Flood, Storm, Flash flood Record Heat Fuels Wildfires Out West As Northeast Suffers Flash Floods

Some residents forced to immediately evacuate their homes as water poured in everything around my bed, and everything was just full of water and puddles and she was like we have to go. We have to get out rescue boats, helping people to safety. I grew up here. Man i’ve never seen this scenes like this playing out across the region in boston, which is already dealing with one of its wettest julys ever rescue workers helping stranded drivers in this community, just north of the city, the waters up to the top of the seats cars. Also trapped in flood waters in west milford, new jersey, meanwhile out west, the problem is scorching heat that moment when you open the oven and that gust of heat hits you in the face. That is exactly what it feels like as blistering summer conditions continue to pack a punch it’s too hot it’s, too hot much needed relief for some may be on the horizon. Luckily, it’s not going to be as hot today as we had to deal with over the weekend, the heat dome, that’s been baking. The region for weeks is finally starting to shrink, but for millions of residents and visitors, more dry, air and triple digit forecasts are on the way just try to stay inside and hydrate. After tying the city’s record high of 117 degrees, temperatures are set to top 100. All week in las vegas in california and oregon scorching conditions and ongoing droughts are fueling massive wildfires, the beckworth complex fire in california, spreading by tens of thousands of acres with blazes, impacting air quality.

Hundreds of miles away meteorologists say this blanket of smoke hovering over utah. Could linger for days as more wild summer weather sets in across the country here in the northeast crews? Are waking up this morning still trying to clean up from the damage from that flood overnight? That was really damaging homes and people’s cars. But then, when you go out, west millions are still facing extreme heat, advisories and that’s through wednesday, hoda all right, morgan, radford, forest here on the upper west side. Morgan. Thank you and now let’s turn to al with more of these uh coast to coast, extreme conditions going out, we got to get that forecast, that’s right and guys, unfortunately, they’re not going to get much relief as far as getting a break from all this rain. In the northeast and mid atlantic stage, you can see heavy showers and thunderstorms are firing up again today from ohio. All the way into the northeast out in the plains are looking at severe weather here in the northeast. We’Ve got damaging winds, possible, hail, an inch or larger and the possibility of some tornadoes and then, as we move into tomorrow, we are looking at a risk of severe weather really out to the northern plains. We’Re, looking at 11 million people, damaging winds, hail tornadoes likely stretching from green bay, minneapolis down to mason city, so we’re going to be watching that and the rain amounts we’re talking through central new york all the way into the upper midwest anywhere from one to three Inches of rain now, as far as the heat is concerned, 10 million people stretching from nevada all the way up into washington state.

Looking at heat, advisories heat warnings we’ve got that upper high. It is finally going to weaken, and so while today we’ll see temperatures again, it’s 103 salt lake 93 in denver phoenix 107 palm springs 109 fresno 105. We will see temperatures start to moderate a bit still going to be triple digits for vegas yuma, but salt lake city, you’ll cool down into the upper 90s denver you’ll, be in the upper 80s albuquerque upper 80s. But unfortunately, the fire weather risk still continues isolated, dry storms may set some lightning strikes and those may even trigger off some more uh wildfires.

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