Cuba, Internet censorship in Cuba, Joe Biden Megan Fox on Machine Gun Kelly’s Outfits, Doing Ayahuasca with Him in Costa Rica & New Thriller

Right now, please welcome the lovely megan fox Music Applause it’s. I don’t know what to do anymore. I i don’t know whether to shake your hand, we did whatever we did or elbow. I i’ve been vaccinated, but it’s johnson johnson, so that ain’t i i did it with magic johnson and he wouldn’t do johnston john and that that’s a true story. I love the movie, thank you and we’ll get to that. But first of all i just have to say: i’ve never met you before, but i feel like i have because anytime i go out, i seem to see you or your man um you like healthy juices. I do yes yeah. I saw you all recently. Hey. Do you all coordinate your outfits when you go out, we do yeah, he he um, not something. I started with him just because he’s such a flamboyant dresser that i can’t really pull off the just like the sweatpants and the yoga gear anymore. I have to like elevate myself to his level, so whatever he cuz he’s always covered in, like grommets zippers sequins, everything’s, pink, everything’s glowing he’s, like always coming off of a stage show, so i have to kind of kind of match his. What he’s doing so. We do coordinate uh. Often you all look incredible and i told my girl. I said i got ta cause. You know in my hometown of cleveland, your man’s a hero. I know he’s that dude, i know and uh i’m watching i’m saying baby look.

Look. He had bought two pairs of the same kind of shoe in different colors and he mixed the two shoes, yeah it’s, a doc martens. He wears like a black one and a white one that’s the day, yeah yeah. Yes, yes, and now you know i’m, not lying i’m, telling you everything you all had on them, but but it it looked real cool. Thank you and uh wow. I want to ask you about vegas cause i’ve been in your business. I know where you went this weekend. Everybody knows everybody knows uh yeah we were. That was a cra every every famous person. A lot were you in vegas. No, i didn’t go i’m, not that famous. Oh, we were there for the fight and um they opened a restaurant there and it was, it was hectic. It was wild because also, i think, it’s one of their like their biggest weekend back since everything happened, so everybody was just there and ready to be chaotic. So it was a lot now. I look at you and you don’t look like the person that would would like that violence, and that was a horrific ending to the mcgregor fight. Does he make you go no, no i’m i’m. Actually a huge ufc fan. I know i have ufc fight pass and i know all the fighters and their backstories and i’ve been into it for a few years. Now he likes it but i’m i’m. Definitely the one that’s that’s more obsessed with that.

I was actually at the conor khabib fight a couple of years ago, when all of that chaos happened and everyone had to run, we had to like escape when they started jumping the ring. I don’t know if you guys remember that um and so the i see the ring girls start running and like their robes, they’re running and i’m. Like i better run too, if the ring girls are running so then i started running and it’s like madness. My agents are with me, and i look back and like my agent carol, is like being knocked to the ground. Her blonde hair is like flying everywhere and i’m like who just knocked carol over. It was chris pratt. He was also escaping for his life and we were all running and we ran backstage together and we were like sequestered in one of the fighters dressing rooms for like an hour before they, let us all out of the out of the arena. So that was like my last major ufc experience before i came back for this for this fight whenever it’s conor it’s always yeah – and you were in that section with all the special people i was i was i mean i was in a row with bieber and Trump was also in my row: oh and yeah and i’ve never seen secret service in person before so we had like 30 secret service with him, and he was a legend that arena like was very supportive of of trump when he came in and um.

It was just i was like i don’t know how i feel about it, because if someone is a target, then i’m like i could be harmed like because i’m adjacent to where he is so. I was worried about my own safety that’s. All i was i was. I was caring about, but yeah that was that i’ve never seen anything like that before, but it was crazy yeah and you would just come back from costa rica yeah. Not long ago we went to um. Do you guys know what ayahuasca is? Oh yes, oh, come on, this is jimmy kimmel’s audience y’all know ayahuasca, so we um colson and i went to costa rica together to do like a really deep and i don’t mean to interrupt you. But coulson is machine gun kelly. You all call him machine gun kelly, but at the crib she’s not you want a bottle of water machine gun, yes, colson um Laughter, so we went to. We went to costa rica to do ayahuasca like in a proper setting like with indigenous people, and we were in the middle of the jungle, and i was thinking because the place we went there’s a lot of people like i don’t know if lebron james has ever Gone but it’s like a place where, like they’re, like these kinds of people, go here to do ayahuasca. So i was thinking it was like glamping or something like that – still going to be like a some kind of five star experience and you get there and you really are in the middle of the jungle and you don’t get to eat after, like 1 p.

