Joc Pederson, Chicago Cubs, Atlanta Braves, Los Angeles Dodgers, MLB Set HR Derby Record with 35 Homers

The next day, the first rookie multiple rbis in an all star game, but he lives for the derby lives for it. This is his moment. He loves. It loves that the stands are all full and proud, and he’s got dave joss on the mound throwing to him. Well, that is hamburg and alonso one for two to start here we go. There goes a high one to left field. 53 homers as a rookie back in 19. He cried at first base when he hit that 53rd, which broke aaron judges. Rookie, oh wow, he’s, trying to hit that scoreboard that’s for sure he’s got a 492 foot home run. Look up this one’s as high as it is far and it’s going to go to these seats Applause. Another massive shot, left center field, making me forget how to speak english, going straight to the spanish right here: Applause! Oh boy! Every one of these is a no doubter here to defend and here to post a huge number alonzo and that right there that home run line drive that altitude. It doesn’t go if you pull it as a lefty, but as a righty it does that’s the advantages. The right handed hitters have it caused time right there. The scoreboard here has his longest homer traveling 514 feet polar bear bouncing a little bit. One of the movies that he loves is 300 he’s, got that saying: mulan lebec come and take them. He likes the idea of being alone with all these people, rooting against him and the nine position players in pitcher and he’s gon na post.

It at least appears the highest number we’ve seen that may be the longest one Applause every one of these is going to the last row in left field that one goes first row in left field and pete alonso’s got another one. Coming 18 home runs and two minutes still to hit more, and i don’t know if he’s swinging the bat or he’s dancing up there, because he’s feeling it with the with the music and everything love it. Anybody worried about his ability to deal with the thin air. He made a point me and my girlfriend come out to wyoming colorado we’re, always in this. We love this so rather than be running from it. He embraces and runs towards it probably 30 seconds left and he still has a minute after this Applause and now we’re going to give some folks in the right center field area chance to see a ball. That one is yanked down. The left field line and it’s gone always that big Applause, 24 homers eddie five seconds to go. You still got a chance for another. One dave josh is going to throw it in time and a liner that won’t get out but 25 with 60 seconds. To go. Look at the hands: they come up, elbow stays tight, that’s, the right elbow tight to the body and then the extension hitting it out in front wants the ball up. He receives it up, not cutting a swing at all, perfect balance.

So the bonus you get for hitting the ball 475 feet. He would have the bonus eight different times yeah. It is let’s, not forget the polar bear who just keeps ripping after he won the million dollars in 19. He donated 50 000, each to the wounded, warrior foundation and tunnel to towers the nonprofit which aids first responders and families. He does everything right. You can see the different baseball that is being thrown in a huge towering home run. This is a no fly zone. Right it’s why those flyovers occurred before alonso has hit 30 and he’s got 20 seconds to go. Salvi has it? Oh goodness, Applause! Oh, my look. Look at his balance once he finishes his swing. Guys were already falling back he’s still falling forward. Josh hamilton hit 28, which was a record he’s just shattered the first round record that’s gone in a big way, plant 34 on the board, and he goes to the crowd to get them involved.

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