Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, NFL Adam Schefter "Eagles In Perfect Position To Sign Deshaun Watson l Eagles Have Had Serious Interest

Okay, talking about that, the eagles are in the best position to acquire the deshawn watson. Obviously, a lot of analysis think that jalen hurts isn’t going to be the guy here, and i hope he proves everybody wrong, because this saves us a first round pick. This saves us a first round pick for the draft and obviously getting a quarterback and free hc or that’s available, so it really does help. At that moment, adam schefter went on saying that quote: unquote: i’m operating under the assumption that somehow this will be settled or he will serve as discipline from the league, whatever punishment he has coming, that is unfair uh that is fair and uh, and just once that Is done, i just think that at a point in time to me, the philadelphia eagles should be waiting. If you ask me the question: if are the eagles, have legit interest in desean watson? 100? I think they do. I think they’ve had an interest for a long time. I think they have been monitoring this situation with desean watson that i’m not gon na get into details about but looks like eagles, are kind of waiting. In the background right now to obviously see you know the punishment that desean watson is going to get if he gets punished by the league and to wait for all this stuff to clear up. This quote unquote stuff that he’s dealing with to clear up this way. It makes him available, there’s no distractions, and you can acquire him when the time comes now.

I don’t believe that it’s going to be this year, i’d be surprised. If that happens, you know. For all i know, desean watson is probably going to sit out for the houston texas this year, most likely it’s a shame because he’s a in my eyes. He is a top top six top seven quarterback he’s a good quarterback there’s, nothing against desean watson. I think he’s fantastic, i think his skill set would fit here very well, and you know i i just think he’s a great player. So you know the problem with this. Is i want jalen hurst to have a chance in 2021? I want to see the you know. I want to see him, you know get it going and i just need to see a period to where you know you know. Jaylen hurt’s had a whole offseason he’s building chemistry with the guys we have training camp in a few weeks, and you know this is the chance to where we see. Now. We see how jaylen hurts is after pretty much a four season precede a four season. Preseason games he played last year. I mean i take those four games as preseason games at this point because he got worse over the past four games. I mean he got worse. I thought he looked good in the saints game. Didn’T really throw much but ran the ball a lot and obviously, in that cardinals game i think he really showcased his pocket presence his scrambling ability going through his progressions.

His reads: i thought it was good then, after that it he kind of fell apart, but this whole offense fell apart. You know, that’s why i can’t put too much on him every time i talk about a player in this offense that’s. Why? I don’t put too much on that player because it was more than just one player. It was the quarterback, it was the it was doug peterson. It was the play calling. It was everything that kind of came in full circle, which gave us a horrible record and obviously uh one of the top draft picks and getting devonte smith to the draft this year, which was a huge plus for us. Now we get to see what nick ciriani does with this offense, using players to their strengths, to see this culture kind of turn around into a different culture and more tough philadelphia culture that we’re bringing to the you know to the eagles this year, but guys i Don’T think anything’s gon na happen before this year starts. I mean if the sean watson was coming here guys, i think something would have got. It would be done before training camp. At this point you can’t really acquire him. You know you could acquire. I mean really. You technically can’t until there is a news article says: he’s cleared, you know, desean watson is good to go. He’S clear, he’s come back to the nfl and there’s going to be no interruptions about anything then we’re good.

But when it comes to him you know next year you know it’s a whole different story. I think this is a more of a next year type of thing for the philadelphia eagles. If jalen hurts doesn’t pan out too well this year, then you know: do you give him another shot? You know what if he plays okay this year, do you give him another shot? Do you just let him stay? I don’t know what you do there, but you know nothing against desean watson. I need to see a examination period. Um of jalen hurts in 2021 for the whole year because, god forbid, if he was benched before the season starts, or you know just say, we traded for desean watson. Just say it happened before the season started and jalen hurts. You know was sitting there and we’ll just never know like what he could have done. You know we’ll always have that. What if what if he started this game, what if he played what, if he played for us, he probably would have been a great player. We don’t know so when you keep him in this year, you’re going to have more of an example of you know. Now we get to see jalen hurts with an off season building chemistry, with the guys, obviously we’re going to see the you know the coaching staff’s, a big factor because they’re a developmental coaching staff that hopefully puts these players in the right position to win football games.

That’S, what we’re, hoping okay, but as of right now. I think this is a more like wait and see approach a next year. Approach to the whole thing i mean that’s, just me, but we’ll see. Let me know in the comment section below what you guys think and lastly, before i leave, i just want to say thank you for all the support um. Obviously, everyone showed up to the live stream and uh. Last week and uh it’s been a lot of fun. This saturday, the philly shakedown podcast, is back on philly 500’s channel at 8 p.m. Eastern we’re gon na do a two hour stream content creator calling so any content creator wants to come in. Obviously, we want to support everybody. This is the perfect time to support everybody, and you know you know, help everybody out and just get their takes on the philadelphia eagles and if you are show up to that, we’ll get you in and we’ll have a lot of fun so other than that guys.

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