m. You have to walk a very far distance to get your water. You can’t shower because they’re in a drought, so you can’t use the water. Obviously, like you need to respect the rainforest, nothing glamorous about it, it’s all a part of sort of making you vulnerable, so that you surrender to the experience and the entire thing starts with something called vomitivo. I hope i’m allowed to divulge this, that it’s. Okay, that i share but i’m encouraging it um, so you go and we were with 20 other strangers and you all line up at like the edge of the rain forest over this weird fence, and you go three by three and you drink, lemongrass tea until you, Like by not your own volition, just vomit everything out of your body, so you so you have to vomit there’s no way around there can’t get out of it and you have to own a certain amount before they. Let you get back with everybody, so you’re like cheering on everyone, as they like, grow up and as like what we do. Obviously we were like um, i don’t know i’m. Not am i ready to just like throw up in front of all of these people but it’s such a good, bonding experience, and i know it sounds crazy, but but that gets you ready to then go into the ceremony that night because you’re, like i, my vanity, Is gone, i’ve just done this in front of all of these strangers and, like now, i’m ready to like really open up, so we did it for three nights.

It was incredibly intense i went to everybody’s journey is different. The second night i went to hell for eternity um yeah and to just knowing eternity, is um like torture in itself, because there was no beginning middle or end. So you have like a real ego. Death. Wait, wait! No! No! How do you arrive and understand that that’s? What the moment is? Is there a sign? Next exit hell, i mean it’s, i i was it’s your own psychological hell. Basically is the point of the medicine right. This is a medicine that goes it surpasses like anything. You could do with talk therapy or like hypnotherapy or any of those things. It just goes straight into your soul and it takes you to the psychological prison that you hold yourself in so it’s your own version of hell, and i was definitely there wow it’s crazy to have that experience and go to hell. And then you go to vegas and sit next to trump we’ll, be right back with more megan fox y’all, y’all don’t even know you think weekend at bernie’s was crazy. Wait till you see this. Tell us what we should know about this, so i won’t end up being a spoiler. I don’t want to spoil either i so it starts. You kind of don’t really know what you’re watching, because you know you bought a thriller, but the way it starts you’re like where is this going and what’s going to happen? You see that there’s, this relationship, going on between myself and my husband in the movie and it’s clearly toxic and not healthy, and something is off, but you don’t know exactly what um my character has been in this marriage that’s been dead for a long time and She’S been having an affair and decides that she can’t have the affair anymore.

You find out that her husband, who is probably a sociopath, realizes that she’s having an affair, and he, what can i say, i can’t he’s a sociopath and she has an affair with a brother, so uh, you know he go. Nuts goes nuts. Now, where did you shoot? That was that a city in we shot the whole movie in bulgaria, but they built everything on stages so that wasn’t a real fishing crib? No, they they built a frozen lake. They built a cabin they built like all that acreage. That was covered in snow, that was all fake snow was made out of paper, really that’s what they make movies now i’m sitting at home. Saying ooh. I bet her feet are cold yeah man that’s! Why we didn’t do it? They wanted to do it in russia. In the winter – and i was like nah not gon na happen did colson come visit, you yeah yeah, so he this was in the beginning of our relationship very very early on and he’s never been he’s gon na love. How much i’m divulging all of his secrets? But um he’s never been in a relationship before, and so he was really fearful of like. If i go away for six weeks, am i still gon na come back and like we’re gon na be okay? He had lost his passport riding a motorcycle on the freeway because he wears these insane pants and he just puts them in like he’ll put his passport like in his sock and so it’ll fall out.

Obviously that’s a stupid thing: don’t ever do that and um. He lost the passport and this was during covet, so he couldn’t just get a new passport, so he had to go through all of these hoops. He went through bernie sanders, finally to get uh to get a passport and he came to see me, but it was a. It was a lot of drama. He was there, he came all it took all this time. He got there for three days.

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