United States men’s national soccer team, Concacaf Gold Cup, Martinique national football team NT v Martinique Gold Cup Preview: The Starting Eleven

We already did a general overview of the game last game with haiti. Then we did a player ratings and now we’re going to talk about based on that last game. Who should burr halter start in the next game, um against god, damn it just martinique i’m starting to have one of those uh brain fart moments, um and so we’re gon na try to pick or we’re gon na suggest. Maybe we can do suggest and then we’ll. Just say, but that’s probably not going to happen because burr holder is going to do this as we go along um, so let’s start it. I mean presuming we’re going to play a 433 brett. Oh, i should say this uh like this video, if you like it. If you don’t, like it like it anyhow, we don’t i don’t care, um share it with your grandma. I think i’ve said that before grandma’s love, our show they love it so send it to your grandma subscribe um, just because it’s good for all of us. If you subscribe and when i say all of us, i mean the world the whole world, everybody needs to hear our gospel. Yes, all you need is love, come on, give it some more. All you need is love. Okay, that’s my red card it’s, my best lenin impression i could have done better than that actually um and then we do have a patreon um. Yes, we’re just getting started on it.

You could still support us there, even though we don’t have like all the things laid out that we’re going to do. This show just started a few months. A handful of months ago. Give us some time we’re working on it. Yeah yeah, we’ll we’ll get uh. We’Ll start getting some tears up there shortly. We’Re gon na have t shirt, giveaways and all that yeah jacularity all right, um nice word yeah. I like it we’ve got ta work that in we’ve got ta work that into our intro. From now on, i don’t think i’ve ever used that word in my life. I don’t know where that came from all right, um, so starting goalkeeper. This is really easy. Brett turner, oh okay, yeah yeah let’s go with turner. I like him better than yeah. No, no it’s, definitely gon na be turner, yeah yeah, so he should stick to turner. Turner was fine. I know he doesn’t pass it with his feet like greg likes him to do, but he’s still a great stopper. He commands the box really good with communicating with defenders, keep him in there um and he’s a big guy. He gets in there physical. You know, yeah absolutely does a good job yeah i like it. I like it. I like how he commands the box. Okay, i hate saying that twice hardest hardest position over with let’s move on to the easy ones. So i just said commands the box and then you just said hardest great all right left back i’ll.

Let you have a go at that: uh left back uh yeah. I gave vine such a great grade uh for his game against haiti that i felt like replacing him with bellow me too i’m, like vines, if that’s the best. I could do this. This would be the game to test bellow. At this point, we we tested vines. We saw what he was able to do, and maybe that was a bad game we’ll see in the future, because again, it’s vines and bellow, i mean we’re going to move into canada. I mean who, who we’re going to trust more? We need to see what bella can do it dude put acosta out there. I don’t give a it’s another option: i’m, just i’m, just not happy with the way vines played, and i don’t want to see that again. Yeah despite his goal, the rest of his game is bad. He scored a goal. Yippee kaye, you know it’s it’s, it doesn’t reflect that goal covers up so it’s, like you, have this big pile of dog in your yard and you cover it with a piece of bounty. Okay, that goal was the bounty underneath the bounty is still a pile of, and he played like that. It’D be more like uh. Putting a couple leaves over the. So when somebody steps on it, they still get in the shoes. Oh you’re doing the covert thing where you put leaves over it yeah so where people step on it, they’re like oh there’s, underneath the leaves where you really wouldn’t step on a piece of bounty that was lumpy.

You wouldn’t do that, but you would step on. Some leaves that’s really tricky, brett it’s really tricky and pretty nasty. I bet you were a prankster um Laughter. You must have been that’s that’s, a really tricky move right back, um cannon’s, probably going to have that hammy thing still so it’s got to be shaft more. If you don’t put shaq back on the field after that, you’re a dumbass yeah, no, even if canon was magically better at this point, you still throw more in there. I agree you have to canon would not have done what moore did. I don’t think he would have what moore did was exceptional. You have to reward him for that and i don’t care if cannon’s case of herpes clears up or not. I want more on that right wing. I want him, he did a great job yep. Absolutely! Oh. I’M gon na get sued for that um, okay cannon does not have herpes just clearing that up it’s, not ever piece. Uh center backs same guys. You have to you have to because a win here puts us through automatically to the next round. You need to crush martinique yeah, so we we can’t, take chances on two on two center backs that really outside of sans, had what like five minutes there, ten minutes most um outside of that i mean outside of that you have a another newbie to the team. We can’t have that many newbies, especially in our defensive line we’re already throwing bellow in there keep the center duo the same and then, if we’re up four goals, then you can start subbing them in get some playing time, see what they can do, how they manage.

But we need we need, we need this win in fairness, we should win regardless. We need to crush them because we need the points we need. We need, we need first place. We need first place. This is what we need. Yes, um, but yeah, but we need. We need we need, so we need to solidify our backline and we need to win this game with authority. So yeah keep the same two we need to beat them more than canada beat them how’s that i think this. I think at this point uh, unless, unless haiti throws a monkey wrench into canada, um i mean we could still, i guess, end up getting a higher goal differential. If we just slaughter this team, i mean hell, we beat uh, we some mls based teams were beating like panama and um, whoever else um but like they were winning like 7 0 during the the january camps. Yeah, so i mean we can put up the numbers, although we had mueller instead of lewis in that roster, but that’s, neither here nor there and frankly, with everything and when i say everything, canada has lost with davey stepping out uh with jonathan david, not being there. I mean canada’s got a really awful defense outside of one person and they’ve got a very mediocre midfield. I think we can we’ve got a mediocre midfield too, but i don’t know i think we should be able to beat them. We should win this group um if acosta can have another game like he had today, and you throw in williamson or busio for yule.

I think i think our midfield, with even with an adequate legit. I think our midfield can do better. I just think that we were missing. We were missing a player on the midfield here’s. Where we might disagree, then this is going to be cool, so who’s, your holding midfielder in the three so i’m, not i’m starting acosta, interesting, okay and i just have more confidence in him. Um. I had a great game and i think so he’s winning me over and like it’s, giving me the willies i don’t even like it, i don’t like the feeling of it it’s. I guess i guess my point here, though, is that i don’t necessarily want to take him out of the position. He had the great game in and i know that he checked back and he covered some of the six from time to time with fuel, but and he does great checking back and filling in for a wing back, but he’s he’s had his good games as that Box to box roaming eight, and i think that i want to keep him in that position, which i have acosta as his normal position: i’m, not starting busio in that position, beginning of the game, dude! No, no again! No in this this next game, i think you can take that chance. I don’t think so. Okay, so who would you uh who’d you throw in for the uh, the other eight i’m, assuming the jet’s going to be in your other? Eight, yes legit, my other eight and then my other rate is williamson.

So i feel like that’s a solid group and i think acosta i mean you can go that route too and there’s. Nothing like that can play that role. I’M sticking with mine, but i see that’s that route’s perfectly fine who you sticking with uh busio is the six and then the costume was just fine. No, i didn’t, i said that’s fine, okay, i said your your midfield is fine. I’D, be okay with that, but i’m sticking with mine, which is also rhymes with vine Laughter, so regular, dr seuss up here. I know we might write a don’t cancel me. Please cartoon book um, so i got acosta williamson and legit and you have abusio and again i’ll i’ll flat out stated again: i’d be fine with either of those too as long as you’ll’s, not in the lineup. Okay, that’s, fair. No, i i like mine better, obviously, because i picked you picked it so who do you have at left wing so replacing lewis because lewis uh magically sammy, you know he’s out for the rest of the season, uh i’m, putting hoppy he’s not out for the rest Of the season he is you just wish he was he’s out. He’S gone, you mean there’s, no way, there’s no way, there’s no way. Ariel too he’s gone too so we’re gon na we’re gon na play with uh we’re gon na put a hoppy out left. So, to summarize, areola is broken and lewis is broken, but for totally a different reason has that nothing to do with physics? No, it has to do this.

Play that’s correct, so you can’t play either one of those morons well i’m, not calling ariel and yeah he’s in four it’s unfortunate, really right: i’m, not really calling louis a it’s, not his fault, that morons keep picking him for the national team. I thought you’re gon na say it’s, not his fault, he’s, not good. Well, it is his fault that’s. Why? I didn’t say it Laughter. He just doesn’t have what it takes. So that means for me, like you, i think you said happy right, yeah, hoppy and on the right way. Geocaching. I don’t think you have any other choice unless you’re gon na play zardis on the right way, yeah that’s always a possibility. We saw it sort of at uh for like five minutes tonight, yeah we did you’re right and it wasn’t good. No, he had to go back she’s. He went back and played defense for a second and i swore he was gon na. He was gon na draw pk. I was like, oh my god. I was worried about that too, when he was chasing that guy down. Oh yeah, he’s like please just don’t make contact don’t make contact. Please do not slide tackle right now, that’s. What i was thinking too it’s so weird: we have the same thoughts about things it’s, so creepy actually but yeah. I was thinking the same thing, so we’ve got hoppy and geocaching in the middle i’ve got dk, but absolutely probably not gon na happen.

Well, i i’ve got dk in the sense that we need to see him more, especially from the get go. We can’t just throw him in the last 30, 30 25 minutes and hope that it’s the same thing because again for the last 25 30 minutes against haiti. We had zero offensive production for the most part outside of busio’s rip that got. You know, blocked in maybe giocaccini’s uh post ball, but as a whole. You know dk never saw any service, so we need him. We need him from the get go just to test him out and there’s, no reason that he shouldn’t be starting over his artists yeah. I think we disagreed on one player for this whole thing and then that’s kind of a flip flop, anyways, because what we even talked about it in the grades was there really a big difference between williamson and uh and bussio? Not really. No. I give them both c pluses, but um. For me, williamson is more mature and um. I also now believe that at this level in concacaf that acosta could play that holding role. Oh sure, i really think you can absolutely no. I don’t, i don’t discredit him on that. You know we again. We we bag on acosta from time to time, because he gives us reasons to bag on him, but no, he could absolutely fill in that. You can fill in that number. Six easy yeah, and i think that leaves you with williamson and legit as your aides, because ewell doesn’t belong on this team, let alone starting so we’re we’re, both we’re, both on board.

With that now i guess the only reason we differ is i don’t want to move acosta from the position where he had. Arguably one of his better games, that’s only that’s the only difference between what we’re saying yeah. I i see what you’re saying, but at the same time i think i’m being more practical. I think the i think the defensive line of more zimmerman, robinson and bello can help any defense any defend deficiencies and busiest uh defensive ability, but i think that he, i think, he’s going to be, i think, he’s going to be perfect. He’D be perfectly fine in that position, especially against who we’re playing next you mean, while bellows on the opponent’s corner, kick fly absolutely he’ll get back it’s going to get back just in time just in time, which would have been better than the time tonight or last Night, in this case, uh, where sam vines was like, i don’t know having a love party with himself after scoring the goal and didn’t even get back to playing any defense whatsoever. So we’ll see how that works. Every time he was completely caught out of position and they had a shot that i thought went in the goal me too: oh, my god, yeah. He where he was nowhere to be found watching the game like he was wide open. Where the hell was vines. He was back there waxing his dolphin man. He was completely like not paying attention but anyhow i’m saying that he’s polishing the pewter, something like that Laughter all right, uh, so that’s our preview for the game coming up or what we hope we will see um.

But of course we gave you the greg edge and the greg angle as well um so again subscribe like share it with your your dogs or i don’t. We don’t care i’m, just saying this because it’s a part of what we have to say on this medium um. We love you for loving the show we love everybody, that’s, subscribing and following us and making comments. It just makes it all that much more fun.

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