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Okay. Do i need to go more? I look so ashy. Is that gon na change? Anything? Is it okay, i’m alive, i’m live in vigo and also i’m live here too. So my computer is acting up, so i have to get a new computer but, as you see the title i’m waiting for more people to come in in my life and my life and my life, so as you come in, you know, you see the title. I have one person watching right now, so no money, finally dropping her new music future cardi b, ah that’s sad i’m gon na wait some more because that one person that was watching yes, no money. As you see the title, the money dropping new music tomorrow and there’s a lot of mixed review on the new song that the money been no money. Bob and people have been waiting for that song to come out. Oh yeah people been waiting. I must have i’ve been waiting and i’m excited, but i see there’s a lot of mixed with you and i, as i was the as i was reading the comment on the money ig page. A couple of people are not happy about it. They wanted no money to drop a solo single they didn’t wan na. They did not want the money to have a song with somebody else. They wanted to be no money only, and i fairly could understand where everybody’s coming from especially new music, and the fact is when the money coming back.

People didn’t expect it to be a future. People want it to be like a sort of song, and i myself, i feel the same way too, but i’m not upset. I am not a step at all because i feel like identity is as a artist. You have to do what’s best for you and you have to do what’s best for your brain and i think her and cardi b doing the song together going to push her where she needs to go, because i feel like whenever somebody do a future it’s. All about how can that person start power elevate me to the next level and i believe, that’s. What no money team wanted to make sure when the mind dropped a new song? It was going to push her to the store that she deserved to be because, like when she dropped motivation, it was a good song. Everybody was talking about motivation, however. Motivation quickly died and the motivation hit it number 33 at the billboard, 100. However, it did not go any further than that and i firmly believe her dropping that song with cardi b wildside is going to push her at the top 10 in the billboard 100, and i think that’s going to look good for her as a star, especially being A sort of artist she don’t have the girl behind her anymore. She don’t have the girl next to her anymore it’s, all about how can she build her store quality to be the big superstar? We think or believe no money can be, which is a beautiful thing.

No money has the quality to be the biggest artist in our generation right now, and i think why now seemingly would call it be going to help her a whole lot, and i cannot wait for that to happen. I am i’m very excited about it, so, but, but i full, but i hear how you doing this is my first time doing the live video, but i the reason i do it is because, like like, i say, i’m a huge huge fan of the money and I am very excited the fact is, finally, after a year and 11 months, nomadi finally decided to actually bless her fan with a song and i’m not gon na lie to your guy. I was getting sick of waiting waiting because every time no money post a video online, everybody like no money, is coming nobody’s coming and you just disappear i’m, going to drop a new song and i’m going to do a review for the song and i’m, not gon Na lie to you i’m going to watch the video. I i believe she’s going to, i believe, she’s going to drop a music video because she needs to drop a music video and i don’t think you can’t have people waiting for you for that long and when you come back and, and you just drop a single And one thing i believe – oh my god you’re there with me born. I mean king collect shane you there with me.

Yes she’s, going to drop the video. I know that for a fact and that’s, the thing i’m very excited about to see how she’s going to up motivation. Because to me my personal opinion, i feel like motivation was the song. But, however, i felt like i did a video about it. I felt like 14 up, they did not promote the song, the way it deserves to be promoted and i think that’s, what killed, motivation and that’s. The reason motivation was not a hint i mean. I know he hit number 33 at the billboard 100, but i feel like it could went further if her team actually would and push that song. And i think, since corey is on that song and i feel like corey team, also going to push the song and normally team also going to push that song and i feel like the song going to be what it needed to be. And i cannot wait and i’m very excited, and i also want to give my two cents on the mix with you. People feel like. I said that already i feel like people feel like it should have been a solo song. I agree with everybody 100 percent, but at the end of the day is, i feel like seeing. The team with carly b is also a wonderful thing for nomani, and i i feel like everybody should stop focus on the negative. They should focus on the positive. I feel like it’s going to be a good song single cross.

Hopefully it will be a good song and i cannot wait to listen to the song and i cannot wait to see the vibe if it’s going to be a dance song. If it’s going to be like a omb song, i use relax and i know cardi b, going to add that spiciness on the song and i believe, it’s going to be a quality song. But i think the day is i’m, just very, very, very excited. So i don’t know based on the information that is out there. I believe they expect no money to drop the album during summertime, maybe august, hopefully september and that’s. Another thing i cannot wait to hear because the money been on the ceo for the past four years. I say four years she been in the studio for four years working on that song and i cannot wait to see the product and also heal the product, because i feel like that’s, going to be the money baby and i’m very excited about that and guys i’m Going to end this video i’m not going to sleep here and just with my final thought, i’m excited about the new song. I cannot wait to hear the new song and i cannot wait to see the music video and i’m so happy. Finally, finally, no money is giving her fans what they’ve been waiting for, call it be or not. I still feel like the song is going to be a fire song and i feel like we are excited, excited to hear that song and that’s the most important thing.

I’M very excited about and guys that’s it for this video and again after i’ll, be back to do a review i’m, not going to do a video reaction for one reason only because whenever i do a video reaction, the copy white police always up my ass, and I don’t want to deal with this at all so that’s. The reason i’m just going to do a review instead and hopefully she dropped the video at the same time. So i could do a song by the song. If i like the song, if i did not, i am going to be honest – i don’t care. I am a huge fan of the money i’m. I still have to be honest about it. I’M not going to lie, say the song was good if the song wasn’t, maybe but, however that’s it in an hour, i got guy i’m, not gon na lie. I enjoy doing this live thing and i’m going i’m. I think i’m going to do this very often. Nobody’S coming people, no money is coming that’s, it that’s. What i have to say. Thank you for you for watching. I have like the most person i have here was like five. Six people i’m very excited about it, and i have one person that i’ve been here. All along, i don’t know if you’ve been here from the beginning and i’m, going to give a special shout out to king collection. Thank you for your comment and i hope you uh what’s the nation, i think, that’s, what they call the money fame.

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