrative comparisons when with mahomes and brady we’ve seen them match up against each other and we’re. Looking like dang my homes, you got knocked out the playoffs twice by brady. Ah, but wait my homes, you got a nfl mvp and a super bowl and super bowl mvp before tom brady ever had his nfl mvp regular season. Of course, the comparisons have to come now because we’re, looking at maybe the most talented of all time versus the best or the greatest of all time in tom brady mahomes, is in a league of his own, particularly at his age, in the first four seasons.

Four quarterbacks have been in multiple super bowls. Court warner, russell wilson, tom brady, patrick mahomes. Well, russ is out the conversation, because russ was not the guy that led his team to the super bowl. He was just a part of that. So, of course, we’re going to compare the two in my homes and in brady and more than anything, from a home it’s a compliment, you’re being compared to the greatest of all time. Man say it like. You said right on time. I love a comparison. Ain’T, the thief of joy, i know that’s the saying we always run with, but it ain’t stealing nothing from me um. I bring up a name that’s gon na tug at your heartstrings right now. I know because we are both in olympic mode and no we ain’t boycott, damn it. No, we ain’t boycotting aryan knight, oh know that look at your face see 17 years young right broke, usain, bolts, 200, meter world record for kids under 18.. Think we ain’t comparing him to usain bolt right now now, if he finishes the deal and finishes out, the comparison that’s on him, what’s on me is to say: wait a minute at the same age. This dude was this: so let’s talk about tom, brady and patrick mahomes after four seasons. Do you know that patrick mahone’s had a better win percentage? Yes, he does completion percentage. Yes, he does passing yards per game, more touchdowns fewer interceptions, so many people say less is fewer um and a better passer rating than tom brady, the terrific i was there when tom started, we saw it, we didn’t see it coming.

We saw it was like damn new england wins again. New england wins again. Tom brady is getting better tom brady’s getting better, but patrick mahomes. You saw it and you saw it coming so they’re different, because in their first four years, mahomes has reached three afc title games and two super bowl appearances. One victory brady made the playoffs in two of his three starting seasons, but here’s the kicker todd brady, saying like jordan. When i get there, we gon na do the damn thing and he won both of his appearances that’s, the only slight on you right now, patrick mahomes, but no slight to anyone who compares the two got to bring in fox nfl analyst bucky brooks so bucky. Is it too early for patrick mahomes and tom brady comparisons, but before i can even answer the thing i want y’all to know, my phone has been blowing up nonstop with these doggone jokes, these jokes that you put on instagram and twitter. I got my mom and them talking about me. I got my kids embarrassed. I got my family members everyone’s like hey man, you can’t, let them fire off on you like that without getting back back so just know at some point, i’m coming but i’m gon na say this when it comes to man it’s too soon to make these comparisons. I don’t know why you guys are on the barnyard trying to have the great play with the goats.

I don’t understand why we’re doing this patch, my home, has one title. One title i don’t even know if patrick holmes is in the same category as eli manning, because he’s like manny, has two so before we can compare patrick mahomes to tom brady. He has to get more rings. He has to be in close enough range for us to have that conversation. Look whoever wins the nba finals, whether it’s giannis, whether it’s chris paul we’re not going to have the comparison. Hey. Are they the next jordan? Hey? Are they the next lebron or kobe? No because you got multiples before you can get in that conversation, so no, we will not have a discussion about patrick mahomes being in the same class as tom brady until apache mahomes put another ring on their face, but bucky here’s. What you got to consider man, we’re, comparing greats of a generation tom brady in all honesty, is really the last generation, although he’s still playing in this generation. He’S just surpassed everybody, but i look at tom brady of the last generation of great quarterbacks, the early 2000s. Even until the 2010s patrick mahomes is the greatest quarterback of this generation, statistically speaking aaron rodgers, he only went to one super bowl drew brees. He only went to one super bowl, russell wilson. He went to two super bowls, but he was carried to one. So those are the quarterbacks of this generation. You could throw in peyton manning as well, depending on what generation you see him as but patrick mahomes has already matched or eclipsed peyton manning in indianapolis, going to two super bowls and winning one so we’re really trying to compare last generation’s greatest to this generation’s greatest.

Like we compare jordan last generation’s greatest to lebron this generation’s greatest i’m, with you, bucky in the patrick mahomes hasn’t nearly accomplished what uh tom brady has accomplished, however, he’s still the generation’s greatest or at least in the argument to being the generation’s greatest so it’s, really Just a comparison of generations, we were comparing lebron to jordan before lebron ever got to his third or his fourth ring. So now that he’s gotten to his fourth we’re just waiting, is he going to get to six, but the comparison’s got to exist, because otherwise we wait till it’s dead and gone, and now we try to bring it up yeah we got to just wait till it’s Dead and gone, i mean we’re trying to compare pajamas to a guy who has played 20 years in the league. I mean two decades: it hurt to have someone play that long and yes, along the way tom brady has picked up. Seven super bowl. Titles may pick up another eight. I mean to think that we’re going to put patrimo holmes in that same discussion to me, it’s kind of crazy. Can we at least have the discussion with patrick mahone aaron rodgers, which one is the best i mean aaron rodgers. Is the reigning mvp bachelor halls wanted a couple years ago? Can we talk about which one of those guys is the best because look tom brady’s on a completely another level of different stratosphere than those other guys? I think patrick mahomes has to knock off some of these other contenders before he can get to the throne and even talk about kissing the ring when it comes to time break.

Oh, come on bucky we ain’t talking in totality man, you talking all crazy over there. In hawaiian streets, where you are on vacation right now come on man. Don’T forget your track background. Don’T forget about these la jets. Every time we go out there on a saturday and sunday and the weekend and watch little eight year olds with their ashy butts running around in circles, and we always say well that little kid right there remind me of ob, moore or that kid right there man, He could be something special if he stick with it: we’re, comparing these kids right now over nachos, and we out there watching the jets. Now we can’t do it at the professional level. Boy. Stop i pair my kids all day my son can destroy the monkey bars compared to all other five year olds. He can hit the whole length my two year old could do about a third of it and nobody else can do it so i’m sitting there comparing like.

What do you think?

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