Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, NFL Miami Dolphins Trade With Eagles Lead To Philly Getting Deshaun Watson?

He doesn’t believe that deshaun watson will play for the texans again that’s, not that’s, all news. Everybody knows that, but he does say now that the philadelphia eagles are in best position to trade for deshawn watson and you may ask well. Why is that? Why are you concerned about that? For the dolphins, because the eagles have two first round picks next year? One of them courtesy of the miami dolphins – that would be annoying – i mean i’m, not gon na lie. If deshawn watson ends up on the eagles and the and the dolphins, uh beefed up the war chest for them uh. I do think that’s gon na make some people mad for us. No receiver, no, look like you! You here you would hate a you, would hate a team more if they got this war, chest of picks but never used them to get a player right like if they would have saved all those picks in hopes to maybe get desean watson. And then you play this year with all those picks and didn’t. Add any talent to your team. You’D be more pissed off about that or you might. Why not save all your pics? You might have had a chance at aaron rodgers like what the hell? Well, i mean they were they were, they were at three and they acquired a war chest and then they gave back to warchest to move back up to six to to get pl to get who they want it, but robbie i’m.

All i’m saying is this? No, but we were all regardless of what they did with the picks or not um. You would have been more pissed off if they had done nothing in hopes of getting a player that they never ended. Up getting i’d rather have the two first draw pick six here and if you don’t trade for deshaw watson, you at least have two first round picks, but now you’re in the mix for like now you’re in the hunt like the eagles are for deshaun watson. Yeah. You gave them an arsenal like if they were interested the whole time, because we do feel like the dolphins had probably some interest in the desean watson thing yeah, especially especially before all of his baggage came across. Let me ask you this: the situation that’s going on right now and i have no idea what’s going on right, it’s kind of died down after that first like month, um. But what if you had three first round picks and you traded for deshaun watson, and then he was out for half the year um yeah. I mean that would suck for sure so. But i think that i think the the long game there would be like you know you don’t know what the long game is, because you’re hoping that things work out. Is it worth it like? You look. You football starts in september, so whatever you have that’s what you have to go play with, and although fans would love to have desean watson and robbie would have said now.

You don’t have those pics desean watson. If you did acquire desean watson and he couldn’t play and your team ended up sucking like you’re, not giving anybody a break for that. Well, desean watson is not kawaii he’s, not coming off an injury or not he’s like totally fine yeah it’s, just okay, he’s worst it’s worse, because you don’t know how this is going to play out. Yeah like look assume you’re not going to trade for deshaun watson. If he’s, still under, if he’s still under investigation that’s, why he’s still in the texans right now that’s why he wasn’t already traded before the draft? I i understand that robbie, but you’re saying they should have held on to the picks in case they could get to sean watson, especially he still got to play football. Well, he wanted to build games, they finished to robbie. He wanted them to hold on to the picks, no matter what i mean, not just a desean watson right, but i mean it is gon na feel. I think of it like this, like you’re going into this year and and and they’ve beefed up stuff around tua, and i you know we’re all hopeful that it works out. But if a team ends up taking an asset that you gave them in a trade to get desean watson and we’re also already having this thing we’re, comparing to against the rookie quarterbacks in his class, like they’re, all gon na feel, like gut punches, like you, missed That a chance not only to pick a franchise quarterback, maybe you picked the wrong guy, but also the fact that you, you were in the game because you had more picks than anybody more capital than anybody to go.

Get sean watson, and now you don’t, but but you you have to understand at some point they made the determination during this whole process that okay, this ain’t gon na work out, we’re, not we’re. Not somebody made the call saying we’re not going after deshaun watson, because we don’t know how this is gon na play out. No no team is right now, but like after this, after right, football, okay, but but but again, robbie football starts in september you’re. Holding on to picks and hopes that that works out, you still got ta play games. You still got ta, get your team ready. Now all this being said all this being said: if they made the right move and it works out, are you going to care that you could add to sean watson? No, i mean like obviously, if two words are having an awesome year, but so before we sit here and criticize i’m scared before we criticize okay, the the the situation that is, can we have at least let them play some football we can, but we can criticize The process we’re not waiting for results to criticize no i’m scared. Well. I’M. Also scared of results to criticize, because, like it’s it’s one of those things where like what? If what? If the eagles, not only like what, if robbie’s doomsday scenario comes true, they get to sean watson and then devonta smith also ends up being way better than jalen waddle right, i’m gon na be scared, leroy here’s here’s.

