Biz Markie, Hip hop music, Just A Friend Cowboy Called For Indian Red Boy To Be VIOLATED After Mural Vandalized

How y’all really feel huh go what’s up peeps and welcome back to the lionel b show it’s your first time tuning in to the channel don’t forget to like comment and subscribe on the videos, man and if y’all are not receiving my brand new upload notifications. Make sure you go to my channel where it says subscribe and change the bell to all. Instead of personalized also make sure you don’t forget to follow me on instagram at official lino b and follow my other youtube channel. Lionel b unleashed now englewood family blood member indian red boy was gunned down in an apartment complex after sitting on instagram live now. The ops found out his location from the background just moments into his conversation. He was approached by an assailant and shot multiple times. His last words were, he was located at hawthorne. Now he was actually speaking with his homie on instagram live. He was letting people know he did not have a strap on him, so that gave the opposite opportunity to come in and take his life now moments before that cowboy actually went on to his life and also was actually mentioning what exactly occurred with nipsy hustle’s mural Y’All check this out top of the top wake up this morning to this boy, that’s how he really feel y’all want to disrespect the dead that’s, how y’all really feel huh really baby capone that’s? What your name is: cuz baby, capone that’s, how y’all doing y’all come over wall banging cuz crossing out the dead, homie cuz come on that ain’t, good bro, so y’all need to go.

Find your homie capone cuz that that’s some weirdo bro come on cuz. We don’t get down like that. You don’t disrespect the dead, homies bro we don’t come over. Your hood whacking out your dad homies cuz come on cuz that’s, just ridiculous. Cuz y’all is on something weirdos or not gon na say y’all, just weirdo capone. Whoever this is guys feel me, you feel me, and i know – and i know i know, englewood ain’t condoning this. You feel me many will love my now. You feel me a lot of ingrid love. My now you feel me so capone yo you go. You got an issue coming your own homies gon na beat the brakes off you you feel me cause. You got homies that love them and you gon na come over and put this baby capone all right. I bet you gon na change your name today. I bet you that y’all need to y’all need to beat that right now, before the homies mount up and and and come do some dumb to y’all behind this dumb ass bro. You feel me come on. Y’All need you about that. So whoever this weirdo capone is need to be beat up elephant man. This we don’t disrespect the dead. We ain’t coming to inglewood whacking out your dead homies bro. We don’t do that. Bro y’all need to check y’all little homies or whatever this buster ass capone, whatever. Whatever this busty ass is bro that ain’t hood, we don’t disrespect the dead, homies bro.

If you dislike the homies cuz come over and have an issue with the homies cause. You may not come over wall banging and whacking out on the hood whacking out the dead, homie bro. You got an issue with the homies cuz. Come come. Have your issue with the homies cause. You feel me what they got to do with the dead homie right here. Bro and i know i know right now – i got a lot of in the wood. I know your don’t condone that that wall banging beat that up. I know one of my homies would have came with that weirdo. We beating that and beat that bro baby capone every week see who can do the most stupidest. You want to see who can be the most stupidest weirdos that bloods in crips that love for nip? You dumb ass, you gon na get beat up on your side. Yeah you get caught, you gon na get beat up from crips and bloods the 60s and the hoover’s liable to piece up to beat your ass on six. Oh, the enemy’s liable to come together and you up that weirdo whoa banging ass coming over the wall, bang. Now when the homies come over, they ain’t coming over there with no spray paint. You feel me. I need to get this dumbass coming over here. Writing on our walls cause the homies ain’t coming over there writing on the walls. Now, what possessed him to disrespect? The dead is definitely beyond me.

A lot of people were saying he was actually trying to do it for the cloud but i’m sure you know it upset both sides, man and it doesn’t – seem like it’s gon na be over there’s. Definitely gon na be retaliation um regarding one of his newly dead homies, now definitely disrespecting uh. The dead is a bad thing and people will ride on you for that. They don’t care about any of that man. People get upset. You know family members, uh dead, homies. All of that it’s definitely not gon na, be a good situation. It’S not gon na end very well and for cowboy to go out and he actually call out baby, capone and say yo. Something definitely needs to happen. That’S only gon na escalate it more, but you already see what he said. He said a lot of the inglewood homies actually had a lot of respect for nipsy hustle. So the reason why the youngin actually just went out – and just did this on his own – is definitely crazy. Man um just want to say rest in peace to him um. I definitely didn’t want to post the entire video. It is gruesome, it’s out there right now. The family is trying to get that video taken down of the young man being brutally murdered sitting inside that car man, so we just want to say rest in peace to nipsy, hustle and also a rest in peace to the young man that happened y’all.

Let me know how y’all feel about this man. How do y’all feel about this whole entire situation and also how do y’all feel about cowboy speaking out y’all don’t forget to like comment subscribe on the videos share these videos and i’ma peep y’all on the next Music.

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