Joc Pederson, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB FULL INNING: Mariners Load Bases, Haniger Hits a Slam in Electric Eighth

Five in the third mike myers will take over fastball at 95 miles an hour as a cutter and a slider 42 appearances. Opponents hitting 259 against him swinging strike when it turns Applause, terence, has been on base twice so locked in an infield base. Hit Applause high, lift the opposite way. This is riding back, but not deep enough. Tomorrow, chris flexing up on the mound, our pre game coverage. Beginning at 6, 30. flexon has been fantastic in the first half, especially on his home, now patrick sandoval. We have seen him before this year, making start number nine renjifo who just saw make the catch began this game at third base. He has moved to right field, jack, mayfield, former mariner, now with third base for joe manan Applause good pitch at the knees, and it goes sheds way. Applause. One 42 innings myers has 58 strikeouts, showing a pretty good cutter to go along with that fastball. At 95.. Applause, Music Applause, Music Applause shed finds himself behind one and two kendall graveman getting loose in the Applause pen. Applause sheds two run double earlier, was off the yellow padded line on top of the fence. It was nearly a three run. Homer Applause fastball had a little extra gear on it: Applause, um, Applause, Music, Applause, me, Applause, Music appeal: he does not go it’s. A full count. Applause shed long junior, a one out one on base for the second time tonight, another battle but he’s able to work.

The walk, eight pitches, in that at bat Applause, see if dylan moore, can get on a fastball Applause. Here, Applause takes outside for ball. One call that a strike, no yeah Applause well off the plate too. I will erase Applause Applause we to swing after that now. Yeah, you have to a couple of breaking balls. You haven’t seen the fastball yet bowers on deck donna warming up began the year of the rotation down. The bullpen swings and misses at an elevated, fastball Applause. A couple of breaking balls elevate, the fastball 95 miles an hour in a late swing, not that bad, when that first pitch was called to strike Music Applause. Two outs go ahead, run at first base for vowers Applause going after the first pitch. This ball is trying to get out of play. Anna will Applause, Music Applause, two outs go ahead, run shed long junior at first base; Applause Applause, hard hit, fletcher ranging he will have no play shen is halfway to third and he is safe runners down the corners for the top of the order now well. This is a situation where shed running thought. The ball was in right field, that’s. The reason why it went all the way around it worked out for him, but here you go, hits it past the first baseman and fletcher able to make the play not surprised that he ended up, throwing it over to second base. There you go, chad sees it go by and now he knows he doesn’t think he’s going to get to it thought it was by him.

It keeps on running, probably thought he was going to go to first also, and the act of the third base coach able to smile about it after quintana, coming in crawford coming up jose quintana, normally uh year after year, an innings eater in the rotation has struggled. This year has fallen out of the rotation and now working out of the bullpen. His 14th appearance is fastball at 92 miles an hour former starter, so he has to deal with a slider, a curveball and a changeup. So four pitches for him, ‘ innings, 58 strikeouts, go ahead, run at third base for j.p crawford, two outs right guy at the plate for the mariners and crawford chance for jp Applause. This is not the first time where jp has come to the plate with the crowd inside t mobile park channing his name. He delivered the first Applause time, Applause and he was well aware of the chance the last time up, as he talked about it after the game, saying when you hear them chanting, your name, you got ta come through for them one and two, the one two we’ve Seen that a lot from him that’s a quality pitch on the corner, elevated fastball away from him, but he’s able to foul it off not thrown on the breaking ball yet, but by now we’d have seen the slider. But it hasn’t been the case. Braveman ready to go another one, two another foul ball and a hater on the corner puts them away the entire time Applause stassi, able to keep it in front of him now the 2 2.

This is a good one yeah. It is seven pitches. So far, behind early Applause, how about the left on left, strikeout rate for quintana 50 he’s just stayed with the same program. The heater he’s, throwing one breaking ball, which was in the dirt outside of that it’s. A fastball yeah that last one was in the middle of the plate, but it was elevated towards the top of the zone, tough to get to it waiting on deck. Who else do you want up there right now than jp crawford? Go ahead run shed long junior at third base, two outs bottom of the eighth. Now the payoff the appeal he does not go. The bags are packed what an at bat container pitched him tough able to hang in there and work a walk Applause. I mean behind early ends up being nine pitches in the at bat, especially when you consider that strikeout rate against lefties, we just showed bases juice for henniger on base twice already tonight well outside for ball. One made the shift on for henniger good eye 2 0. He does not want to go to three. You know so. Zona beheader right down the middle Applause now they’re gon na, have to speak up. It is getting loud in here that why is the pitching coach out to the mound see contana go to the top of the zone with his fastball mitch can hit a high hater and he’s got very even splits this year, a touch better against lefties like quintana.

Go ahead run at third base is loaded, two outs bottom, eight out to left. This is punch deep. This is look down the middle of the plate and that’s exactly what he gets. He gets a fastball 92 miles an hour right down the middle and he barreled it up on a line his 20th home run of the year. Fourth, slam for the mariners wow place is going nuts tough act to follow here’s kyle seeger incredible 20th. He is homered in back to back games and his second career grand slam. You know he doesn’t smile much. We don’t get to see that often that was smoked, hard hit and snared at first base that’s a good play by walsh.

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