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I needed inspiration where i was growing up. Michael jordan was one of those people who gave me inspiration along with my mother and some music, some musicians, some other athletes, some other people predominant people in my community um, but when i think back to just watching space jam and always having a love for bugs Bunny and the looney tunes, and then you add on the fact that michael jordan, one of my favorite, you know inspirations growing up. It was a i felt like it was a made match in heaven for myself, so i was excited from the very beginning. No, absolutely i mean you just said it best. I mean it’s an honor for me to be a part of the space jam um, you know world, you know as we see it, and you know for kids when it was my kids when i was growing up, be able to see space jam one and now For me to be able to reintroduce it to kids now today and show them how unbelievable the looney tunes are and how great our sport of basketball is as well um but there’s. Some some things that’s going to happen along this movie, that a lot of people um will catch a lot of people off guard but and that’s the excitement about behind it. Um, i think i mean there’s a couple twists and things that happen along the movie that i won’t really talk about, but i think it has a lot to do with uh getting the looney tunes back where they belong um.

You know that’s one and also it’s a it’s, a thing called parenthood in our world that goes on between myself and my son and the ups and downs and the ins and outs of trying to balance being a parent, but also being a listener. At the same time and understanding that, even though you as the parent feel like you, always have the right answer, sometimes you need to just kind of listen before you miss out on the gifts that your kids may have so we’re, going to have a lot of Fun with the movie um, obviously you know all the great looney tune, characters, um and so many other different things that goes on with the movie, but the parenthood part of it is gon na, be something that i am looking forward to. I mean, i think, that’s gon na be the greatest thing about the whole movie is how many different effects that we have throughout the whole movie, like you just said, the visual effects to the live action and to the the tutti and and everything that the animation Everything is going to be live action here, there’s going to be animation here, there’s going to be 2d here, there’s going to be so much going on in the movie, and i think it’s going to just continue to keep the the audience and the kids and the Families off balance and make them want to see more and more from each scene from one scene to the next yeah i mean that’s that’s.

The great thing about for me is my real day. Job uh, you know being in the nba. Is i get the opportunity to build relationships with a lot of great athletes in my sport? A lot of you know: wnba players as well, so to be able to have you know: klay thompson, um, anthony davis, diana taurasi, mecca, guma, k, damian lillard, just to have them a part of this process. It’S, like i said, it’s humbling for me, because i just i know how many people i looked up to when i was a kid and i used to watch those figures like when i was younger. It was like michael jordan and cheryl swoops, you know, or lisa leslie, rebecca lobo and anthony penny hardaway dion sims, all these great characters, king griffy junior bo jackson, is with being all of them. You know, and for me now to be in a position where i can you know, reach out and ask these great role models and the great things that they do both on and off the floor to be a part of such a legendary legendary process. It was thank you guys. Thank you, um. I think i think it has a huge mass appeal for for two reasons: one. It attracts the families all across the board from a kid can be two years old to the grandma that’s, watching a kid that’s in their 60s or 70s can all watch the looney, tunes and watch cartoons and and feel joy and then basketball, basketball is the greatest Sport in my in my opinion, in the world and it and we are all over the world – you look at the nba and the wnba.

You have people not only from america but from from asia from europe all over all over the continents, um australia. As i mean everywhere, you can name it and so that’s how i was able to tap into so many different households, because the game of basketball just resonates with everyone in the world and then, when you add cartoons and laughter and things of that nature, everyone i Mean it’s all about smiling being happy and laughing.

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