Flood, Europe, Low-pressure area, Germany At least 42 dead in Germany as heavy rains bring catastrophic flooding

In germany, after much of western europe was inundated by record rainfall that brought devastating floods. Climate change has arrived in germany, the environment minister said as the country reeled from the site of destroyed buildings. Upended cars and people stranded on rooftops, chancellor angela merkel expressed shock at the catastrophic scope of the flooding i grieve for those who have lost their lives in this disaster. Merkel said during a visit to washington. We still don’t know the number, but it will be many. Everything would be done to find those still missing. She pledged adding that heavy rain and flooding doesn’t capture. What happened? Weather experts said that rain in the region over the past 24 hours had been unprecedented. As a near stationary, low pressure weather system also caused sustained local downpours to the west. In france, belgium and the netherlands in the district of shuldin germany’s eiffel mountain range, 70 people were reported missing after several houses collapsed overnight. In what one resident described as scenes from a bad movie, we were planning to go on our holiday. This weekend, yvonne glasner told the newspaper die welt. Now we are scared that we may never be able to live in our home again across rhineland palatinate state 19 deaths were confirmed by mid afternoon. There are dead people, there are missing people and many who are still in danger said the state premier malu drayer. We have never seen a catastrophe like this. The social democrat politician added, it is truly devastating.

The full extent of the damage in the region was still unclear. After many villages were cut off by flood water and landslides that made roads impassable. Videos posted on social media showed cars, floating down streets and houses partly collapsed in some places in the neighboring western state of north rhine westphalia at least 20 people lost their lives, including two firefighters who drowned during rescue missions in at least four separate incidents in the Cities of cologne, solingen and una people died after being trapped by the floods in their cellars. In leverkusen a hospital with 468 patients had to be evacuated overnight, following a power. Failure after the river done breached its banks, as germans prepare to go to the polls in september to choose a successor to merkel. The extreme weather could heighten awareness of global heating, a topic with which the greens running second to merkel’s. Conservatives have so far failed to dominate the agenda. Climate change has arrived in. Germany said the environment minister, svenja schulz. The events show with what force the consequences of climate change can affect us all and how important it is for us to adjust to extreme weather events. In the future on national broadcasters edf, the news anchor claus klieber pointed out that low pressure areas were nothing new in region, but the fact that they are becoming more common has to do with the arctic and the air above it getting warmer and weakening the jet Stream klieber said, therefore it has to do with climate change and alana bearbach.

The german greens, co leader and candidate for chancellor returned from her holidays to attend the situation, but did not immediately make the connection between the floods and the climate crisis. The destructive extent of the floods is shocking. Bearbach said my thoughts and sympathies are with the people who mourn for loved ones, worry about the missing and look after those carrying injuries burned. Mellick, an environment official from north rhine westphalia told wdr that the situation being experienced by the state was ordinarily only seen in winter. Something like this with this intensity is completely unusual in summer. He said don’t tell me don’t.

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