Flood, Arizona, Flash flood Rafter Dies in Grand Canyon Flash Flood as Monsoons Slam Drought-Stricken Arizona: 'Surreal'

This week the grand canyon national park confirmed the fatality in a press release identifying the victim as rebecca copeland of ann arbor. Michigan park officials said copeland and another person were reported missing on wednesday after flash flooding hit to takatso camp near river mile 38 on the colorado river Music. The storms have inundated areas across arizona which has been in a lengthy drought for quite some time and in desperate need of rainfall. According to cnn Music, grand canyon spokeswoman joe albert told the associated press that the flooding victims were planning to stay overnight at the camp. With a group of 30 passengers and two commercial rafts Music search teams set out wednesday to find the missing individuals, while officials also treated several others injured at the scene, a total of five people were airlifted to flagstaff medical center and are now in stable condition. According to the press release on thursday, the other missing person was found alive and copeland was found dead by a commercial river trip. The surviving individual, whose identity was not released, was discovered uninjured for the release. The fatality was just one of many results from the storm that swept through arizona this week, Music in tucson, golder ranch, fire district said their firefighters, helped homeowners after lightning struck their house and rescued a man and his two daughters from the roof of their vehicle. After it was swept away in fast moving water, so thankful that no one was hurt and everyone went home safe.

The fire department wrote on facebook alongside dramatic footage of the rescue in the far west valley. Several homes were damaged by the storm and even had their roofs blown off. According to us, carports were also destroyed by the winds, which reportedly left nearly 9500 people without power and multiple trees were knocked down in the area. Music in the east valley, a single engine plane was flipped upside down by the powerful winds which reached up to 72 miles per hour. The outlet reported Music in flagstaff many streets were flooded and covered in mud and debris according to, one street had so much water that a gold toyota prius floated down the street. The outlet reported Music. This was pretty surreal for us taylor landy, who lives in the neighborhood, told the outlet of the flash flooding Music. Landi said the flooding happened within 30 seconds and went from a small flooded street to a raging river outside of her house according to Music. I never thought our street would have rushing water that would carry a car landy explained, adding that mailboxes and trash cans were also taken down the street in the flood. In a better choice of words, it was gnarly elsewhere in phoenix, an above ground. Gas line was struck by lightning brought on by the storms, reported, though the rainfall is needed in arizona, especially amid the drought and recent heat wave experts say this type of flooding may be dangerous for the area according to cnn this year, however, we have a Very real concern that is different from past years: marvin berger, a meteorologist at the national weather service in phoenix, told cnn.

Due to all the fires that have caused burn scars and a loss of vegetation. We have a chance for even greater runoff and even more intense localized flash flooding, Music wildland fires, remove vegetation and harden the soil preventing water from infiltrating the ground. Heavy rain over burn scars can lead to flash floods and debris flows, added, acting arizona, state, climatologist, aaron and sample to the outlet. Flash floods are common in the desert southwest, including northern arizona. According to a national park service press release Music. This is because the arid sparsely vegetated environments found in these areas have little capacity to absorb rainfall. The resulting runoff moves rapidly through the narrow, canyons and steep terrain found throughout the region. The release said in many areas, even small storms can turn normally dry stream beds into raging torrents of water. In a matter of minutes Music, the release warned people to be alert for the possibility of flash flooding any time.

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