Cardi B, Normani, Fifth Harmony Wild side – Normani Ft. Cardi B NEW SINGLE TONIGHT!

How are you i’m great? You are the sweetest person in the world. You know that nigel battle just did a video um, reviewing the reigning fellows video and he was so sweet. What is up you guys welcome back to my channel. Thank you so so much for being here. If you are new here, please make sure you go ahead and slap the out of that like button, because it helps support my channel also make sure you guys subscribe and hit the notification bell. So you do not miss any of my upcoming videos, but the most important one is probably going to be what’s happening tonight at midnight, and i just want to take a second to just discuss the album, artwork and what’s happening with this. We all know our lives. Maybe just my life or a lot of people’s lives was transformed for the better when wap came out or you know when cardi came out in general. I don’t know about you, but i am extremely inspired by the story of stripper to pop star and i just think cardi b has done that the most beautiful and elevated way possible. Her music videos are so they’re, so lusted after now, they’re full of so much magic and freshness that we need in the music industry and normani is in the song that is coming out tonight at midnight, it’s called wild side i’m gon na post the cover art, The cover art nearly made me choke on glitter, i couldn’t believe it i’m, so excited and every time something happens like this i’m, like i have like, i can’t not come, tell you guys, because, especially especially because it’s music related and especially because i’m going to be Doing the reaction tonight at midnight, 12 eastern um there’s gon na be a music video and the song the whole experience so i’m gon na i’m gon na try to go live i’m gon na try to record it i’m gon na try to be doing a lot.

One of those things i might fail at so something might go wrong, but i’m gon na try to get you guys. The reaction and uh share the moment with you um, because i don’t want either the last either or up one of the last cardi ones. I was like nope i’m, not reacting, and you know that’s something i i personally choose to do. Sometimes i want i’m, sometimes a little selfish. I want to have the moment myself. I’Ll still cry on my own i’ll still laugh on my own, but sometimes i want to have the moment myself and i remember i think it was up. I don’t think i did an up reaction, one of the two of the last epic music videos of parties. I did not um, i did uh. I watched it on my own um. I forget which one now, but anyway, i i’m gon na try to do it with you guys tonight, i’ve been like i’m freaking, so many hours away, i’m, freaking out but i’m so excited because normani hasn’t dropped anything since motivation and when motivation came out and she Had that hair and them dance moves, it was just so like. I love motivation that it sucks, because when motivation came out, i don’t think i was doing my channel at the time because my jew motivation by normani came out in 2018, so it has been years and then the pandemic happened. So i feel like a lot of things, pushed um normani to the side as far as like bursting out into the world i’m almost positive.

She had an album and a tour planned and ready pretty pandemic, but because of the pandemic, not only normani, but i think all artists are so super like rested and like songs are written. Music videos are ready to go because they’re still filming um doing covet tests and stuff like that and their little mini teams so i’m, so excited to see not only like the launch of this song in this music video on this collab, but where this takes normani In the future, i think romani cardi, b and megan the stallion are like my three like, oh like that is who i’m like looking up to right now in terms of like artistry and music. Video is a man all that kind of stuff um, but yeah. So if you are around tonight, make sure you guys check out my reaction to the midnight premiere of wildside with cardi b and normani um, also just a couple little plugs. I have the discord link where we chat about things in there that’s in the link. In my bio i have my patreon, where you can sign up and get free reaction suggestions and behind the scenes content. I have my twitter. I have my instagram at princess pudding. Um twitter is pudding tube tv um, so many fun things. So a lot of that is down in the link tree down below um. I don’t usually do like random ranty videos like this. I thought that’d be a cute little chance to plug those things and for the people who are already a part of those things.

Thank you so much, i mean we’re about to hit 25 000 subscribers, and i never in a million years would have thought that this would be happening to me and especially at such an accelerated rate. So i really have to say a special thank you to everyone who takes the time to comment on all of my videos and and share my videos and and my patrons in the patreon group. Thank you so much for being there discord members. Thank you for being there likers viewers haters, all the every all the above. I appreciate you guys so much, and this is so a part of the journey, because lately i’m gon na and i’m gon na do another video about this, but lately just lately just a tad bit. I feel, like i haven’t, been believing in myself the way that i should that’s a no no we’re gon na. Do a big video on this i’m going to discuss it with you guys, because i want to be honest with you, but music movies, media television and nature inspire me and and can flip my world so quickly, and i feel like tonight with this music video and This song, i’m gon na get the inspiration and the flip that i need to turn up the juice on this channel and in life. So hopefully you’ll be there to have that. That reaction with me, um, if not check it out tomorrow, when you wake up it’s gon na, be it’ll, be there um.

But i love you guys. Thank you for popping in this video with me and if you have any questions or comments or videos, you want to see in the future. Definitely let me know in a comment down below. I know i sometimes don’t get to every single comment, but i see them and i thank you and i love you and i always say one day: i’m gon na go through and literally answer every single comment and i’m gon na do that one day, but not The second, but soon and by see you guys, i love you guys and i will see you in the next video. Oh maybe the videos and the reaction tonight.

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