Flood, Europe, Low-pressure area, Germany 'Catastrophic' TORNADO in Barrie, Ontario – CANADA || July 15, 2021 || Damages multiple homes 🌪️

Oh my god, we just lived through a tornado they’re coming. Are you? Okay? Okay, but you’re? Okay, okay, yeah that’s, a good idea come outside yeah. Your house is falling in. Please lay on the ground. Oh my god! Oh my god. Please warm, oh, my god, a tornado just hit our house adam. The roof is gone. The roof is gone. Oh my god holy the jeep’s gone stay there. Oh, my god holy there’s, a tornado right there. Oh, my god, i’ve, never seen anything like this. In my life – oh my god – oh my god, oh my god, Music. I don’t feel bad for myself at 2, 49 p.m. Eastern daylight time, thursday, environment, canada, has updated a tornado warning for the golden horseshoe area. Ontario tornado – oh my god. Oh my god.

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