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Us military helicopter makes emergency landing in the middle of the street. Trump is accused of ordering a military coup after his election defeat. Witness recounts horrifying night of Haitian President’s assassination More than 60 dead dozens missing in historic floods in western Europe, Germany’s deputy chancellor, the historic flood was quotman madequot. A group of US Air Force B, 52 bombers have been deployed to the Indo Pacific region to demonstrate commitment to American allies in the region. The US Strategic Command said on Thursday.. The bomber group will gather at the US Andersen Air Force Base on Guam.. The B 52s will also participate in joint exercises with Australia in the Talisman Saber 2021 exercise aimed at strengthening mutual defense, ensuring the maintenance of a free and open Indo Pacific region.. The United States has increasingly expressed concern about China’s, strong military rise in the region, increasing its presence in the seas. Last month. It was reported that the Pentagon was looking to maintain a permanent garrison in the Pacific.. The US military said on July 15 that it was investigating the UH 60 Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the US Army’s 1st Airborne Combat Brigade, which made an emergency landing on the streets of the Romanian capital Bucharest.. The incident caused a street light to collapse and caused traffic to be blocked, but there were no casualties. Earlier. The Black Hawk, causing chaos was part of a group of six helicopters flying in rehearsals, ahead of the Romanian Air Force Day celebration and also marking the end of Romania’s military presence in Afghanistan.

. The Romanian Ministry of Defense immediately postponed the aircraft and helicopters participating in the exercise to prevent unforeseen incidents. Traffic police said the helicopter signaled a technical problem before landing suddenly on the street. Video taken by residents shows the UH 60 descending quite quickly flying over the heads Of many cars lined up on the street., The crew then moved on the street and made phone calls while the helicopter’s engine compartment is opened.. Romania joined NATO in 2014 and is also home to many of the alliance’s command bases, as well as a US ballistic missile. Facility. UH 60 Black Hawk, is a tactical transport helicopter put into use by the US Army in 1979, with a maximum speed of 295 kmh and a ceiling of 5.8 km.. An upcoming book by two Washington Post reporters has revealed shocking information under former US president Donald Trump.. According to the book, former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley was disappointed when Mr. Trump refused to admit defeat after the election last November and wanted to ask the military to intervene.. Mr Trump expressed anger at the news calling the Post reporter’s book. Quotsillyquot., Sorry, to tell you the legitimate election is my form of coup., And if I wanted to stage a coup, the last person I would want to work with is General Milleyquot Trump said in a statement. General Milley’s office has not commented on the report. Before that. He had opposed involving the military in election issues.

. The US Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI and Haitian authorities on July 15 conducted a collection of evidence at the residence of the late President Moise.. At the same time, a witness told Reuters about the development of the horrific assassination attempt. Last Wednesday morning She said I was sleeping at the time and was woken up by the sound of a loudspeaker.. The group of perpetrators spoke many different languages.. Then I heard gunshots. My son was extremely scared.. Our whole house was shaking like an earthquake.quot, The late President Moise was shot multiple times, tortured and died after a group of professional assassins broke into his home. At least 26 Colombian ex soldiers and two Haitian Americans have been arrested.. Us officials arrived in the Caribbean country on Sunday to assess the situation meeting at the same time with three top Haitian officials.. They both claim to be the country’s next legitimate leader, but new elections will be held in September and the US insists it does not support any political figures in Haiti.. On the other hand, Interim Prime Minister, Claude Joseph asked the United States and the United Nations to send troops to Haiti to help protect critical infrastructure.. The parties said they are considering the request.. At least 58 people were killed in Germany and dozens were missing on Wednesday. As record, breaking rains sent rivers high, triggering flash floods that devastated towns and villages., Not only Germany, but many other Western European countries are also in a similar situation.

