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Dozens more are missing with further heavy rain expected today grab a jab vaccine sites open across england. In a final push to get all adults vaccinated before monday’s easing of restrictions good morning is business ready for the big re opening. Amid a rising cases, confusion over mask wearing and more people being told to self isolate i’ll find out whether firms are really ready to shake off restrictions. Good morning in the garden of england, the rose is in full bloom. Justin rowe is one of three english players within touching distance of the lead at the open, alongside the likes of danny willett and tommy fleetwood as they head into the second day at royals and george’s in kent good morning, i’m on brighton beach. This morning it is a gorgeous start to the day here ahead of what is set to be hot and a sunny a few days ahead. I’Ll bring you the forecast for today and for the weekend coming up shortly: Music good morning, it’s friday, the 16th of july. Our main story this morning at least 60 people have died and thousands of others have been forced from their homes by the worst flooding in living memory in west germany, 11 people have also been killed in belgium, and the netherlands has also experienced unusually heavy rainfall, which Caused rivers to burst their banks, flooding nearby communities and causing several houses to collapse. The german chancellor, angela merkel, described it as a catastrophe and said the full extent of the disaster would not be known for a few days.

Courtney bembridge has this report. The full extent of the damage is only now becoming clear. Houses have been ripped apart and roads have all but disappeared. In western germany, three months of rain fell in just 24 hours. The water was so powerful. It crushed a caravan in seconds residents. Here say: the floods came without warning. Alice everything was underwater within 15 minutes, our flat our office, our neighbors houses everywhere, was underwater. This motorway in north rhine westphalia was blocked for kilometres, as residents tried to get out, but it was too late for others. I agree for the people. Who’Ve lost their lives, we don’t know the number, but it will be many, some in the basements of their houses and some who are working as firefighters, trying to bring others to safety across the border. In the east of belgium, cars were picked up and carried by the force of the water. This bridge was submerged and covered in debris in nearby liege. The river is close to bursting its banks, and residents were told to leave jammu i’ve, never seen anything like this. It’S incredible frankly, i never thought i’d see that in belgium, parts of the netherlands are also underwater and soldiers are on hand. In case water levels rise further we’ve all seen. The images of streets turned into swirling rivers, neighborhoods and villages completely flooded, people who are afraid, people who are worried about their business, their homes. Scientists have long warned that climate change will make extreme weather.

Events like this more common and german leaders have also drawn a link between the two networks. This is a natural disaster, but the fact it’s taking place in this way is certainly connected to the fact. Climate change is progressing at a speed we’ve observed for a while. That must be another incentive and also an obligation for those who’ve become victims here. For us to do everything we can to stop. Man made climate change and prevent such disasters at this scale. Heavy downpours have continued overnight, making the work of rescue teams even more challenging. Dozens of people are still missing in germany and the cleanup will take some time. Courtney benbridge bbc news some sporting event, venues and shops in england are going to be transformed into pop up coronavirus vaccination clinics this weekend in a major push to offer jabs to all remaining adults. Nhs england is urging anyone who’s not yet had their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine to have one before restrictions are eased on monday. Tim muffett has this report it’s just over seven months since the world’s first kovid jab, outside of a medical trial, more than 81 million uk injections later that’s, first and second doses, and the biggest vaccination program in history means that on monday, many covid restrictions will end. So this weekend, nhs england is urging adults who haven’t had a jab to get one from the trinity shopping center in leeds to primark in bristol from sefton park and liverpool to greenwich park in london.

Pop up sites will offer first and second doses of covid vaccine to try and maximize protection before restrictions are lifted. On monday, young adults were the most recent group to be invited to get their vaccinations, so there’s been less time to get jabs in their arms. But research by the office for national statistics also found that young adults were the most likely age group to be vaccine, hesitant it’s, hoped grab a jab weekend will persuade more young adults to do what many have done already. For me, there was never any doubt in my mind that i would get the vaccine um. I. I truly believe that it’s the only way out of this pandemic, it means that i’m gon na get my life back. We’Re gon na get our lives back it’s, something that we shouldn’t take for granted and something that we should feel so privileged to have it’s not only going to protect yourself it’s going to protect people around us and ultimately, we all want this crazy virus mess. Just to end, and hopefully one day, normality can come back. The oval cricket ground in london and the british open golf championships in sandwich in kent will also host pop up vaccination centers. A final drive to increase protection from covid tim muffett, bbc news, younger adults admitted to hospital with coronavirus are almost as likely to suffer from complications as those aged over 50.. A study in the lancet found that 4 in 10 of those aged between 19 and 49 develop problems with their kidneys, lungs or other organs, while they receive treatment.

Our health correspondent, alan reed, explains i’m in icu. My lungs collapsed and i just found out. I have you marina. Looking back 18 months on paul was 31 years old last march, when he was taken to hospital with what later turned out to be covid. It was the worst experience of my life, obviously and um. It was horrific. It was it’s just it’s. One of those things you just you don’t know how to really deal with it, but you just mentally. Just do i don’t know how well before the pandemic paul was diagnosed with bronchiectasis a serious lung condition in hospital. He was told kovid had caused pneumonia. I couldn’t believe how this virus has ruined my body so quickly and the fight that i’d have to fight um, and i could see on their face that they were quite shocked, but they did everything they could and i would rush straight to intensive care on every Machine possible to help my breathing and everything, so they acted amazingly that the nhs are phenomenal. Paul was treated here in colchester last year, he’s certain the staff at this hospital saved his life. What we didn’t know at the time, though, was just how much damage a severe covered infection could do to the body. Now a new study has looked back at the first wave of the pandemic to see how those who needed hospital treatment were affected. An analysis of 70 000 covid patients found that half suffered some form of medical complication in hospital.

The most common was a kidney injury, followed by lung and heart damage, while those aged 50 and over were most likely to have a problem. Researchers said they were surprised to find high levels of medical complications in patients like paul in their 30s and even younger. This study again reinforces covid is not the flu. We are seeing one in three of even the youngest of our adults, who are coming into hospital suffering, significant complications, some of which will require further monitoring and potentially further treatment in the future. So this this virus is particularly nasty. Vaccination is the best way to protect people. Covert is not just a disease of the frail and elderly doctors are not yet certain how kovid can cause organ damage, but it’s likely that in some cases the body’s own immune system can get carried away and attack healthy tissue. It’S thought vaccines can help by reducing the severity of the disease for people like paul. The damage caused by covid has lasted over a year, a reminder: that’s 18 months into this pandemic, we’re only just starting to learn about this virus and its long term impact on our health. Jim reid, bbc news Music see the headlines as they happen and watch bbc news live in the app and get the full story with bbc dot co dot.

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