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White House condemns Iran’s plot to kidnap a US. Reporter 17 people died in hotel collapse in China. Taliban captures important border crossing with pakistan. Singapore broke out, quotoutbreakquot of karaoke bars, Urinating in the sea. The drunk man was bitten to death by a shark, A bus suddenly exploded in a remote area of northern Pakistan. Yesterday July 14, killing many people.. According to Reuters, at least 13 people were killed, including nine Chinese engineers and two Pakistani soldiers.. The death toll could rise further.. It is not clear whether the explosion was caused by equipment on the road or inside the bus. Officials said the vehicle plunged into a ravine. Security experts were quickly on the scene. Assessing that someone deliberately sabotaged. The body of the victim, including Chinese engineers, was taken to Dasu Medical Center about 10km from the scene.. During the daily press conference on July 14, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Zhao Lijian condemned the bus explosion in Pakistan, calling on the authorities of this country to investigate and punish the perpetrators, while ensuring the safety of Chinese experts facilities and projects.. Mr. Zhao also offered condolences to the families of the victims. On behalf of the Chinese Foreign Ministry., An official in Pakistan’s Hazara region, said a terrible explosion occurred in a bus carrying more than 30 Chinese engineers to the Dasu Dam.. This is a hydropower project, with an investment of about 65 billion USD located in the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.. The cooperation is part of President Xi, Jinping’s Belt and Road Initiative, which aims to link western China with the southern Pakistani port of Gwadar.

On Tuesday. An indictment in an unsealed US Justice Department file showed that prosecutors decided to charge four Iranians with plotting to kidnap a reporter. According to a Reuters source. It is an Iranian American female journalist who has long fought for women’s rights in the Middle Eastern country. On July 14, White House, Press Secretary, Jen Psaki also condemned Iran’s kidnapping plot.. However, Ms. Psaki confirmed that the US will continue negotiations on the nuclear agreement with the Islamic Republic.. Meanwhile, Iran denied all accusations by the US Department of Justice, saying Washington had acted quotsilly and without basisquot.. In the past, Iran’s intelligence services have been repeatedly criticized for detaining many activists and international reporters.. According to the authorities of Suzhou city Jiangsu province, China updated to July 14, 17 people were killed and 5 others injured in the hotel collapse.. The accident happened around 330 p.m. on Monday trapping 23 people. By 9am. Yesterday, the rescue work was completed., All the dead and injured have been pulled out of the rubble.. This includes one person with minor injuries that did not require hospitalization.. The Jiangsu provincial government has set up a team to investigate the cause of the accident.. Meanwhile, the local police have filed criminal charges against those involved in the terrible collapse.. Initial investigation indicated that the collapse of the hotel was due to the construction of an additional structure, but has not been approved by authorities.. Taliban fighters took control of an important border crossing between the Afghan town of Wesh and the Pakistani town of Chaman yesterday July 14.

. According to Reuters, this is the most important strategic position that the Taliban have successfully captured. Since US troops began the process of unconditional withdrawal from Afghanistan., A Taliban video shows the rebel group’s flag being replaced by that of Afghanistan at the Friendship Border.. Although it is not possible to determine the date of the video Pakistani residents and officials confirmed to Reuters news agency that Taliban fighters had captured the border area. In the video a gunman said, there was no execution of Afghan security. Forces. Government soldiers surrendered unconditionally.. The Taliban has recently intensified its occupation of the northern and western border areas in the context that the US has abandoned key bases and is expected to withdraw all its troops by the end of August.. Us officials say Washington plans to send several flights later this month to evacuate about 2500 Afghan interpreters and those whose lives are threatened by the Taliban.. A man who was drunk and urinated in the sea in Brazil was suddenly killed by a shark attack.. The victim was Mr. Santos, 51 drinking with friends on the beach.. Then he went into the sea and unfortunately was bitten by a shark.. The man returned to shore with an arm and part of his leg amputated.. He was transported to the hospital immediately but took his last breath in an ambulance.. The incident happened at 2pm on Saturday at Piedade beach, where shark attacks are frequent.. As we reported, Switzerland experienced a record heavy rainstorm on July 13, causing flooding and traffic chaos in the financial center of Zurich.