The thing that that kills me about this and and the thing that that’s amazing is because, if i would have said to you during the tour draft that i would rather have um justin herbert, you would have laughed at me. That’S fine, but the damage is done. There already like, but again there’s nothing going to be done until this plays out like we’re sitting here, setting up all these different scenarios and nobody’s played football yet well, look look that’s part of the problem, but that’s. The thing, though, is like this is the time to be scared. I’M scared, because if we were, if the dolphins wanted to be in the game and let’s just say this thing blows over and he is allowed to play football all right. If, if okay but let’s yeah yeah, but what you have to be scared of the ifs, but if he’s allowed, if he’s allowed to play football, it really is left in mourinho. Oh that’d be great. What if he’s left oh that’d, be terrible. I mean that’s during the draft that’s the the risk you take every time you select somebody because the percentages, no matter where you pick in the first round. The percentages are what they are. Jayla waddle is just as the same percentage as everybody else. The dolphins gave up an extra first round pick and they did not improve their percentage on hitting on on a draft pick. All they did was just take two immediate 50 50 shots and make it one 50 50 shot.

Jaylen wado is not a sure thing. He’S not a proven commodity he’s, just as much risk who is robbie, no, no they’re the draft. Nobody that’s, why you know that’s what john watson is. He only wants the only trade she wants. You trade two first round, picks for either a a proven nfl player. An establishment a two first round pick: are you trading for one of your? You traded an extra first round, pick we’re getting lost in semantics, but you only keep in mind. You did say extra: okay, yeah, you’re, jedi, mind tricking yourself into making a bad trade. Like. Oh wow, we have this extra. We only had one before now. We have two and we’re we’re back even you’re you’re playing you’re playing it out like that. But if what everybody is saying is true, just like you guys all wanted to, it seems like they really want to waddle that’s what we don’t know that for sure that well like Music, throw it aside and say that’s, not the case hollywood hector says: watson ate One jack football hardened – i mean he did brian. He did go 4 12 last year, but prior to that he was at the uh semi final round in the afc, a divisional round against kansas city they’re up 24 7. I believe, and then the chief’s defense, the texas defense collapsed and gave a 51 to the chiefs or the chiefs went chiefs on them. That’S that’s, that’s, true, could be true like like you could put it around.

You know uh, you could put it on the team’s defense, but that offense is pretty damn good. Can i tell you a guy? I hate this guy on the text line. If, if was a wish, we’d all be rich, calm down tobin, go to hell, sir don’t. Come at me with a hallmark card, if, if ifs were fifths, we’d all be drunk, and if my aunt had some testicles she’d be my uncle. We can keep going like like with this one look. Oh, i would like all right hold on though, but the difference is, the difference is between your aunt and uncle is that we had. We thought we were in the game for deshaun watson. Everybody feels like deshawn watson, really wanted to come to the dolphins wearing dan marino shirts for god’s sakes. You know he’s he’s, doing social media flirting like it feels like a match that definitely would have would have been there if not for all of this stuff. There. You go all the other stuff they moved on, but what, if it had, but what, if it comes back that he’s able to play football this year? Good luck! Good luck! Good luck to the team that took that to him! If, if, if your team decided, we are not going to risk it, that’s that’s, okay, that’s, okay, i hope everything works out with desean watson right. I do, i think, he’s a phenomenal football player, but at the same time, if an organization says i’m not sitting around waiting for this to play out and they move on then that’s, fine, too, like and and once you move on, even if it ends up working Out for another team, you just say you know what we weren’t, we weren’t ready to make that commitment.

Another text writes in i forgot. We gave philly our picks that changes things if philly takes watson with our picks i’m going to be hot. No, you i’m telling you any other team, just any other team like not them, not them i’m going to be upset if it’s them. You think you think the texans were upset that you had. You ended up with their top five picks. Yes, they were wait. Wait: it worked you don’t, look that is the cycle of dude when you’re making these deals. Okay, for example, the texans have been in the playoffs. The texans have been challenging for the afc for the last few years, so when they make that trade and give you those picks, there ain’t no way in hell, they’re thinking it’s going to be a top five pick right, just as just as when new england trades. First round picks or when kansas city, trains, first round picks or a lot of your teams that have been prominently in the playoffs they’re, not thinking that they’re trading a top five pick. But then it goes sideways and you’re like. Oh, my goodness. We just gave up a top five pick, you’re playing the results and the dolphins, but the dolphins are nowhere near that level. They’Re, not a perennial playoff team. Every year, they’re, not they didn’t give up; they didn’t they did. They give away their pick or yes, they did they got they. They were their pick.

They didn’t give the other people. They have the sales they have. The niners pick. Okay. So let me ask you this: is it worth it if that pick ends up being a 20 something pick it’s, not the nba it’s, not it’s, not the nba. 20 picks of the 20s are garbage they’re, like fourth round picks in the nfl in the nfl. If it’s, 20 and 21 that’s still a valuable pick, if it’s in the 30s you’re talking super bowl afc championship game, there would be there’s only two numbers in the 30s right that’s, the two two i mean you know what i mean. You know what i mean: 28. 29. 30.. You know what i mean: 20 21. it’s, not the same as 28, 29 and 30.

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