Space Jam, Warner Bros. Pictures, LeBron James ACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY – behind the scenes & B-roll

We can call it game time. Ah it’s leonard meyer’s time get out of here. Man that thing wore out Music. Nice daddy needs my energy. There you go uh the i disapprove look. I mean sort of like this you’re, not talking behind my back. This is not going well. Your dad’s got this. I hope dad use a power up james. I i just thought you’d be taller. Somehow these graphics are unreal right down. Don’T compliment this place what’s going on. Who are you man, you’re right manners? Forgive me, i am king algae rhythm, Music. Stop right! I don’t know where that is, though yeah yeah, yeah that’s, purposely yeah that’s, the perfect one so it’s right after she said we can use the finest location so on this, take i’m gon na. Have him not do the alternate where he says this purposely didn’t? Invite me to hang all right: let’s go ahead and then i don’t lean up until i see while he starts right, you start maybe even smelling them. I smell the fire.

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Space Jam, Warner Bros. Pictures, LeBron James bron James – SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY