United States men’s national soccer team, Concacaf Gold Cup, Martinique national football team The Soccer OG – Gold Cup USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Vs Haiti πŸ‡­πŸ‡Ή recap.

Arguably, the best player in the competition alfonzo davies is injured and he’s out of the canada squad. If it wasn’t davey’s the most uh he’s, not the biggest star in this tournament, then it was chucky losano, and then he suffered a really grotesque head injury in the opener for mexico. He is out four to six weeks, he’s out of the gold cup curacao. My surprise team completely out after getting hit hard by covid, so not really uh hit just rushing over washing you over with uh all that enthusiasm that you would have liked still it’s just the beginning and that’s the other issue and it’s not the go cups fault. But we were all watching the euro championship at wembley and it felt like a big world cup final. There is no question i can argue about it, but that felt like a world cup final. That was a huge event. It felt bigger than the france croatia game. We saw in 2018. so you go from that to a third full stadium in kansas city, under the clouds between canada and martinique. We know how the gold cub is that we’re going to grow into it, but it was a bit of a you know: you’re, like ooh. It was like my friend, juan arango, said on twitter uh it’s, like going from a ferrari to a go kart and i’m. Not calling it the gold cup a go kart, but that was a ferrari we saw earlier today of an event in the game.

But here we are the gold cup’s going to get soul billing at this point here in soccer, we’ll have to see if we can maintain the audience, certainly the usa, that will determine that will be determined if the us do well by the way. This is the gold cup after every usa, game i’ll be here with the report. I want to get your feedback, so we can discuss some of the things we’re talking about and while you’re here please subscribe, also like and share the video go ahead and do that. So i did want to make it a little bit more engage with you a little bit more here so puckhead 48e. When i told him i was doing this, video said max be brutally honest, and i want to be brutally honest by the way i am wearing the 2015 away jersey. I don’t wear a lot of jerseys but found this it’s very tight on me. Even though i have lost weight since 2015., but i don’t know if you can tell it’s nice and soft, so i what can we be brutally honest about? This was a disappointing performance, but the way we are looking at this a they did get the victory b. They are looking for a collection of players, four or five that can help, maybe more than four or five that can help the team in september and moving forward in world cup qualifying so yeah there’s some alarm bells ringing, but we can be brutally honest.

I know it’s all around what i’m going to call the mls rat pack and that’s sebastian: lejet jackson, ewell, jonathan lewis, sam vines, maybe kellen acosta in that group, the people like, oh no, these guys have had their chance. They haven’t really delivered well, a couple of them. Did i defend jackson ewell a lot uh gianluca busio came in and he was really good. The pace just picked up, he’s a really sexy. Footballer too. He lo he’s, like he’s, like a legit pierlo for us. The way he hits those balls around he takes some risks. I love it. I think he should be there and i hope, that’s something that we take out of it. So i think jackson, yule and he’s had a lot of opportunities. I don’t think he’s ever been put in a really good situation for success. I don’t think he’s at on the same account a 20, a 20 man senior national team player, maybe just on the fringe i’ve seen him do some incredible things with the earthquakes, but i i’m not going to sit here and tell you that he should be in There legit played well acosta played well sam vines, got the goal. Didn’T really play well, his crosses were very poor, so i can certainly put him in that uh category jonathan lewis, i just i don’t – get it either. He had so many chances to take on players. One on one and he was dispossessed or couldn’t get through.

You got to have guys that could do that, especially wingers, so puckett 48e. What i would say is that maybe we have to adjust the formation a bit and they went to a back three. There played with daryl dk coming in with josie zardes. Maybe we geokini came in. Who was also more of a forward. You got to play to your strengths right, so maybe that’s something we can do as well i’m pulling out my phone, so i can address this. Other tweet from uh was it matt williams. Here man i’ll pull it up. I should have had this ready, we’re just doing everything on the fly exactly on the fly so great again, here you go zimmerman. Acosta, legette, moore and busio were all good that’s. Really, as many useful players as you need from this roster moving forward, dk will be better, would really love to see another valid option at left. Back though bellow george bellow, i think he should get a shot because sam vince wasn’t doing but matt. I agree with you everything across that board. We got to look at those players they’re going to help us in world cup qualifying and we got to see when opportunities come in. Dk was hey, but he will get better. I will also add matt turner there. There was a little shaky thing at the end where he was foul, but he looked very confident when balls were crossed in he was there he’s got a great set of hands.

His distribution will get better also, so i feel good about enough things now there should. There are some issues to to do with the transition. Game is non existent and i kept finding the us when they would get a couple balls. It would work themselves into dead ends. Some of the fouls were pretty poor, they got some yellow cards there and if you look at the stats, obviously the u.s had the edge in possession and shots, but haiti was kind of close. It wasn’t, a huge disparity passes. They were there as well uh the transition game. Obviously, a big concern with that uh haiti was also short handed coming into this. Having lost a few players, i believe five in total. This was a team that made the semi finals of the gold cup 2019. Still the way the u.s started, they really should have distanced themselves and they never really did, and then they got into they got into a slugfest. And then haiti started taking control of that uh. The one on one battles were really disappointing, for i mean maybe from the 25th minute to about the 70s 75th minute that haiti really were dictating terms there. We saw substitutions, and this is going to be something that’s going to bail the united states out. In many cases in these competitions – and they got a pop every time first, it was dk and businessio settled him pretty nicely and he stood out and he sees that opportunity.

He again he made a couple. No look passes all all in on busio, 19 years of age playing at his home park. You start having enough reasons he has got to be in there. Daryl dk played with josie zardes. By the way, dk looks great when he gets out there he’s a bull and there’s ways. We can use him so then the next group was eric williamson and james sands. Obviously, nico giochini came on in the first half for paul areola, who continues to have this really horrible run of form he’s. It doesn’t sound like an injury it’s, a uh doesn’t sound like an injury that will keep him out, but with the record he has injury wise. Can you really depend on him, but jonkini came in was okay came out and subbed again and eric williamson james sand popped into the game? I think there was enough from that bench to certainly give you some food for thought. This is obviously gon na, come down to the winger situation and how that grows out of it. I thought shaq moore, as matt pointed out, was the one guy and actually beat guys on one on one. So we would. I would love to see more of that. He came in just because reggie cannon was a late scratch to the competition, so it wasn’t a great day. It could have been so much worse. Imagine haiti score there at the end. I think the one thing that worries me, the most mexico struggled in their opener, the u.

s, really struggled in their opener mexico just got a point against trinidad tobago and if you’re having a ranking haiti ranks much higher than tnt, who’ve been in really poor form over The last few months, but the team that didn’t struggle was canada and they play the united states in next sunday and canada fell behind had four really nice goals. They ping it around, keep the ball on the floor. They had some. They had some pop off their bench as well, and remember: no alfonzo davies, no jonathan david right now! If you just are dealing with the eyeball test, you figure canada’s, going to win this group it’s very possible. The us has to get a lot better. Now they have martinique and they should. We have to see that improvement and we can’t see that same 11.. I think obviously, jackson yule when he comes out for gianluca busio jonathan lewis, can’t come back in as a starter. Maybe this is a game. You start daryl dk. Instead of justin zardes kellen acosta in the mls rat pack stays in there. I thought he did very well. He had that one bad turnover. We got the yellow card, but otherwise good walker zimmerman robinson, solid, more so zimmerman. Who puts out a lot of fires and gives you that commanding presence we didn’t, i don’t think they faced a corner kick, but when you face corner kicks and crosses between turner and zimmerman, there is a safety there.

So there you go uh. I just i just don’t, want to touch this too much, because you got to give these teams a chance to get into it. It’S an opening it’s, an opening game which are supposed to kind of they’re supposed to be a bit of a grind the again. This is when you look at this team, though they put out a very experienced 11 that have logged a lot of caps, and i would think that, after everything haiti’s been through, that they would have hit the ground running, they actually did on the goal, and then They disappeared. This is the team that you put out there. You don’t want to see an opening game hiccup from because you have the younger guys, the inexperienced guys that didn’t start and now you turn to them. I would have loved to see matthew, hoppy didn’t, get to see him uh, but that experience group that was the most experienced group that greg perhalter could have put out there and it didn’t really deliver. So we will look forward to the next game.

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