Flood, Monsoon, Flash flood, Arizona Day turned into night: Terrible sandstorm struck Arizona, USA

You see that out there well that’s the city of tucson. I can actually spread it. I thought i could zoom in i can you can barely see the buildings down there right now, but that’s a dust storm that is huge, hello. So we’ve been living here in arizona for nine months or so. This is one of our home, and this is the first time i see this we’ve got a pretty wicked storm coming our way and actually it’s a dust storm, my god. This is a huge dust. Storm or the storm dust storm trees have fallen apart already, as you saw, the palm trees are hot as hell out here, but storms coming through looks kind of wicked something’s falling over there that’s right. This is that’s. What happened? We had this storm now and we had a high severe thunderstorms. It is almost 11 o’clock at night. This is for my balcony. We are under a severe thunderstorm and dust warning. I’Ll be out here videotaping the storm. Oh you’re welcome, jason thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed the show in arizona, y’all, wow yeah, but i’m gon na go inside we’re supposed to get a little bit of rain, see the dark clouds, but all of that over there huge dust storm. Oh, this is crazy warnings saying that we’re going to get a dust storm to come inside, because visibility will be zero and when it comes it, just it’s, pretty serious so at first for us so that’s why i’m taping this it’s kind of oh? This is the worst i’ve ever seen.

You got no rain dust. This is insane look at that sky. Well, you can see some lightning off in the distance there. That is, they already pulled over on the side of the road man.

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Flood, Monsoon, Flash flood, Arizona | warnings issued in Maricopa County | (July 17, 2021)