United States men’s national soccer team, Concacaf Gold Cup, Martinique national football team ⚽ USA vs Haiti ⚽ | CONCACAF Gold Cup (11/07/2021) | PES 2021

First time in this competition, this season a genuine sense of occasion, a bit of fanfare that goes with it. The moon is outbeat laced with a dose of nerves, which must be expected. The team news is in the teams. Themselves will be with us shortly. The atmosphere, predictably wonderful, this one of the great amphitheaters of the game. You are welcome to it, and indeed to one of the grandest fixtures. The united states braced for their Music Applause, anthem Music day, one and everybody eager to get off to a good start. Yeah and it’s obvious peter you don’t want to be playing catch up after the opening group game, so we can expect this to be highly competitive. Three points here and the feel good factor of eventual progression kicks in it’s a great foundation to tackle the rest of the uh. The group games, Applause there’s, the whistle played out to the right Applause, he’s had a goal and it’s paid forward cuts it out. Applause gets it and now what he’s gone for it, that’s caused the worry or two that’s a little unfortunate. He had a lot of people worried. Then Applause plays it out to the flank: Applause that’s upside. Yes, it is gets it up field and that’s. The goal kick tries to locate someone up front Applause, i’ll, get the better of his opposite number out to the right Applause and it’s, the united states, who go in front what a great finish, but how about the touch it just allowed him to put the ball Exactly where he wanted it and the rest became a formality, the united states put themselves into the lead, and that ought to be the trigger for a really exciting and entertaining game from here on right towards the front, men gets into a dangerous position forward, it goes And the shots Applause without complication Applause tries to get it forward quickly, well, positioned to make that interception plays it out to the flank.

He scores Applause. Looking back at that that’s how you play on the counter, quick and decisive and ruthless. With the finish, i thought it was a stunning stunning breakaway, the united states take a two goal lead, and things should be comfortable from here on. In the turning of the screw comes to mind, peter they’ve got them where they want them. He’S got away Applause and that’s been one straight back, hoists it forward chance that’s just very well played. He can’t hurt you with his back to goal and he didn’t go for the back heel Applause so, and this could be the final action of the first half Applause, good effort, very good effort. He would have at least wanted to make the keeper worked up. The referee brings the first half to a close. What have we learned from the first 45 minutes? Well, it’s, looking pretty straightforward, peter they’ve got themselves into a very good position, so why dinner from here when they can repeat their first half success with another show of strength, the united states in control at halftime too long that’s the start of another 45 minutes? No changes at half time that we’re aware of pulls loose who’s. Getting there he’s left his man, Applause how’s, it go it’s in the second half sparked straight into life, oh beautifully dispatched. There was no reaching that! Well, you know. Sometimes it pays off not to think too much about things, just put your foot through it, and that was a good example.

Great contact and the keeper had very little chance Applause, Applause, Music Applause. This is threatening to become a really good game. Well, i think they probably needed an early goal in this half just to give them the confidence and belief to push on and look for an equalizer Applause and it’s paid forward. Applause gets away from his opponents gets the better of his man to find runner he’s happy to keep going good run. Ultimately, thoughted by an astute piece of defending crowd appreciates good football all round there. Questions were asked and he’s, given the answers tries to get it forward quickly: Music, throw Applause, it’s been intercepted and that will come to nothing. Well. Here is the raid. We were told to expect shoots: it’s broken loose, hoists it forward, they’re, actually not getting too tight, which is interesting, no it’s, probably cautionary uh don’t dive in try to pinch it or or intercept so nobody can get in behind Applause. Well, no doubt someone is being given special treatment here. Well, he still goes for goal Applause. Well, he should have done better and he knows it well, i suppose it wasn’t the worst attempt, if you consider how far out he was Applause, Applause, big chance, Applause, keep calm and carry on that’s the job. In a nutshell, now Applause, oh shooting chance with that goal – comes comfort. That really was a thing of beauty curled in effortlessly. You know i’m not going to be hard on the goalkeeper, because that moved all over the place on its journey Applause.

The united states took a two goal, lead and are looking good for the win. Applause floats one over. So nearly the perfect Applause ball, a buccaneering run from the defender i’ll, keep his ball. He’S made sure that that won’t get through Applause, decent progress down the left Applause and the referee brings it to a close. The united states starts as they wanted to start all. Three points: the first three points crucial: what are your thoughts on today’s game? Then tim well they’ve laid down a marker with such a good opening, win and they’re, saying to the rest of the group, we’re intent on staying at the top.

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United States men’s national soccer team, Concacaf Gold Cup, Martinique national football team The Soccer OG – Gold Cup USA 🇺🇸 Vs Haiti 🇭🇹 recap.

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