At Zurich airport. The surrounding roads were flooded with water and trees. Fell., An old warehouse and helicopter at the airport was destroyed during a thunderstorm. Rainfall reached 4cm on the night of July 13 in the city of Zurich, just slightly lower than the record of 4.11cm of rainfall recorded during the storm in August 2018.. Bus and subway lines were suspended. Rainfall and flooding are forecast to worsen over the next few days. Heavy rain and flooding wreaked havoc on vehicles and homes. Across Germany. On July 14., Hagen city officials mobilized heavy equipment to clean up the waste. In the city of Manheim. The Rhine has submerged parks and stadiums in a sea of sparkling water.. The German meteorological agency warned that today July 15 rainfall could reach 120 liters per cubic meter.. Meanwhile, many provinces in Belgium on July 14 also witnessed heavy rain currents washed away vehicles in a southern town, prompting authorities to prepare emergency response plans for natural disasters. Local media reported that the town of Spa had lost power locally. At least 10 roads were blocked.. The forest fire was so large in the Siberian tundra that the Russian army had to participate in extinguishing the fire from July 14.. The Kremlin says climate change is the cause of the biggest wildfire tragedy. Ever., The fire has invaded 800000 hectares of forests in Russia, mainly in the northeastern region of Yakutia.. High temperatures and high winds make it more difficult to put out the fire.

More than 2000 firefighters battled the raging blaze in succession.. Yesterday, a Mi 8 helicopter of the Russian Air Force took part in reconnaissance and monitoring of the forest fire area. In the most serious fire area of Yakutia region. Black smoke rose, so without the helicopter it was difficult to assess the progress of the fire.. An engineer told Reuters after flying in the Mi 8 helicopter quotMy heart bleeds because I see the resource being destroyed.. It hurts because you understand that it takes a very long time for the forest to recover. Fires regularly break out in the forests of Russia every year. But with each passing day, the scale and severity of forest fires are becoming more and more serious. That’s, because the temperature of the northern Siberian tundra has increased abnormally.. Singapore just reported 56 community Covid 19 infections on July 14, the highest increase in 10 months.. The new cases include 41 cases linked to a karaoke bar quotchain of infectionquot. Singapore’s Ministry of Health described the situation as posing a serious problem calling on those who have been to the quotoutbreakquot of karaoke bars to immediately declare their health.. Earlier this week, Singapore’s Ministry of Health also said it was investigating the chain of infection among Vietnamese flight attendants who frequent nightclubs.. The department also provides free testing for those who have been in close contact with F0.. Meanwhile, local media reported that a passenger on the yacht was also involved in the karaoke bar outbreak.

. This caused the yacht carrying 3000 passengers and crew to return to the port. Yesterday July 14., Singapore in recent months has very few cases of infection in the country and has vaccinated 2 doses of vaccine for 40 of the population.. The vaccines used are from Pfizer and from Moderna. Indonesia on July 14, recorded more than 54000 new infections 10 times higher than the daily number of cases in early June.. The Indonesian Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment acknowledged that daily infections could still be high due to the Delta mutation.. This variant first identified in India has an incubation period of two to three weeks.. The Ministry of Maritime Coordination added quotIndonesia is in the worst situation.. If 60000 cases a day or more is like that, it can still cope., Hopefully not 100000 cases a day.quot. The government has converted some buildings into isolation facilities, dispatched newly graduated doctors and nurses to treat Covid 19 patients as well as imported therapeutic drugs and oxygen.. On the country’s, most populous island Java hospitals have been closed in recent weeks.. Many people struggled to find treatment and hundreds died during self isolation. Outside the National Palace of Haiti, a small crowd gathered, placing wreaths national flags and a memorial photo of the late President Moise.. Meanwhile, many small protests also broke out across the Haitian capital on July 14, protesting fuel shortages along with anger and concern about the country becoming unsafe. than ever after. The assassination of the President.

– Mr. Moise, was killed at his home early Wednesday morning. Last week. Authorities are investigating a criminal gang consisting of 26 Colombians and two Haitian Americans.. Another Haitian American Dr. Sanon, was arrested on Sunday and charged with masterminding the assassination plot.. The incident occurred amid an outbreak of violence in Haiti, fueled by discontent over the raging pandemic, economic downturn and widespread poverty..

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