Vehicles floated on the streets, houses were destroyed and many people were trapped on rooftops., One of the places That suffered the most damage in Germany was the town of Schuld, whose houses were washed away by the current leaving behind ruins.. Roads were also littered with debris and fallen trees. A resident named Klaus, who has lived in the town for 60 years said We witnessed heavy rain falling continuously for two or three days. Even 4 days. Can’T remember clearly.. I saw the pizzeria flooded half an hour later. The bakery was also flooded. It’s, also near a campsite. So when the floodwaters came in the picnic, trucks were swept away with gas cylinders and more. We are powerless.. Floodwaters poured in too quickly.. I have never seen anything like this happen. Across Germany about 200000 households lost power., Hundreds of soldiers and 2500 rescuers are helping police search and rescue victims. Armored vehicles were deployed to clear the roads and helicopters were also involved in transporting those trapped. In the floodwaters to safety., Meanwhile, in Belgium, two men were killed by heavy rains and four other deaths were recorded.. A 15 year old girl was swept away by floodwaters.. At least 10 houses collapsed in the city of Pepinster.. About 1000 households in the city had to be evacuated.. Meteorologists say that the amount of rain in Western Europe on Wednesday and Thursday is unprecedented.. The people of France, Belgium and the Netherlands are all struggling with this extreme weather.

Phenomenon., Germany is experiencing its worst flooding in decades. Before that the 2002 flood in the western part of the country killed 21 people.. However, the number of casualties in the disaster has now reached 58 people and could increase. German Deputy Chancellor Olaf Scholz on July 15 visited the disaster area.. He said the severe flooding was the result of quothuman causedquot climate change and stressed the government needed to take more drastic action. Deputy Thu Duc Duc affirmed. This is a natural disaster., But disasters of this magnitude are clearly linked to climate change.. It is happening at a faster rate. As we have observed recently., The government has an obligation to do more to rescue victims and stop man made disaster events. A tornado ripped through Barrie Ontario in Canada on Thursday July 15, injuring several people and homes and leaving behind a trail of destruction, CBC reported. Police. In Barrie, which is north of Toronto, said they were responding to quotmultiple. Reports of damagequot in the southeast part of the city and paramedics were treating people who had been hurt. After the tornado touched down Thursday afternoon CBC reported.. Environment, Canada had issued tornado warnings across the region throughout the afternoon, but downgraded those warnings across Ontario in the hours after the storm tore through Barrie.. Much of the region is expected to experience severe thunderstorms. The agency said according to CBC. Mr. Ardi 41 years old, who lives in the south of Jakarta has lost his job as a taxi driver due to regulations against the Covid 19 epidemic.

. However, driving skills still help as Ardi is now one of 35 volunteers to help move the body of a person who died of Covid 19 from the isolation place to the cemetery. Ardi said he works 24 hours and has little time to spend with his family.. That is because Indonesia is strongly attacked by the Delta virus. Variant. Beds are packed, hospitals are seriously overloaded., Many people have died from Covid 19 when they were not hospitalized and had to be isolated at home.. One time recently Mr. Ardi’s team helped bring in a 64 year old woman who died of Covid 19 after her oxygen levels gradually dropped to zero.. A group of volunteers wearing protective gear, brought the body in. coffin, pray and then drive to the cemetery for burial.. A local statistical group said that in the main Indonesian island of Java, in June alone, at least 557 people died, while isolating Covid 19 at home. Indonesia, the country with the fourth largest population in the world, with more than 270 million people, is becoming the most serious Epidemic hotspot in Asia., The death toll doubled in the first 15 days of July.. Currently, Indonesia has 2.7 million infections, and more than 70000 people have died from Covid 19.. An outbreak of a single celled algae has dyed Florida waters, red and secreted a neurotoxin that is deadly to many marine life.. Recently, toxic algae also caused hundreds of tons of dead fish washed up on the coast of Florida’s Tampa Bay.

Area. Local authorities estimate that about 600 tons of fish died and this number could increase. Npr radio reported on July 13., The phenomenon of microalgae bloom and discolor sea water, known as quotred tidequot, usually occurs from September to January in the Gulf of Mexico.. During its peak bloom season, toxic algae called Karenia brevis can be mildly, harmful to humans and fatal to many marine species.. Early blooms of algae are not unusual according to oceanographers, but the unprecedented levels and numbers of fish deaths are cause for concern.. Experts believe that rain, wind and the amount of phosphorus and nitrogen in the water may all play a role, but the cause has yet to be confirmed.. Thousands of flamingos have died in Turkey’s, arid lake Tuz.. Environmentalists were amazed at this rare phenomenon and called for an investigation.. An aerial view shows a bare bottom lake on July 14 and thousands of flamingos are scattered throughout the Konya province. Central Turkey. Preliminary analysis showed that the animals did not die from poisoning. Environmentalists say the cause of death could be a combination of farming in the area, drought conditions and climate change..

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